Welcome to The Tactical Guru

image of rick 1Hi everyone and welcome to The Tactical Guru website. My name is Rick and I’m the guy behind the site.

I’ve always had a fascination with the outdoors. I guess you could say I was a survivalist before I even knew what the word meant. If I like a product then you are going to know about it; if it sucks, then I’ll tell you not to buy it.

How The Site Is Organized

The Tactical Guru is setup with six main categories. If you’re not sure where to begin, I recommend selecting one of the major categories below. From there, you’ll be able to explore in more depth.

Military Watcheswood-brown-watch-white

These type of watches are awesome to own. The tough part is that their price can vary quite drastically. Some of the cheaper models will sell for around $100, and if you’re looking for a full feature set then you should expect to pay over $500.

We simplify the process here at The Tactical Guru. For more, check out our “Best Military Watch in 2017” article.

Tactical Flashlightsfenix-tactical-flashlights

Most people own a standard flashlight for normal situations, but if you’re a avid outdoor person then you’re going to a top notch product. A top rated flashlight will stand the test of time and can hold up under extreme conditions.

There are ton of different options available on Amazon. Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible for you. To learn more, check out our “Best Tactical Flashlight 2017” article.

Tactical Pens


All pens are the same, right? No, that’s not the case with the tactical kind. These little devices are great because the majority of people around you won’t know what it can do.

These fierce pens are able to catch DNA from people (that’s pretty cool!). The hardest part is choosing the right model for your needs. We break it down in this article.

Tactical Backpacks

These bags aren’t your regular old school version. They are designed for camping and outdoor use. Most come with features like a padded back, straps, water resistance, and hydration compartments.

Like most survivalist gear, there are so many options to sift through. It’s easy to get wrapped up in features that you may or may not need.

We simplify the buying process in this article.

Tactical Tomahawks

Tomahawks are similar to axes, but are generally thought of as more multipurpose. There are three main kinds: throwing, combat, and survival.

The first step is to understand what you’re looking for in your axe. There are a ton of products to browse through, and finding the right one can be stressful.

We’ve made finding the perfect one easy. Read our “Best Tactical Tomahawk 2017” article.

Tactical Knives

tactical-knifeA great survival knife is all about quality. The lower priced items tend to leave their customers wanting more. Most of the time the handle is the part that will suffer.

In addition to the handle, the grip is a vital part of a quality knife. Most likely, you’re going to want one that’s easy to grip (you don’t want to let go of it).

We’re not going to lie as the buying process can be difficult. To learn more, read our “Best Tactical Knife 2017” article.

Archery & Compound Bows

If you’re new to the game, then finding a great compound bow can be confusing. Obviously, quality is important with any good you purchase, but it’s a critical part when choosing your first bow. If you go with an inferior product, you’ll be kicking yourself down the road.

We make it easy to choose the right model for you and your budget. To learn more, read our “Compound Bow Buyer’s Guide For 2017.”



photo credit: flickr creative commons. ChrisBillJessicaAlan E., Brian W.,J. H.