So you want to buy a gun, eh?

Luckily, the good ole U.S of A is one of the best places to buy one. But where do you start? Do you buy locally or online? If you want the best deals possible we recommend looking online. 

In this article, we have outlined the ten best places to buy a firearm online. Use the table of contents below to quickly find what you are looking for.

Primary Arms

Located in Texas, Primary Arms is a company that offers a variety of merchandise, high-quality products, and more.

They carry firearms, accessories, and other items. The company has affordable prices and offer their customers a great shopping experience.

In addition, they also have good customer service. The main idea the company began with was providing professional shooters the best quality guns at good prices. They also give servicemen and other firearm enthusiasts a good source to buy firearms.

Primary Arms Homepage

Primary Arms offers not only a place to buy guns and firearms but other items such as AR-15 bolt carrier groups. Bolt carrier groups are fundamental in the AR-15 according to experienced shooters. Everything on your AR-15, from the firing pinhole size, weight, and metallurgy can impact the gun’s reliability.

For better durability and accuracy, you can’t skip this. Primary Arms has complete BCGs, carriers, bolt assemblies, and other small related items. 

Fast Shipping

As this goal grew over time, the company has collected a wider range of available items. They have a knowledgeable staff willing to help answer any questions. And they'll be happy to assist you in your goal to buy firearms.

The people working with Primary Arms are dedicated to fast shipping and providing great pricing.

Some customers have even reported that Primary Arms workers have helped them return items with no shipping costs for a future order. The staff goes above and beyond instead of doing the bare minimum like some other businesses. 

A Great Online Shopping Experience

Texans or people passing through Texas can visit the local gun store in person to buy firearms. But anyone can shop for their guns online and take advantage of the great offers Primary Arms has.

Not only will you find a very wide selection for what you need. You'll also find that the customer service representatives with this company will respond quickly.

Many individuals have reported great response time from Primary Arms representatives and great satisfaction as a result. 

Brands Offered by Primary Arms

Primary Arms has top brands for AK-47s, AR-308s, AR-15s, and all of the necessary accessories when you buy firearms.

They carry more than 200 of the best brands for these items, including:

  • Armalite
  • Apex Tactical
  • 3 Gun Stuff
  • Bear Creek Arsenal
  • CBC Industries
  • Fenix Lights

The company carries a wide variety of AK-74 and AK-47 pistol grips from trusted brands like Ergo, Command Arms, Hogue, and others. Pistol grips support healthy ergonomics and comfort. In addition, they're known for providing stability and control for the shooter.

Closeup of man aiming a gun

Accessories and Products

Primary Arms carries over 70 scope accessories for AR-15s, so you won’t have a problem finding a good fit when you buy firearms.

The attachments available include:

Brands carried by Primary Arms for these products include Vortex, Bushnell, and Leupold. The business also has savage rail, gooseneck, and rail riser mounts for fitting the scope onto your gun perfectly.

Each of these mounts are already in-house at their location which makes for fast and easy shipping. Samson, Burris, and American Defense are just a few of the brands that Primary Arms offers for mounts. 

Primary Arms Apparel

Not only will you find the right accessories and extras when you buy firearms. But you’ll find apparel for you with Primary Arms.

They carry hats, backpacks, other bags, shirts, holsters and patches. They have T-shirt brands such as Spikes Tactical and Pipe Hitters Union in stock for you to choose from. 

Other Brands Carried by Primary Arms

The company has a large selection of Burns, Aimpoint, Vortex, and EOTech Red Dot Magnifiers. They also have their own line of Red Dot Magnifiers and each product is ready to ship and already stocked on location.

When you buy a red dot sight, you can accurately and quickly switch to a target while shooting. These let you use both eyes to aim with a bright red dot.

You will also find scope mounts in this category. These mounts are available for pistols, handguns, AK, and AR guns when customers buy firearms. 

Batteries Offered by Primary Arms

Many of your favorite gun accessories would be worthless without batteries. This is just another item you can pick up while shopping with Primary Arms. Look through brands such as Titanium, Maxell, Energizer, and more for your optic or scope.

You can also find a new trigger for your AK-47. The company makes them using carbon steel (heat-treated) and angled hooks. Together, these elements create that much sought-after smooth cycle. If you order before 3pm central time on a weekday, Primary Arms will send it out that same day.

The help you will get, should you need any extra assistance, from Primary Arms will not disappoint you. They offer a smooth process for fixing complaints or answering questions and are always polite. Contact them via phone or email for more information on this and enjoy their fast shipping times when you buy firearms.

Key Takeaways for Primary Arms:

  • Focused on providing professional shooters with the best quality guns at a reasonable price
  • Have a knowledgeable staff who are willing to answer any questions
  • Pride themselves on fast shipping
  • Carry firearms and accessories offered by more than 200 brands
  • Carry tactical apparel such as bags, hats, shirts, and more

Atlantic Firearms

Headquartered in Maryland with an online shop, Atlantic Firearms, LLC will help you buy a gun online. It is a company that is committed to offering affordable prices on their quality products.

atlantic firearms

The business has low operating expenses and low overhead which lets them give great services and products at good rates. Atlantic Firearms is not able to directly ship guns to their customers. But they do ship them to the FFL dealer in your local area.

All legitimate gun dealers and stores have one of these licenses, so you can buy firearms. Any time you plan to purchase a firearm, make sure you review all information in the Federal Firearms License. Also look over the payment sections before committing to your purchase.

The firearms dealer is federally licensed and distributes multiple manufacturers. Each transaction made with this company is under compliance with laws on both a state and federal level.

When you buy firearms from Atlantic Firearms, each gun comes via a local FFL dealer. You can find out more about this in the “How to Buy” section on the Atlantic Firearms website. 

Body Armor at Atlantic Firearms

Atlantic Firearms not only allows you to buy firearms, but carries tactical gear, as well. This includes body armor for defense purposes.

