Our Best Bow Sight Reviews – 2017 Edition

In this article, we break down the best bow sights available in 2017. It includes a detailed explanation of the features you should be looking for when shopping for this kind of item, as well as a short overview of the different types available today. We also offer reviews of the three top models that will satisfy the needs of any archer.

No matter how sharp your eye is, an archer sight will be a great addition to your bow as sometimes, everyone needs an aid for a better aim. There are a great variety of sights available on the market today, so choosing the best one has become a real challenge. These devices differ greatly, and you need to understand the pros and cons of each type in order to buy one that will truly meet all your needs.

Some of these devices are rather simple, but quite a few of the more advanced and efficient models are highly complex. Therefore, it’s essential to do your research before you start shopping. Otherwise, you risk wasting your money on an item that will not meet your needs perfectly.

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Buyer’s Guide

First of all, you need to understand four major archer/bow sight types:

1. Fixed pin.

This is the most common and highly efficient type favored by hunters. These sights are available in various designs and often come with a feature that allows you to add or remove pins. Therefore, they can be adjusted to fit the needs of any hunter.

2. Movable pin.

This type has a single pin that can be moved to accommodate different kinds of shots. A movable pin is great for accuracy but adjusting it takes time that you may not have if the target is moving.

3. Pendulum.

This is the type for hunters in tree stands as it makes up for the elevation.

4. 3D competition (target).

This is the most accurate type of sight, but it’s also big and complex, so it only works for professionals and doesn’t hold up well during an actual hunt due to its size.

Other considerations you need to keep in mind when shopping for this kind of device include:

  • Number of pins.
    There are several factors you need to consider when choosing the number of pins on this particular device. However, in the end, it boils down to personal preference. You should try several options and determine which you feel most comfortable with.
  • Price.
    High-quality equipment can be costly, especially if it has handy extra features, like LED lights. Look for pieces that offer good value for your money. The reviews of three pieces like this are offered below.
  • Material.
    The two most common materials today are aluminum alloys and plastic. Sometimes, these devices are made from a combination of both, for example, an aluminum frame with a plastic pin guard. Pieces made of aluminum alloys are preferable because they are more durable. However, there are also high-quality plastic polymers that can effectively stand up to any trials of a hunt.
  • Mount.
    You’ll need to decide between a fixed and dovetail mount. Each type is equally efficient, so the best you can do is try both options and see which you like best. However, a fixed mount is a bit easier to handle.
  • Fiber optics.
    This technology creates an excellent aiming point. It’s not necessary, but it makes for a helpful extra feature that can increase your accuracy. Fiber optics technology allows for shooting in poor light. Note that sight lights of this kind might be illegal in some areas, so be sure to check the local regulations before you go hunting with this device.
  • Bubble level.
    This simple extra is extremely useful as it helps keep your bow perfectly upright, improving your chances of making an accurate shot. Bubble levels are great for beginners, but any hunter can benefit from this small element.

Top 3 – Best Bow Sight Reviews

Trophy Ridge 3-Pin Mist

Trophy Ridge 3-Pin .019 Mist

This piece of equipment deserved its position as the top rated bow sight on the market due to its high quality, efficiency, and durability. It features three 0.19 fiber optic pins that allow for hunting in the mist.

The green hood accent eases the sight acquisition greatly, making the experience more comfortable for your eye. The device can be switched from left to right without any loss in the level of accuracy. The piece has multiple mounting holes, so you can be sure that you will be able to fit it to your bow perfectly. It comes equipped with a bubble level.

The biggest advantage of this particular device is the fact that the pins are incredibly bright, so you can comfortably hunt even if the visibility is poor. The piece is made of top-quality materials and will last for many years if you treat it with care.

Trophy Ridge 5-Pin Volt

Trophy Ridge 5-Pin .019 Volt

The Volt is an excellent piece of equipment for any hunter. It’s equipped with a reversible mount, so it fits left and right-handed archers equally well.

Five ultra-bright fiber optic pins make hunting a treat even in poor light. The bubble level, elevation, and pin adjustments, as well as laser, etched aluminum windage allow for perfect aiming. The piece even has a rheostat sight light.

According to the vast majority of reviews, the Volt is a great helper for any hunter. The only complaints we discovered concern the fact that there are only green (4) and red (1) pins available. However, this is something you can easily get used to with a little practice.

TruGlo Carbon XS

TruGlo Carbon XS 4 Pin .019

The XS sight with four pins is designed for durability and efficiency. It’s ultra-light and covered with a scratch-resistant technical coating. The device is equipped with a micro push button light and allows for a large circular field of view. The glow in the dark shooter’s ring is extremely helpful in many situations.

A few people complained about the design, but that’s a personal opinion that doesn’t reflect on the quality of the device.

Bottom Line

You should start shopping for the highest rated archery sight while doing copious amounts of research to understand the differences between the numerous types of devices available on the market. Once you decide on what you need, finding the perfect piece will get much easier.

We did a lot of market research and determined that the 3-Pin Mist from Trophy Ridge is our top pick. This piece of equipment is durable, lightweight, efficient, and affordable. It will help you down your quarry with ease, regardless of the visibility level.

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