The Best Chest Rigs For 2017 – Reviews & Ratings

Buying a reliable tactical chest rig able to stand rough conditions and provide maximum comfort to its owner may be quite challenging. On the market, you can find hundreds of different models performing the same functions while differing greatly regarding their weight, construction, durability, and safety. So if you want to get a tactical rig that will fit your needs most efficiently, you have to do some thorough and time-consuming research.

Fortunately, you can save a lot of your time and money by reading our best chest rig guide. We’ve dug through dozens of reviews so you could avoid the frustration of buying something that won’t meet your expectations. In this article, you’ll find the five best tactical rigs available on the market in 2017.

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CONDOR MCR5 (our top pick)



Condor Recon



Rapid Assault



Condor Outdoor MCR7



Modular by Condor Outdoor



Tactical Chest Rig – Buyer’s Guide

A chest rig is a convenient and handy piece of equipment specially designed for shooters who want to attach their gear to an armored carrier. It helps to carry your combat and first aid kits, your rifle mags, and many other essential supplies. A nicely designed tactical rig can provide a lot of good functions in an efficient and pretty light manner providing quick access to your versatile gear.

Before you start shopping, try to decide what exactly you want your chest rig to have. When looking for comfortable and reliable tactical equipment, consider the following:


A good tactical chest rig must feature well-sized mag pouches as well as offer some webbed spaces allowing you to attach easily extra pouches if needed. The pouches should be made of a lightweight material, preferably nylon. Ensure you also get a bungee for fixing your mags firmly to add extra security. Open top pouches and first aid kit.

Some of your gear may require quick and comfortable access. An open top pouch is the best solution, so make sure you’ll get one with at least four open tops. The first aid kit is probably the most important item and which should always be within your reach.

Safety and durability.

Although your tactical rig should serve practical and functional purposes, you shouldn’t compromise when it comes to durability and safety. The material of the equipment, as well as its zippers, should be strong enough to live a rough and tumble life while your supplies have to sit firmly in their places regardless of your activities. Having a fast push-button release allowing you to remove instantly it is also preferable.


This factor should never be ignored when looking for a top rated model. Try to get one with cross-back shoulder straps that are additionally padded, reducing the pressure on your back and allowing you to carry your ammunition over long distances with no risk of getting back pains. It is also a good idea to have some extra mesh on your back which will keep your body from overheating at high temperatures.

Top 3 –  Chest Rigs Reviews

#1: Condor MCR5: Recon



The MCR5 Recon from Condor Tactical company has designed this chest rig to be lightweight and ready to move. It comes with the two X-crossed adjustable straps supporting the load of your magazines, gear, and ammunition. Its front side offers three MOLLE attachments allowing you to fit your knife or compass pouch.

It also has three built-in kangaroo style pouches for magazines that can hold six M4 and six pistol mags at a time. Both the left and the right sides of the chest rig have some additional MOLLE to attach extra pouches and other gear you may need.

The item is comfortable due to a well-ventilated area at its back. The firm and durable stitching offer decent durability as you can always be sure it won’t get loose and interfere with your balance during a combat.

Although the ability to choose your pouch set up will cost you more as you are buying each item separately, you still get good quality for the price, and we would recommend this tactical chest rig as the best option. In general, you’ll get a high-quality piece of equipment which will last you for years.

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#2: Condor Rapid Assault

Rapid Assault

Rapid Assault

This model offers great overall construction perfectly matching your body frame, providing excellent comfort even when moving for an extended period. It offers six mag pouches with open tops able to hold M4 as well as AK mags, a shoulder strap with additional padding, and a swivel release buckle allowing you to take it off with a single push of a button.

You can use the tactical rig both with and without the bungee retainers that come in the box. Its construction is sturdy, durable, and versatile. The rig is available in a multi-size so it can easily accommodate L, XL, and XXL builds.

One of the biggest advantages of this tactical rig is its compatibility with other attachments made by the Condor company. You can always use the MOLLE webbed space on the front of the rig to add some pouches to keep a knife or a gun, as well as add a hydro harness system.

The only drawback of this particular model is that it needs some adjustments before you start using it. However, this offers the chance to build up your setups and make your tactical chest rig fit your needs in the most efficient manner.

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#3 PIG Universal



This model is an advanced variant of the original Eagle Universal Chest Rig designed by Paul Howe. It offers significant upgrades done to its basic model that make it more fresh and contemporary. First of all, you get a 500D construction decreasing the overall weight with enhanced adjustable standard straps and internal liquid discharging grommets. It is compatible with other PIG accessories such as the Hydro-Harness Kit and the PIG Mollevella (UCR BIB).

Each of its four front mag pouches can carry two M4 mags, one 7.62 or AK mag. The front part is ideal for four pistol magazines as well as some basic utility tools such as a knife or a flashlight. The side MOLLE allows easy and comfortable fastening of additional ammo, a first aid kit, and radio. It also comes with an external mesh pocket and a convenient map pocket on the internal side with a Velcro closure.

One of the drawbacks we’ve noticed is that this rig cannot be linked to the APC mayflower model due to the differently sized buckles. However, some slight modifications with one-inch buckles can easily solve the issue for this purpose.

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There are many benefits you can get by owning a reliable tactical chest rig (as well as a tactical vest). The modern market offers plenty of options, but the ones that come with true quality and high performance are few.

When looking for the best tactical rig you should consider its functionality and durability as well as of its comfort. After we have researched and tested dozens of models, we can state that Condor MCR5: Recon Chest Rig is the best option available on the market. It is reliable, made of quality materials, and is comfortable to use in various situations.

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