They make these products available for both law enforcement officials and ordinary civilians such as yourself. Their growing stock of body armor  and tactical vests is wide and varied so you can find whatever it is you need in that department. If you plan to order body armor from Atlantic Firearms, make sure you’re aware of the laws in your state.

The products are legal in almost all states but the company cannot ship to Connecticut. Keep in mind that, as the buyer, you are responsible for knowing the laws on a federal and state level. It’s a felony to wear body armor while you commit a crime as it’s meant for defensive purposes.

Atlantic Firearms body armor

Atlantic Firearms Parts Kits

But what about those who would rather build than buy firearms?

There is a growing interest in AK 47 parts kits for firearm enthusiasts. AK 47 pieces are imported and de-milled, which offers a new way to enjoy your guns.

Building a firearm the exact way you want it is very exciting and satisfying. You can even do this along with friends and family as a bonding experience. Atlantic firearms offers the pieces necessary for this interesting hobby. As classes for building firearms become more and more popular, it’s a great time to get involved with this.

Social Media Customer Involvement

Atlantic Firearms involves their customers on social media and this can potentially benefit you.

Blog sites and YouTube are just a couple of the ways that users can share their shopping experiences with Atlantic Firearms. The company is looking for people with a channel such as this or who are active on Facebook or other social media.

Whether you are a past or future customer, you can submit a video or review in another format. This can be a way for you to help other potential customers who are interested in Atlantic Firearms. You could also get exposure for your opinion.

Emergency Food Items

Dehydrated, freeze-dried, and emergency food items are other important items that Atlantic Firearms carries. Both the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA advice people to have these items in their emergency kits at home.

You never know when disaster can strike and when you’ll have to think about survival. A situation might require that you have supplies, water, food, and other items to get you through shortages when SHTF.

While relief workers can arrive on scene soon after disaster hits, they won’t be able to meet everyone’s needs right away. Stocking up on these items will help you have a smoother experience in case of an emergency.

Purchasing a Firearm through Atlantic Firearms

When you buy firearms online, it doesn’t have to be complicated and confusing. As long as you follow some simple steps, the transaction will run smoothly. Here are the steps to follow for making a purchase online through Atlantic Firearms:

  1. Make an account by clicking register or login
  2. Choose what you want to buy and add it to your cart
  3. Pay for your order with the shopping cart system
  4. For non-firearm purchases, the company will send items directly

For firearm and ammunition purchases, you must sign for delivery verification.

Someone has to be home when the package arrives at your place of residence. You might acquire extra charges if you fail to fulfill this rule. Atlantic Firearms doesn’t contact dealers or arrange transfers and this is solely your responsibility as the customer.

Make sure that your purchase is legal where you live and that you have a dealer willing to handle the transfer. This should be verified before you make your purchase. You also need to be older than 18 to buy firearms.

Customer Relations

Atlantic Firearms always strives to provide their customers with a pleasurable, safe, and quick experience when they buy firearms. They make themselves available via email at and can also be reached at 410-352-5183.

Key Takeaways for Atlantic Firearms:

  • Atlantic Firearms doesn't have a physical shop, which allows them to offer great products and customer service at a reasonable rate
  • Aren't able to ship guns directly to customers, but will ship to the FFL dealer closest to you
  • Provide high-quality body armor for law enforcement and ordinary civilians
  • Carry a wide variety of emergency food items to help prepare for when SHTF

Henry Rifles

Any firearm enthusiast has likely already heard of Henry Rifles, named after their inventor, Benjamin Tyler Henry.

Henry Rifles hompage

This man was the first to imagine the original lever-action repeating rifle. This was patented back in the year 1860, giving one person the power of multiple marksmen. This invention went on to revolutionize the frontier days. Eventually, Mr. Henry’s invention became a respected, legendary, and sought-after weapon.

Today, Henry Rifles produces eight lever-action models, including rifle, carbine, and handgun configurations. These come in 13 calibers and various editions like deluxe collector and basic.

These products come in a range of options and finishes. If you want to buy firearms, these are suitable for beginners and professionals alike.

Henry Rifles Best Place to Buy Guns

The Henry Rifle Guarantee

The Henry Guarantee states that all who own a Henry rifle should be completely satisfied with it. If they aren’t, the company will do whatever is needed to change that for them. The company states that although the lever-gun market is different now than it once was, the Henry Rifle is still doing well. 

Henry Rifle’s Progression Alongside Other Firearms

When rim-fires were doing well, this company brought out the Big Boy .44 Magnum, their own center-fire style model. It was released in 2001 with a brass alloy frame for those who wanted to buy firearms.

After this came the .45 Colt and .357 Magnum, leading to various handgun models with frames of steel. Then came the .45-70 Government firearms and the .30-30 Winchester guns with steel and brass frames. Along with this came the Color Case and All-Weather models and both steel and brass-engraved models of Wildlife tribute.

The Henry Rifle developed with .45 Colt, .44 Magnum, and .357 Magnum in center-fire Mare’s Legs. They created the Henry Original Rifle which became an instant first-class retro piece.

These 1860 edition firearms came in .44-40 with steel/iron and alloy/brass frames. Next we have the limited-edition, deluxe engraved editions of One of 1000.

In 2016, Henry had a total departure when the company introduced a Long Range Lever Action.

These were available in .308 Winchester, .243 Winchester, and .223 Remington. Each of these had lever action that was gear-driven and modern.

They also had effective rotary bolt-head lockup, sling swivels, and solid rubber pads for recoil. In addition, they had aluminum receivers with a light weight, a steel box magazine that could be detached, checkered walnut stocks, and were tapped and drilled to handle optic sights. 

Single-shot Market and Henry Rifles

Henry Repeating Arms got into the single-shot market only recently with some classic designs. These are two shotguns and two rifles.

Similar to the popular lever-actions offered by the company, these models are break-action and come with the familiar hardwood stocks. When you purchase one of these in your quest to buy firearms, you have choices.

You can choose between matte black or polished brass for your steel receiver. Either one of these choices will come with its own set of features and furnishings.

Henry rifle on carpet

Affordability and Quality

When many customers look at the new offerings by Henry Repeating Arms company, they expect them to be expensive.

