The Best Gas Mask For Preppers 2017

Be prepared for anything with a gas maskIn today’s guide, we’re here to uncover the highest rated gas masks designed for preppers. We live in a dangerous world. You may think that chemical or biological attacks and gas masks were only something that you read about or watched on YouTube videos. However, they may very well save your life in the event of an attack on you or your family. The theater of today’s wars are no longer confined to the front lines like they were in the first world war.

The crude devices that were used then will not suffice if an intercontinental warhead delivers a payload of death onto our unsuspecting populace. Moreover, with our government openly deploying CS gas and pepper spray onto our fellow citizens in their own hometowns, it is surely wise to be prepared against these weapons.

Some may say that buying a gas mask is an over-reaction, but as my grandfather always told me you are better looking at something than looking for something if the worse does indeed come to the worse.

What you need to know

In the event of a chemical attack you will only have around three minutes before succumbing to it’s effects. This will only give you just enough time to put on your gas mask and help your family and friends to fit theirs too. This is no time to lament that you ‘didn’t think it would ever come to this’ so you need to get prepped now, as the tried and tested mantra goes, it is better to be safe than sorry.

First off a surplus gas mask (while better than nothing) is not going to get you through a sustained attack. They will buy you some time at best but may well create a false sense of security. An NBC (Nuclear Biological Chemical) gas mask is the only type that will ensure the best possible chances of surviva,l but be sure that you have spare filters. Think of it like a muffler – if it gets choked up then the next thing that will choke will be you and your family or companions.

Preparation is key

The next thing that you must remember is that a gas mask must be secured before the attack has happened. Once the poison is in your vicinity it has already started to go to work, so gas masks must be stored in a place where they are readily available and ready to be put on at a moments notice. Facial hair can severely inhibit it’s proper function, so if you fear that you are likely to be forced to use one it is best to be clean-shaven. It is also very important that you have practiced putting on your gas mask in different environments such as in the dark or while on the move. There is no point having the correct kit in order to be prepared if you are not proficient in their use.

Biological attacks or an outbreak of deadly pathogens such as the Ebola virus is another great reason to have a gas mask ready to go and placed on top of a well-packed bug-out bag. This is not scaremongering, there are many people around the world who could be alive and well today if they had taken the necessary precautions and were properly prepared.

Reviews – Gas Masks For Preppers

SGE 400sge-400

First up and one of the best in my opinion is the SGE 400 Gas Mask Kit. This full face mask features a polyurethane visor for unparalleled visibility and it forms a solid support structure for the rest of the components.

This mask has been tested to 800 degrees C (1472 Fahrenheit) without showing any signs of heat damage. It can also withstand being propelled at over 335mph without any signs of cracking. This is one tough cookie and when the going gets tough you will want something of this quality protecting you.

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K-1 Militarytk-1-military

If things really go south there is only one type of grade you want to have and that is military. The K-1 Military is your best option in this regard. It is a full NBC kit complete with respirator and is one of the only ones that is fully compliant with ISO 9001.

It comes with a whole host of features allowing you to not only communicate via ham radio but also to drink without having to remove the apparatus and thus compromise the integrity of the system.

Avon EH20 Escape Hoodavon-eh20

The Avon EH20 while not a full on NBC gas mask is great as an emergency escape hood and cannot be overlooked in the event of a gas attack. It can be put on others very quickly and will provide CBRN respiratory, eye and face protection for least twenty minutes. It can also be kept almost anywhere as it packs into an impermeable foil bag to be opened and used in seconds.

These are the best options out there so check them out as you never know what tomorrow may bring to you and your family. Be safe by being prepped.

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