If there’s one thing to know as a gun owner, it’s that safety should be an absolute priority. Yes, guns can provide us with lots of fun, but let’s not forget that every pistol is a machine with the potential to kill a human being. Leaving pistols unattended around the house or when traveling could lead to disastrous consequences.

It might be highly unlikely, but all it takes is one mistake to turn your life, or the lives of your loved ones, upside down.

With that in mind, pistol safes are the perfect solution to keep your guns secure wherever you are. They allow you to store your guns in a safe location while deciding who has access to them. They’re especially convenient if you have children running around the house.

But even if you don’t, leaving your pistols simply lying around isn’t the greatest idea. When it comes to firearms, you shouldn’t be casual. Owning a pistol should be the opportunity to learn about discipline, restraint, and poise.

Most of all, what a gun safe offers you is peace of mind. It lets you sleep soundly knowing your pistols are properly secured and that you can access them almost instantly at any given time. But to have that peace of mind, you have to be sure you’re buying a quality product.

In this article, we’ll review the three best choices for pistol safes in 2020.

V-Line Top Draw Locking Tactical Gun Storage Box


V-Line Top Draw Locking Tactical Gun Storage Box



The first pistol safe of our selection is the V-Line Tactical Gun Storage Box. Simple in design, this pistol safe does what it’s tasked to do and does it well: protect your gun, which means it also protects you.

This no-frills safe doesn’t rely on fancy features because its quality speaks for itself. American made, this pistol safe has been expertly built to last. The safe is very sturdy and the finish shows an excellent attention to detail. For example, the continuous hinge has been welded to prevent the pin from being removed.

The design is flat and compact, allowing you to store it virtually anywhere you want. Furthermore, with a weight of only 10 pounds, you can safely store it in a smaller piece of furniture without fearing that it be damaged. For instance, the V-Line Gun Storage Box can easily be kept in a nightstand for instant access if you ever need to use your gun at night to ward off intruders.

The small design and light weight also means you won’t have any trouble taking the safe with you. It can be kept in your car, such as under the seat, concealed and secure. You can expect to store one full-size pistol in there, or two smaller handguns.

As for the locking mechanism, this safe has a Simplex mechanical lock. Again, this means simplicity and efficiency for maximum peace of mind. You never need to worry about batteries running out at a critical moment or any electronic malfunctions. The locking system is easy to use. Thanks to the instructions, setting up a combination when you first receive the safe is a breeze. The set up could be done by a child and guarantees immediate access to your pistol any time you need to use it. Opening the safe and grabbing your gun is a matter of a few seconds at most.

As mentioned, this safe is lightweight, so bolting it down is a must. If you don’t, you’re taking the risk of someone running away with it, even if they can’t pry it open right there and then. Thankfully, it has pre-drilled holes and comes with all the mounting hardware required to attach it.

The price is fairly high for a pistol safe, however remember that you’re paying for the quality of the craft and durability of the materials. A high quality safe is an investment, but it pays for itself. Firstly, it’ll last for years where lesser quality might malfunction way earlier. Secondly, if you’re ever in a dicey situation, the quality of your gun safe could prevent your pistol or valuables being stolen.

V-Line Quick Vault Locking Storage for Guns and Valuables


V-Line Quick Vault Locking Storage for Guns and Valuables



Our second entry in this list is another V-Line gun safe. The main difference is that this one is bigger. It’ll allow you to store your valuables in addition to your guns. Naturally, this gun safe offers the same standards of quality as the Gun Storage Box from V-Line with a strong build and detailed finish.

This safe has a spacious interior, which makes it ideal to keep any precious personal belongings you want to protect. It features an adjustable shelf to take full advantage of the safe’s space and organize it however you want. The shelf can even be removed entirely if you want to have a large storage compartment.

This safe is designed to be mounted on a wall, and can’t be used until you’ve done so. However, mounting this safe should be your first reflex anyway. At 23 pounds, it isn’t large or heavy enough that a burglar couldn’t run away with it. If you’re planning on taking your gun with you when traveling, a more portable safe would be a better fit.  Once mounted, this safe can easily be concealed by a painting or any wall decoration to your liking. If not, the ivory color will seamlessly blend in most home decors.

This unit is also equipped with a Simplex Mechanical Lock for quick access and security. The only downside of these locks is that there are barely 1,081 combinations to choose from. With some time, patience, and determination, a kid could eventually figure out the combination and get into the safe. But if you have a child who’s that bent on getting to your gun, it’s time for some education on gun safety and the dangers of firearms.

Overall, this unit can offer an excellent alternative to the V-Line Storage Box if you have more than one gun. It can also act as a complement to it if you want to use the smaller safe for its portability and the bigger one to keep your valuables at home.

Vaultek VT20i Biometric Handgun Safe


Vaultek VT20i Biometric Handgun Safe



The Vaultek VT20i veers away from mechanical locks and the old school ways to embrace technology. And the results are more than convincing, especially if you like to stay connected to all your devices via your smartphone. This state of the art pistol safe makes use of modern technology to give you more control than ever on your safe.

This safe can be unlocked remotely thanks to an application on your cell phone. It uses the rechargeable lithium-ion battery that comes with it to activate a Bluetooth driver that links with your phone. From there, you can do a variety of things such as checking power levels, detecting tampering, viewing the safe’s history, or customizing your preferences. Alternatively, the safe features a high-resolution biometric scanner than can register up to 20 different fingerprints to open the safe.

The safe can be mounted in your home for security. It’s very lightweight at 7 pounds, so you should make sure to bolt it down to a sturdy surface or piece of furniture that a burglar couldn’t just rip off and escape with the safe. Pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware are included to make the task easy.

With its compact size, the VT20i will fit perfectly in a nightstand by your bed for guaranteed nighttime protection.  Additionally, it comes with a four foot long steel security cable which is very practical if you’re out and about and can’t bolt down your safe. Speaking of transportation, flying with the VT20i won’t be a problem as it meets the TSA airline firearm guidelines.

Inside the safe is an adjustable led light for visibility in the dark. The keypad is backlit and has a proximity sensor. It lets you enter a combination and set preferences such as using silent mode for maximum discretion.

This safe is very secure thanks to anti-pry protection to prevent thieves from breaking in with tools. It has a powdercoat finish that means it is built to last and keeps your belongings in good condition.

All in all, this safe is very well made. Its size makes it quite practical, especially as you can remotely unlock it. You can place the safe in an awkward position, say underneath your car seat, and not lose any efficiency should you need instant access to your gun. If you like modernity and want a highly efficient well-crafted safe, the VT20i is a sure choice.

The Best Pistol Safes in 2020

We hope you enjoy our selection of the three best pistol safes for 2020. All of them are excellent picks to keep your guns secure.

If you only need a safe for one pistol, pick the V-Line Tactical Gun Storage Box if you prefer to go the mechanical route and never have to worry about batteries. On the other hand, if the prospect of connecting your safe to your smartphone entices you, you will love the Vaultek V20i. But if you’d rather have a bit more room in the safe, the V-Line Quick Vault Locking Storage will bring you satisfaction.

Of course, nothing stops you from purchasing two of these safes. The V-Line Quick Vault Locking Storage can be used to protect your guns and valuables at home, while either one of the other two could be used as a nightstand safe to keep a pistol close, and to take with you when traveling.


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