Since they come with beautiful hardwood stocks and barrels made from blued-steel, they look expensive. Plus, other fancy-looking single shot products are usually fairly pricey. However, you might be pleasantly surprised to know that these guns cost far less than competitors’ products.

And although these rifles and shotguns are beautiful, the company didn’t sacrifice any utility or reliability in making them look so good.

Each of the four break-action Henry models mentioned come with a few common features. Made in the Henry’s Rice Lake facility in Wisconsin, these products have single-action and single-stage triggers. In addition, they come with exposed hammers, which require manual cocking for every use. 

Rebounding Hammer Safety Systems

Knowing the safety specifications is crucial when you buy firearms.

The safety systems on these guns have a rebounding hammer. Once this hammer is cocked manually and the trigger is fully depressed to fire, the hammer will rebound. This makes it lock away from the pin.

As soon as the hammer does this, it locks the trigger in place too, which won’t move until the shooter cocks the hammer once more. The gun isn’t encumbered by any other safeties.

The user can press the dual-direction, ambidextrous release lever either to the left or right when they open the gun’s action. This is an appreciated feature since many break-actions come with levers that can only swing one way.

The included hammers have grooves on them in case you want to add a separately sold hammer extension. These can make cocking the firearm easier with an installed optic.

The receiver screws, trigger guard, and smooth-faced trigger are all blued steel. On the fore-end, there are round profile barrels screwed in. This makes it easier to take them off and clean them since they don’t come with quick release buttons like other shotguns. Remember this if you choose this company to buy firearms from.

Key Takeaways for Henry Rifles:

  • Created the original lever-action repeating rifle. Today, they produce 8 lever-action models
  • Ensure that all who own a Henry rifle are completely satisfied with it
  • Create high-quality rifles at a much lower cost that their competitors
  • Henry Rifles' rebounding hammer safety mechanism provides additional safety for the shooter
Person shooting a Henry Rifle

Century Arms

Century International Arms imports and manufactures firearms in the U.S.

century arms website

The company started in Vermont in 1961 and then moved down to Florida later on. It began when a typewriter repairman named William Sucher accepted a trade for a rifle against a repaired typewriter. Since he didn’t need the rifle, he posted an ad in the classifieds to sell it.

He noticed that he got more responses for the rifle than he was used to receiving for typewriters. This gave him the idea to look for surplus rifles to sell and make some profits with.

Enlisting Manny Weigensberg, his brother-in-law, for help, Sucher set about importing military surplus products. This included handguns and rifles from foreign countries.

By the mid-70s, Century was the biggest firearm importer in both Canada and the United States. They started to manufacture firearms on their own in times when importable surplus availability faded. Century International Arms has manufactured their own versions of AK-47, L1A1, G3, and more. 

Military and Law Enforcement

The company is experienced enough to supply ammo and several types of firearms to law enforcement agencies.

Within the past five decades, Century Arms has become experienced in supplying ammo and non-standard weapons to the United States government and allies of the country. They have since become the top manufacturer and provider for AKs in America.

With this expertise and experience with foreign weapons, Century Arms has developed a lot. They have American-made and fully automatic AKs for those who need to buy firearms. They offer milled and stamped receiver variants for both SBR configurations and sales to military.

This company has efficiently and effectively supplied ammo and weapons to the world, from the world. They ship, warehouse, inspect, and gather their items, making them a turnkey supplier.

People who are interested in becoming an overseas representative to expand their military sales can contact

Veteran with Century Arms Gun

Commemorating Military Service

Need to buy firearms for a military service?

Century Arms will help you commemorate a service using a custom AK. The company appreciates and values sacrifices made by our service men and women that let us make use of our 2nd amendment rights.

Because of this appreciation, they have made a program for commemorative AKs, allowing troops to build an AK custom as a celebration of their services. The program has three different pricing options that depend upon customization specifics.

These can be made as either wall decorations or to use at the range. With this program, Century Arms delivers high-quality rifles with personalized engraving.

You can contact to get more information on this or check out the commemorative section on their website. 

Warranty Information

At Century Arms, customer service is very important and they want to make your shopping experience as good as possible.

Whether you need an authorization number for a return or have another question, check out their frequently asked questions section. Another option is to contact them directly with any questions you may have. 

Policies for Shipping

You may use American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa for your purchases with Century International Arms. Deliveries to U.S. territories, Hawaii, or Alaska will have an added charge depending on weight, order size, and distance. Rates will be based on fees for standardized shipping. For questions you can call 1(800)527-1252, extension 1.

Customers who order at least three handguns or three or more long guns will get free shipping on each order that applies.

For orders that don’t consist of either three handguns or three long guns, the shipping fee is $14.99 for each firearm. For orders of three handguns and one long gun, this $14.99 fee will also apply. Handguns ship separately from long guns.

Black firearm

Shipping Fees

Customers will get free shipping on orders that have more than 10 cases and SKUs also qualify. These orders may be made up of any ammo type involved when you buy firearms.

For accessory orders that are fewer than 10 cases, there will be a $14.99 fee applied. If you order between $0 and $20 worth of products, there is a flat fee of $4.99 for shipping.

For orders over $20, this goes up to a flat fee of $14.99. if you order more than $99 worth of accessories, the shipping is free. Note that the company has the right to change their policies as they wish without notice. So if you want to stay updated on them, make sure you check first before you buy firearms. 

Cash or Barter for Surplus

Century Arms pays cash or barter for confiscated weapons, ammo, small arms, and other surplus.

This can include shotguns, rifles, pistols, and old revolves, although they don’t only take firearms. They will also take batons, helmets, and handcuffs. Check out their website for more information on this system.

Key Takeaways for Century Arms:

  • Atlantic Firearms is the top manufacturer and provider for AKs in the U.S
  • Provide troops with the option to build custom AKs in celebration of their service
  • Pay cash or are willing to barter for confiscated weapons, ammunition, or other surplus gear

Stag Arms

Stag Arms was founded in the year 2003 and has since specialized in developing AR15s.

stag arms

The business has a goal of providing shooters with the best possible rifle at affordable prices. The team at Stag Arms pioneered the first modern sporting rifle for left-handed shooters.

