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In today’s post, our mission is to help you find the best compound bow available for your money. Unlike recurve bows, a compound bow is a modern bow that uses a system of cables and pulleys to provide power, accuracy, speed, and long distance to the shot. Whether you are a professional archer or a beginner, sorting between hundreds of modern bows available on the market may be confusing.

If switching from recurve bows, you can also be overwhelmed by the diversity of the characteristics influencing its performance, especially taking into account how modern technology constantly enriches the choice with the new models.

That’s exactly why we’ve composed this guide. It took us many hours to read through hundreds of customer reviews as well as try some of the most outstanding models to make choosing your compound bow easy and comfortable. In this article, you’ll find the three best models which can meet most of your expectations and save your budget at the same time.

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Choosing the Best Compound Bow

Before you actually start shopping, pay attention to the following:

Shoot as many bows as possible.

It is the easiest way to answer the question “which is the best”? If you head to the bow shop and base your choice merely on preconceived ideas or someone else’s opinion, you may be really frustrated with your shooting results in the end.

Check the brace height.

The theory goes that the distance between the bow’s grip and the string in the intact position influences your shot. Compound bows with longer brace heights tend to show better results regardless of the weather and other conditions while the ones with shorter braces are harder to shoot accurately.


Many beginners believe that achieving good results mainly depends on the speed. While there are certain advantages in sending your arrow at a high speed, the ability to manage it in the most efficient way may sometimes be more important.


Nowadays, bows tend to be shorter as it makes them easier to handle. They provide a better quality of performance as they respond easier to the hand torque. However, if your aim is maximum accuracy at distances of over 50 yards, longer bows seem to be more productive.


The general tendency of the customers seems to be a desire to have as light a compound bow as possible. A featherweight offers the chance to spend long hours hunting or training without tiring out your upper body.

However, you should seriously think about how far you plan to travel or how long you want to train with your bow before you spend too much on innovative lightweight materials. Besides, many avid hunters state they reach better results when shooting from a heavier bow, which provides more distinct senses for their hands.

Before getting into the top three compound bows, an honorable mention to the sas rage 70lbs 30″. If the price were slightly lower, it would have made the list.

Top Three Compound Bows

#1: Genesis


This genesis original model is designed to be lightweight and ready to use right out of the box. It is a great starter bow offering the possibility to adjust its draw weight so it can actually fit both big and small users. It features a unique zero let off system which means you won’t have to buy several bows if you want your whole family, including its youngest members, to practice archery.

The genesis original compound bow is made of durable aluminum and comes with a composite split limb with a string length of 94 3/16 inches long. As it has only one cam to adjust, you won’t experience any problems while tuning it. In fact, it is very comfortable, quiet, and easy to shoot.

The biggest disadvantage of this particular model is that it is not designed for shooting game. Its draw is simply not heavy enough to deal with big animals. However, if you still want to try it out during your hunting trip, you may be luckier with smaller prey like quails or ducks. We absolutely love this compound bow for it’s fair price and the fact it’s an ideal fit for all ages.

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#2: Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro
Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro

This model offers a great overall construction with extended draw length. It is packed with versatile features such as a solid back wall, an upgraded cam system, and full 80% let off. Additionally, its users have the possibility to adjust every single feature which makes it fit virtually any adult or teenage shooter.

At a draw length of 30’’ and a weight of 70 lbs., this compound bow shoots at an impressive 310 feet per second. This, of course, doesn’t make it a true speed bow, but it is definitely at the grade of good hunting equipment.

Most owners liked this model due to its high quality, easy maintenance, and ultimate design.

The cost is probably the only drawback of the Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro. However, it is definitely not overpriced as you get amazing performance and great quality.

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#3: Bear Archery Cruzer

image of Bear Archery Cruzer
Bear Archery Cruzer

No matter if you are a beginner or simply want to hone your skills with a user-friendly compound bow, Bear Archery Cruzer is definitely for you. The model involves little assembly and is ready to use right out of the box. Even though it has been designed for young beginners, it still has a lot to offer like solid construction and a built-in quiver.

You can also adjust the draw weight and string length, which is quite a comfortable feature. However, if you use this model to train your kids, you shouldn’t treat it like a toy. We still recommend increasing the draw weight slowly depending on your child’s progress.

Studying the reviews revealed some weak points of this model as well. Some customers find it difficult to adjust the draw length by following the manual instructions. However, you can always contact Bear Archery by phone and get useful advice from their customer service.

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Final Thoughts

Shopping for the best compound bow is quite challenging due to the wide selection of models and manufacturers available on the market. When it comes to archery, picking the best bow is very personal as there are multiple individual factors influencing your performance. A lot depends on your height, strength, eye dominance, etc.

Regardless of your experience, you’d better try as many bows as possible before you actually find the one which will meet your expectations.

After conducting a thorough market research, we can point out the Genesis Compound Bow as the best choice for 2018. It is fairly priced, made of quality materials, shows good performance, and can be used by people of different ages. You will surely like this model for its comfort and easy handling as well as for its quietness and lightweight.

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