Find The Best Ghillie Suit for the Money

Ghillie suits offer superior camouflage, rendering you practically invisible.

Ghillie suits offer superior camouflage, rendering you practically invisible.

Camouflage is an essential part of both war and war games, such as airsoft and paintball. While traditional camouflage clothing is useful, nothing can beat the classic component of a sniper’s gear: the ghillie suit.

A good quality ghillie suit provides 3D, rather than linear, camouflage owing to the huge numbers of threads or flaps. The ability to easily, even unintentionally, add various items from your particular environment adds to the overall effect.

Ghillie suits are available in a vast range of materials and levels of quality. Unfortunately, some of them just aren’t that good. Which material and style you choose is a difficult choice to make, but we will guide you through the process. Here are a few suggestions to help you get the best ghillie suit for your money.

Advantages of owning a ghillie suit

Airsoft and paintball players know how vital camouflage is to the sport. A ghillie suit allows you to blend into your surroundings, only revealing yourself while in motion. When you do make a move, a ghillie suit breaks up your outline, making you harder to hit.

The camouflage offered by a ghillie suit is unparalleled. Animals and humans alike walk right past, completely unaware of your presence. Used correctly, a ghillie suit lets you disappear into the surrounding environment, becoming almost invisible.

Ghillie suit buying frustrations

Obviously, price is a major consideration whenever you purchase any sort of tactical gear. How do you know if your suit is worth it?

Generally speaking, better-value ghillie suits will have a higher thread count/larger number of attached strips. The fabric should also come in a range of natural looking colors. The type of material matters, although which is best for you needs depends on the environment in which you plan to use it.

Weight and transportability are also significant concerns. Most suits weigh around five pounds (~three kilograms) and can be difficult to wear or store. Heavier suits with a high thread count can be hot too, so it’s important to consider the material of the base layer. The lightest suits, while more breathable, may offer less effective camouflage.

The best ghillie suits feature a high thread count in colors that match your specific environment.

The best ghillie suits feature a high thread count in colors that match your specific environment.

Top ghillie suits

With those factors in mind, here are a few recommendations. Out of all the options on the market today, these ghillie suits were our favorites.

Ghost Ghillie Suit by Arcturus Camo

Image of Ghost Ghillie SuitThe Ghost Ghillie Suit by Arcturus Camo is a high-quality, 3D camouflage suit that isn’t too expensive. It includes a jacket, pants, and rifle wrap. Reviews indicate that this ghillie suit’s lightweight and breathable mesh base is comfortable in most climates, although every ghillie suit can get hot inside. Buyers also say that their chosen colour matches perfectly with its intended environment.

A common issue with ghillie suits in general is a lack of sufficient material, and/or the material coming loose. Some reviewers mentioned a little moulting. However, there are enough threads (over four pounds!) on this suit that it isn’t a problem. The threads are double-stitched, which helps minimize shedding.

One potential annoyance regarding the Ghost Ghillie Suit is the smell of the fire retardant, non-allergenic thread. While there may be a slight chemical odor, the extra safety is a fantastic bonus. After a bit of use, or by rubbing dirt on it, the smell will dissipate. Many experienced people say this is a ghillie suit on par with professional, handmade models.

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Warrior Ghillie Suit by Arcturus Camo

Image of Warrior Ghillie SuitAnother great option from Arcturus Camo is the Warrior four-part ghillie suit, made with lightweight threads sewn onto a breathable material. With four pounds of thread and close stitching for less thread loss, this is definitely a well-constructed suit. Airsofters and paintballers love the incredible camouflage it provides.

This synthetic material from which the suit is constructed is fire retardant, and mildew and moisture resistant. The boonie hat in particular has great reviews, offering great camouflage without interfering with your own visibility.

There are a few concerns about this ghillie suit molting threads, but that will happen much worse with cheap suits. It’s important to remember that a ghillie suit is a tool, and you should take care of it. Adding a few small branches or clumps of dried grass (suitable to your particular environment) will cover any of the bare patches that a handful of buyers have mentioned, while also increasing realism and masking aroma.

The Warrior is a great option for individuals who want a multi-piece suit, and is top quality for its price.

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Red Rock Gear Ghillie Suit by Red Rock Outdoor Gear

Image of Red Rock Gear Ghillie SuitRock Outdoor Gear is a highly-respected brand when it comes to gear for outdoor pursuits. Their five-piece ghillie suit is no exception to this, and it’s available at a good price. Buyers say the hood provides excellent coverage for both their head and neck. More than most ghillie suits, users say their size fits comfortably. That’s because of the five-piece construction, quality material, and the elastic and drawstrings.

There are a few concerns that this ghillie suit is not the warmest model. It doesn’t include any padding on the elbows or knees. This model is certainly great for hot climates. However, it’s also suitable for layering, especially because of the jacket with its snap front opening.

With this design, it’s a little difficult to add twigs and the like to the suit. That might not be a concern for those who don’t want take half the forest home with them. Most reviewers agree this model is a excellent option for beginners.

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Best ghillie suit for the money

Ghillie suits are the very best option for when you need to avoid detection. The 3D camouflage helps keep you hidden, upping your game while playing airsoft or paintball. How to choose the best model might seem overwhelming, but you now have the information you need to make an informed decision.

Our choice for the best ghillie suit for the money is the Ghost ghillie suit by Arcturus Camo. With a higher number of fire retardant threads than most suits, the fantastic double stitching, and realistic coloring, this ghillie suit will have you sniping without fear of detection.

Did you know you can make your own basic ghillie suit? Learn how to make a ghillie suit out of burlap.

Image credit via Flickr Creative Commons: Program Executive Office Soldier and U.S. Army Materiel Command.

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