The team continues to push product development boundaries for both left and right-handed shooters. Their main goal in this is creating innovative products accessible to everyone who wishes to shoot. Let’s look at some of their popular picks for customers who want to buy firearms. 

The Model 15

Stag Arms has kept their high standing in the marketplace by selling great AR-15s for good prices. But they have continued to develop impressive products, including the Model 15 Optics Ready Carbine (O.R.C.).

This semi-automatic rifle costs less than the Model 3 and is the least expensive AR-15 offered by Stag Arms. The model 15 has a 16-inch barrel and a firing system that is gas-operated and delays recoil.

Offering a trigger guard that is Magpul enhanced, 30rd PMAG, and a thermoplastic hand-guard, the Model 15 comes in either left or right-handed ejection. It has a lot of airflow to keep it cool and has the A2 flash hider. It doesn’t have rear or front sights, but a rail system can make up for this. 

Stag15 Retro Rifle

If retro is the name of your game when you buy firearms, consider the Stag15. This rifle, formerly called the Model 4 by Stag Arms is military-proven, durable, and high quality.

Made with an A3 carry handle that you can remove if needed, the 15 Retro firearm has been created to meet mil-spec standards. Equipped with dual heat shields, a thermoplastic hand guard, and a storage trap door, this gun will more than suit your needs. 

15 Varminter

The Varminter, previously called the Model 6, costs a bit more than the model that came before it. However, it also outperforms in nearly every regard.

It’s available for both left-handed and right-handed shooters, has a 10rd PMAG, and a trigger guard enhanced with Magpul. It’s suitable for most purposes in shooting and is great for bagging medium or small game. You can also use it for target shooting.

Like other rifles, it works best with a quality scope. This series is available in Upper, Rifle Kit, or just Rifle. 

Stag Arms Barrels

Stag Arms offers a variety of barrels when you buy firearms, including the 1.9 twist, the 16-inch Nitride Barrel, and more. They also offer barrel assemblies. Although the prices listed on the site are high compared with just barrels, they come with all you need.

Stag Arms gun barrel

Some options for barrel assemblies let you choose between the F-marked and A2 F-marked front sight, and a low profile or railed gas block. Some barrel assemblies sell for more than a few hundred dollars, but it comes with all the parts needed to attach it to the upper receiver. 

AR-15 Accessories and Parts

Stag Arms excels in parts for AR-15s. You will find everything you need in their builder sets, particularly the Stag 10 combination of upper and lower.

The upper has a .210 tang height DPMS high profile and the assembly comes with an installed forward assist and pica tinny rail. Compared with other dealers, the prices aren’t perfect. But Stag Arms has all of your AR needs covered in one place whether you buy firearms or not.

This may make it worth paying more to some. Some of the handy accessories offered on the site, for example, are reasonably priced, like their repair kits. 

Stag Arms Customer Service

Stag Arms has made a great name for itself not only for their assistance when you buy firearms. But also their policies on exchanges and returns.

They also have a great customer service policy in place. Products that haven’t been used may be returned as long as it’s within 15 days of the shipment. In addition to this, the department of customer service at Stag Arms is on standby for processing return requests and other questions.

Although Stag Arms is a bit more expensive than other comparable dealers, they offer great warranty and customer service. In a sense, you’re paying more for the extra peace of mind.

This, along with their infinite shot warranty, makes them an overall great company. Although the company hasn’t been manufacturing complete firearms for very long in comparison to other companies, they’ve been supplying factory parts for a while. 

Law Enforcement and Government Sales

Stag Arms is one of the proud suppliers of accessories, parts, and AR 15 rifles to government agencies and law enforcement in America. They provide for both national and local state police, SWAT teams, sheriff’s departments, and other safety-related agencies and organizations.

Police offer with Stag Arms gun

The company accepts direct orders from government agencies and law enforcement. They also work with authorized dealers who wish to buy firearms.

Stag Arms will put together a quote for the supplies you need as a law enforcement agency. Through the bidding process, procurement, and more, their experts will help you along the way. To get in touch with them, just fill out their Contact Us form. Keep in mind that you can’t combine discounts with sales items. 


All Stag rifles are made in America 100 percent which allows them to produce with confidence. They stand by being a top tier producer for those who wish to buy firearms.

They offer a transferable lifetime warranty and place a heavy emphasis on long-lasting products. Stag rifles also have the Infinite Shot Barrel Guarantee. Full firearms are shipped from the factory of Stag Arms LLC and are warranted as free from errors in craftsmanship and materials.

This guarantee is meant to last the lifespan of the purchased rifle. Accessories and parts are warranted a year from when you buy the gun.

Stag Arms LLC is liable to replace or repair the defect or item at its own discretion. They also agree to pay the fee for shipping round trip.

Warranty registration must be filled out and submitted to the company online. Stag Arms warranty can be transferred to future owners of the same firearm. All issues with repair or warranty are directly handled by the company. 

Repairs, Returns, and Shipping Questions

Stag Arms manufactures top-notch AR-15s, accessories, and parts for their customers. But there are always times when issues pop up, so a dedicated staff equipped to handle these issues is a huge plus.

Stag Arms works along with all of their customers to resolve any issues in a quick fashion. If any customers have an issue with a product on its way or one already received, they simply need to contact the staff. However, make sure that you send your items in with the proper authorization. Otherwise, they will be shipped back at your expense. 

Exchanges or Returns

Any products that haven’t been used can be returned as long as it’s been less than 15 days. There is a 15 percent restocking fee for all purchases.

Returns need to be approved ahead of time with the department of customer service. Again, any returns that are sent in without the needed Return Materials Authorization (RMA) will be immediately sent back. 

Cancelling Orders

To cancel an order with Stag Arms before shipping, make sure you follow these guidelines.

