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Zeroing a scope is one of the essentials of owning a rifle. It is quite easy and accessible even to beginners, despite the persistent myth that you need to be a pro to do it. Keep Reading...

How to Zero a Scope : The Step-By-Step Tutorial

You’re ready to take the big step and buy a gun online. Guns can be a source of great fun, and of course, there’s nothing quite as powerful as them when it comes to defending Keep Reading...

How to Buy a Gun Online : The 2021 Guide

[Update] This post was updated on [last-modified] Don’t wait until SHTF to realize that you’re completely unprepared for an emergency. You’ve got to have a game plan so that if disaster strikes, you’re ready. When you’re in Keep Reading...

SHTF Gear: The 95+ Items that Will Vanish When SHTF