In order to cancel an order you placed directly to buy firearms, just fill out the Contact Us form linked to previously, and they will contact you as soon as the cancellation has gone through.

If the order was placed with a dealer, you need to contact them to cancel it. If the order shipped already, they cannot cancel it so you have to wait for delivery and then return it after that. 

Event Sponsorship

Stag Arms does some sponsoring for events every year.

People who are interested in Stag Arms Sponsorship for their event should email their marketing team at Part of this process requires uploading related tax level information and any relevant sponsorship information.

In order to be considered, you have to submit this information a minimum of 45 days before the event.

Every request sent in is evaluated by the Stag Arms committee and they award donations based on whether or not these submissions meet certain criteria. The available funds for sponsorship will also affect how much is given and when.

If your event is chosen by Stag Arms for donation or a sponsorship, they will let you know. The company has the sole right to choose who to sponsor and give donations to.

Key Takeaways for Stag Arms:

  • Specialize in developing AR-15s
  • Offer a variety of barrels when you buy a gun with them, as well as barrel assemblies
  • Excel in AR-15 parts and builder sets
  • Have a 15-day return policy on products that have not yet been used
  • All Stag rifles are 100% American made

Radical Firearms

A retail operation and manufacturer of NFA guns, Radical Firearms offers a growing lineup of many products. Whether you want to buy firearms or something else, they have a reliable stock.

This includes rifles, pistols, machine guns, silencers, shotguns, and more. Located in Texas, they are a real manufacturer instead of just an assembly shop and have a full, operational facility for gun-smithing. 

In addition, they carry their own line of custom silencers, bolt guns, AR-10s, and AR-15s. Gun enthusiasts will be happy to know that Radical Firearms has a preference for hiring veterans. This means that their staff is largely knowledgeable and passionate about their jobs

Radical Firearms: The Company Story

What started as just a hobby and small shop grew into a large operation.

At first, they handled FFL transfers with a small space and built high-end bolt guns and AR models for buyers who had high standards. Then they moved onto workaday business and guns with a black gun expert.

Soon after that, they started to purchase CNC machines to improve the assemblage process they were running in house. After that, Radical Firearms purchased more machines for manufacturing more necessary parts.

As they began buying more CNC machines, they soon needed to hire more employees for the business. As they created their own parts for a much smaller fee, they were able to help their customers benefit from this new change.

Now Radical Firearms offers a large selection of parts and firearms that were built in the state of Texas. Both professionals and beginners will enjoy the wide variety offered. From 3Gun participants to law enforcement and military professionals, they have something for every budget. Customers will appreciate that their prices are good compared with other manufacturers, as well. 

Making Parts In-House

Compared with other businesses in the same market, Radical Firearms is fairly new to AR-15s. In just five years, the company rapidly expanded, carving out a great niche as an affordable manufacturer for those who need to buy firearms.

How was this possible?

They made their own parts in-house, instead of just importing everything. This allowed them to control the process of manufacturing and cut out some middleman markup. While other companies will assemble their guns from parts from third-party businesses, this company is an exception.

They are a manufacturer first, making all of their own rifle parts except for LPPs, springs, pins, and barrels. Many people prefer their manufacturers to be based in the U.S., and Radical Arms meets this requirement, too. Let’s look a little closer at this company. 

Closeup of large black firearm

What don’t They Manufacture?

Radical Arms currently manufactures every major necessary component with the exception of LPKs, Stocks, BCGs, barrels, and some pins and springs.

For the parts not made at their facility, they use respectable vendors like Azimuth Technologies. Note that the company offers a Lifetime Warranty for all those who own the Radical Firearms products. 

Shipping Specifics for Radical Firearms

Everyone purchasing from Radical Firearms should know a few key things before they buy firearms.

If you choose to order a manufactured AR product, pistol, or lower, give your order at least a month to ship. The company receives hundreds of orders every day and they build RF-manufactured items to order, charging when the order is placed.

There are many retailers that offer Radical Firearms products and have quicker times for turnaround. The company is primarily a manufacturer and not a retailer, though they do both. Shipping will be applied automatically to every order. This includes pickups in-store which the business will refund once the order has been picked up by you. 

Instructions for FFL

Radical Firearms will ship your purchase of a firearm to the FFL in your local area.

For this to be possible, you need to ask that FFL to send their FFL license after scanning it. Then have them send it to They may also fax it to (281)207-8910. Keep in mind that you must clearly mark your customer name and order number in the paperwork before sending it. This will help to avoid problems or potential complications.

It’s the buyer’s responsibility to ensure that their purchase is made in accordance with laws in their state or locality. This should always be done before you buy firearms. When the firearm arrives, an adult must sign for it. Keep in mind that the order might take 2-3 days for Radical Arms to process as soon as they receive the FFL paperwork needed.

Logo for ATF with navy blue background

Radical Arms Buying Guide

Radical Arms allows customers to redeem or buy gift certificates when they buy firearms. This is a great idea for that firearms-enthusiast friend in your life.

If you’re looking for a product on the website, use the search box and navigation menus on the Radical Arms website. If you run into any issues or troubles with this, don’t hesitate to ask customer service for help. 

Site Navigation

In order to navigate the Radical Arms website, just find and select the category you have a question about. These sections are listed at the left, bottom, and top on their webpage.

If you are looking for a specific item, just find the search box and enter the keyword necessary. Radical Arms makes it possible for customers to use coupons in certain cases.

Once you’ve added the items you wish to buy to your shopping cart, go to “View Cart.” You will find this link towards the top on the website. Scroll down to the bottom to find the box for your coupon code. 

Radical Arms Lifetime Warranty

Radical Arms offers a warranty for life when you buy firearms from them. This applies only to products manufactured by the company itself. This applies for as long as you are in possession of the item.

Keep in mind that if you order an AR product, pistol, lower, or upper from Radical Arms, it will take some time for them to deliver. You should expect between six and eight weeks for them to produce and ship your order. The company receives hundreds of orders every day and they build RF items when you order them, not before.

Many retailer companies sell Radical Arms products, and these have quicker turnaround times. Remember that they manufacture goods first and serve as a retail company second.

Shipping is applied automatically to every order that comes in. This includes in-store pickup items. If you opt for this route, you will get refunded once you go get your order from the store. 

Closeup of the word "refund" highlighted in text

Key Takeaways for Radical Firearms:

  • Radical Firearms is a large manufacturer and retailer that makes (almost) all of their parts in house
  • Carry their own custom line of silencers, AR-10s, AR-15s, and bolt guns
  • Have a strong preference for employing veterans, and have a passionate staff
  • Shipping times are long - give the order at least a month to ship
  • Offer a lifetime warranty for all firearms that they sell


Taran Tactical

Taran Tactical provides weapons and accessories for competitive and tactical shooters when they buy firearms.

Taran Tactical

They are located in Southern California as a licensed dealer of firearms. The tactical and competitive shooting worlds have always overlapped a bit. A lot of items that people have gotten used to as law enforcement and military products came originally from competitive shooting. This includes electronic sights for handguns and rifles, offset iron sights, and smoother triggers. Also included are red dots, enhanced controls, enlarged controls, and much more.

Because of changing requirements for durability and reliability, things change. What usually occurs is that a stronger version of accessories for competition will eventually end up in tactical shooting. There are many examples of this. For instance, extended capacity mags began in the military, usually reserved for automatic weapons for obvious reasons. The size of these magazines made them impractical for military men, leading to feeding issues. 


For those shooting Steel Challenge or IDPA, there’s no point in having a mag capacity higher than 10. But with a multi-gun or USPSA, it’s different.

In situations where speed matters, time reduction is valuable. Even if you’re a super fast shooter, you will still have to reload. Because of a need for higher speeds, extensions made a comeback.

Although you don’t see magazines for Glock 18s very often, you’ll see extensions. These will give you between one and five rounds (of course dependant on the brand, caliber, and gun). But they will add some weight to make the magazines drop easier and give more purchase to your fingers. 

Potential Issues with This

Some issues do exist in this area. Feeding reliability isn’t perfect unless you have the spring replaced, especially when it comes to bigger extensions.

Some of these are prone to fouling and some models pop off during stress, particularly if they are partially filled or drop loaded. This can be potentially embarrassing or even dangerous.


Closeup of firearm parts

Due to these problems, a lot of shooters think of magazine extensions as gamer gear. And many others don’t even trust them. But Taran Tactical has changed the game for many shooters when it comes to these products.

TTI (Taran Tactical Innovations) was created by an amazing shooter named Taran Butler. Taran looked at issues with base plates and found ways to fix them.

First, Taran products are made from aluminum block, then hard anodized to make them stronger. Regardless of how or where you drop them, they won’t break. They are used by world-renowned shooters and for good reason.

Taran extensions are all made with a base plate that has a pin at the back. This keeps them attached to the mag body. They are fit for friction, but there’s also a screw that allows you to lock it into place if you wish. The most difficult aspect of installing a base plate by TTI is taking the older factory plate off. 

Taran Tactical Gets Popularized

In a video showing Keanu Reeves training for a movie “John Wick,” the actor is using a Taran Tactical for training. This video went viral quite fast as Keanu did a quick 3-gun session with Taran Butler’s guidance.

This video and people’s reactions put Taran Tactical into the spotlight of the national media. But many gun enthusiasts already knew about Taran products.

Whether you’re a competitive shooter, a permit holder for conceal-carry, or an ordinary shooter, everybody likes the idea of holding more rounds. But doing this without altering your magazine or gun permanently is the challenge.

Taran Tactical provides gun enthusiasts with the ability to fit extra rounds into their gun. In addition, it helps to add some weight to their mag to help empty magazines drop without issue. They use high-quality aluminum and special CNC technology to create these extensions. 

Aluminum in manufacturing facility

The company provides no shortage of options when you buy firearms, from different pistol models to three different rifles. And they’ve gone far to make sure that shooters can use these extensions with stock pistol springs, in some cases. Let’s look now at some guidelines and rules that allow the company to run so smoothly. 

Store Terms for Online Shopping with TTI

When you agree to the online store’s Terms of Service, you are agreeing that you are the legal age to purchase these products where you live. Or that you’re at least the age of majority where you live. And that you also have given the company consent to allow your dependents to shop on TTI.

You cannot use any Taran Tactical products for unauthorized or illegal purposes. You also may not violate any laws in your state, including copyright laws and others. Users on the site must not transmit destructive code, viruses, or worms. Anyone who violates these rules and terms will have their services terminated at once. 

General TTI Conditions

Taran Tactical has the right to refuse their services to anyone at their discretion and at any time. By shopping online with them, you must understand that your information (besides credit card info) might be transferred unencrypted.

In addition, it may involve various network transmissions. It might also be changed to adapt to and conform with technical requirements of related devices or connected networks. Your credit card information will always be encrypted when there is a transfer between networks.

You must agree not to exploit, sell, copy, duplicate, or reproduce anything on the website. This includes contact information, use of services, or more, without explicit permission by the company. When you’re reading information about TTI on their website, keep in mind that it’s only for informational purposes and may not be current. 

Stay Up to Date

Before making any permanent decisions to buy firearms, consult more complete, accurate, or timely information sources. The company warns shoppers to believe information on their site at their own risk.

They have the right to change or modify that information whenever they wish to. And the shopper agrees that it’s their responsibility to keep up to date with these changes.

A written agreement with pen near the "SIGNATURE" line

Prices, Services, and Products

Taran Tactical Innovations reserves the right to change their prices without any notification.

They can discontinue or modify serves, contents, or parts of services any time. They are not liable to third parties or individual buyers for price changes, discontinuations, or modifications to their services. Certain services or products by Taran Tactical might only be available on the Internet.

These services or products might be available only in limited supply and can only be exchanged or returned in alignment with their Return Policy. The Shipping and Returns page on the Taran Tactical website goes into detail about this.

The company makes every effort to correctly display their products as they appear in real life. However, some computer monitors may show them differently.

They have a right to limit their Services or products to any jurisdiction, geographic area, or person. And they can make choices about this by each individual case. The company reserves the right to change product pricing or descriptions and to limit product quantities at any time. They can also discontinue products whenever they need to do so.

Key Takeaways for Taran Tactical:

  • Provide weapons and accessories for competitive and tactical shoters
  • Provide world-renowned magazine extensions

Anderson Arms

Anderson Arms offers the only rifle on earth that doesn’t have to be lubricated. This is possible due to their treatment of their rifles.

Anderson Arms homepage

The company uses RF85 as a permanent treatment. This technology infuses the metal’s molecular fabric with calcium. Once this is in the metal, it stays there and reduces friction up to 85 percent. Under pressure and heat, these particles extend to form a barrier around the metal that gets rid of the need for extra lubrication.

Another benefit to this treatment is that the rifle runs for longer and cleaner without a film of oil on the metal, which catches particles of carbon. In an ordinary lubricated weapon, explosive carbon byproducts are trapped by the lubrication.

Then, when the typical heated conditions occur in weapons, this lubrication becomes tar, baking into a mass and fouling the gun’s chamber. This can lead to very dangerous weapon failure after you buy firearms.

A firearm by Anderson Arms under the company logo

Image via 

Anderson Manufacturing uses this technology for the following reasons:

  • It creates far less friction in the rifle
  • It leads to faster action (up to 23 percent faster)
  • You never have to oil your weapon
  • It easily cleans up with just water and soap 

This RF85 compound has been proven to be effective in manufacturing, racing and automotive, and even the medical industry. 

More about Anderson Manufacturing

Anderson Manufacturing has been in business for over three decades, helping people buy firearms. Along with the highest quality manufacturing controls, Anderson Rifles stands out for another reason: the fact that their AM15 rifles don’t need lubrication, as mentioned earlier.

These weapon systems operate amazingly without using any wet lubricants. The company had a test performed for coefficient friction, done by the Oak Ridge National lab. They found that the friction was reduced on the steel surfaces tested by 85 percent, which is why the rifle was named RF85.

A weapon treated with RF85 not only cycles reliably and much faster, but also operates at a cooler temperature. It also doesn’t experience as much wear and without the lubricants typically used on firearms, it won’t experience as many failures because of carbon fouling and excess dirt.

Anderson Manufacturing has been providing high-quality AR rifles, rifle parts, and receivers to their customers for many years. Created with the best quality control and the newest technology, the business designs top-notch gun parts that are built to last.

Key Takeaways for Anderson Arms:

  • Offers the only rifle in the world that doesn't have to be lubricated
  • Renowned for offering some of the highest-quality AR rifles, receivers, and rifle parts on the market


Charter Arms

Charter Arms is a company based in America that manufactures revolvers.

Charter Arms

The original business produced revolvers in the following calibers: .44 Special, .38 Special, and .357 Magnum. They also made .327 Federal Magnum, .32 H&R Magnum, .32 Long, .22 Winchester Magnum, and the .22 Long Rifle. Their most well-known revolvers were the .38 Special Bulldog Pug and the .44 Special Bulldog.

New England’s Gun-Making Tradition

New England has a tradition of making guns. This tradition stretches back many years. The norm was changed in 1964 when Douglas Mclenahan, a young firearm designer, founded the company Charter Arms.

Charter Arms revolver with bullets next to it

Previously employed by Colt, Sturm Ruger, and High Standard, McClenahan had an ambitious dream. His goal was to create reliable, high-quality handguns at affordable prices. He made this vision a reality when he introduced “The Undercover,” a five-shot, .38 special revolver.

Weighing in at 16 ounces, this gun had the smallest amount of moving parts and was the lightest, smallest revolver with a steel frame. It was fit with a hammer block system that was unique and gave shooters protection against accidental firing.

This gun’s affordable price, light weight, and quality impressed firearm enthusiasts and law enforcement officials. It eventually became the foundation of the company’s success. Then came a line of reliable, affordable firearms by Charter Arms.

To this day, their success has continued and the company is now run by the Eckers. This professional craftsman family has kept up its high standards, great customer service, and amazing contributions to the firearm manufacturing industry.

Doug McClenehan was a firearm designer who owned a number of prominent gun businesses in America. He used his strong inventive and engineering background to found Charter Arms. David Ecker and McClenehan were friends for their entire lives, then became 50/50 partners in 1967.

Benefits to Choosing a Charter Gun

Revolvers by Charter Arms were created by experienced engineers who wanted to bring an entirely new design to handguns. At the same time, they managed to achieve this without straying too far from firearm tradition.

Charter firearms are the lightest, smallest one-piece frame guns and are stronger than designs with screwed-on side plates. They have the fewest moving critical parts, lending to the simplicity and trouble-free design of the gun.

All of Charter Arms’ barrels come with better accuracy and a flatter trajectory. They are crafted with eight groves for better velocity, instead of six.

The hammer system can’t fire as it's completely blocked, unless you hold the trigger in the full rear position. This makes it one of the safest designed revolvers on earth. Actually, the company invented the transfer bar hammer block safety system that most revolver designers now use.

Charter Arms firearm with a white background

American-Made Quality

Their revolver comes with the fastest lock time and the shortest hammer throw, along with a wide trigger. Their cylinders lock in not two but three places. There are ejector rod collars and cylinder stops for extra safety, lock-up, and strength.

They are the only manufacturer in the US that features no stud that holds the firearm cylinder when it’s open. The company is 100 percent U.S.-owned, with 100 percent American parts, and 100 percent American made overall.

Charter Arms also gives you options in selection of ammunition. When you use a revolver by Charter Arms, you have nearly any dangerous situation covered with a single-cylinder load.

The majority of threats happen within 10 feet, so you will need a reliable response for your own safety. Firearms by this company will offer you affordable, reliable, and rugged protection for these situations.

The New Charter Arms

In the 1990s, Charter Arms went bankrupt. The design was then resurrected by the Ecker family after that.

This new business moved the business to Connecticut, capitalizing on the Charter Arms name and fame. They based a brand new weapon line on the older, basic design by Charter Arms.

The company has improved a few details, like using a front sight and one-piece barrel. The new models that use these one-piece barrels now have eight grooves rather than six. This allows for improved accuracy and a higher velocity while shooting.

Charter Arms has a few well-known and loved revolvers. The .44 Special Bulldog is one of these. It’s a wheel gun that first appeared in 1973, designed as a big-bore piece that is possible to conceal.

It didn’t take long for this gun to become very popular. Similar to the Undercover model, though definitely fancier, this model had a tapered, 3-inch barrel, big checkered grips in walnut finish, and a 5-shot cylinder.

Buyers could choose between nickel or polished blue for the finish. This gun came along and got popular around the time that the Dirty Harry craze hit.

Dirty Harry graffiti

Because of this, many cops that were allowed to were carrying similar revolvers as both off-duty and backup guns. The ‘70s also brought the Charter Arms Pathfinder revolver.

Similar to the Undercover, this gun had a small frame base. At first, it came with a tapered 3-inch barrel, but had an adjustable rear sight unlike the previously mentioned revolvers.

Presently Available Charter Arms Models

These days, 13 Charter Arms models exist for revolvers. These include the Off Duty, On Duty, Police Undercover, Mag Pug, Southpaw, and more. And there are around 75 variations or versions within the available lines.

Most Charter Arms designs these days have gun barrels that add a bit of weight in the front via shrouded ejector rods. This improves balance, provides protection for the ejector rod, and more. The present-day Charter Arms barrels also come with a rib on the top and most have big rubber combat grips.

These grips are made from black neoprene, featuring checkered panels and finger grooves. All revolvers made by Charter Arms have interchangeable factory-made grips and a grip frame that is universal. It’s possible to have a Laser-grip installed, but you have to order these separately.

Colored Alloy Frames

One major change in the lineup of Charter Arms came in ’07 when the Pink Lady was introduced by the company. They had perfected the method for anodizing their alloy frames and are now able to offer many colors.

Charter Arms has stainless steel colored barrels, leopard print, gold, red, and more. Some models come with cylinders, barrels, and frames in stainless metal, while Lite versions might only have stainless cylinders, cranes, and barrels.

The Rimless Revolver

Charter Arms then introduced another new revolver called the Rimless Revolver. This firearm could both load and fire cartridges without rims, like the .45 ACP, the .40 Smith and Wesson, and the 9mm without any moon clips necessary.

At first, this revolver was going to be shipped by the company early in the release year. But Charter Arms delayed this because of patent problems.

Form that says "Patent Application"

Charter Arms is a manufacturer that has based their solid reputation on professionalism and great products. They have good customer service, stick with traditional methods, and are trusted because of this.

These revolvers are thought of by customers in relation to personal protection. This is because of their unmatched accuracy, reliability, and overall strength.

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Key Takeaways for Charter Arms:

  • An American-based company that manufactures high-quality revolvers
  • Charter's revolvers are lighter, more accurate, and safer their their competitors
  • Charter's revolvers are often regarded as the ideal gun for personal protection

Daytona Tactical

Daytona Tactical is located in Holly Hill, Florida, but also give customers a chance to buy firearms online.

daytona tactical

They specialize in parts for AR15s but also carry components for related products. They offer 80 percent jig kits and lowers with great quality and ship on time.

Although some may not consider them premium quality, their products have no issues and are straight to the point. Also, customers love their pricing and cheap upgrades.

Daytona Tactical places heavy emphasis on not only fast shipping but great customer service. They ship most of their orders within just a few business days. The only exceptions to this are if the item has to be specially ordered or if they mention other reasons for delayed shipping on their FAQ.

Customers may let customer service know if they can’t find what they want to buy on the site. The company will then make efforts to get it for them.

You can visit the Daytona Tactical warehouse to buy the items you want. To do that, make sure you email them your order first so they can collect the items.

If you have any concerns or questions for Daytona Tactical, they encourage you to get in touch with them. If you don’t get them on the phone, just leave a message for them. You may email them at or call to speak with a customer service representative.

Daytona Tactical and FFL

Rules are rules when you buy firearms. But if you want to build your own personal firearm to use, do you need FFL?

In this case, you don’t need FFL. This is because you’re building the product for your own use. Due to the 1968 Gun Control Act, this is legal. The Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Bureau covers this in their FAQ section.

Closeup of "FAQ" typed by a typewriter

 All who are interested in building their own guns should be well-versed in the rules around the activity. A personal firearm that you built yourself isn’t required to go through a FFL (Federal Firearms Dealer). But a finished gun would be.

Due to these details and regulations, it’s not difficult to buy the necessary parts for hobbyists and home gunsmiths. However, you need to make sure you are following these laws so you don’t get into any trouble:

  1. Make sure you are legally allowed to own your gun in the area you live in
  2. Ensure you’re building this gun for personal uses and don’t let anyone else use it 

Mark the Gun

You should always mark the firearm in a way that makes it recognizable. That way, if it gets stolen or lost somehow, you can report it because there’s a method for identification. Read up on the state and local laws for this in your area.

Consult an Experienced Gunsmith

Your barrel, rifle kit, or barrel kit should only be assembled by an experienced gunsmith.

The gunsmith should also headspace the barrel first before you use it. This is important because using an incorrectly assembled kit may lead to serious damages or injuries. In addition, using modified or incorrect parts may lead to injuries or even death.

Have all of the products you ordered checked before assembly by a professional gunsmith. This helps to protect you from malfunctions or personal injury.

When Shopping with Daytona Tactical…

If you choose to buy firearms with this company, there are some things you should keep in mind. While other firearm manufacturing businesses might offer returns, all Daytona Tactical sales are non-returnable and final when they are Elite Aluminum items.

If you do return an item to get a refund, the total will get refunded except for the shipping cost.

Man in camo holding a firearm closeup

And you must pay a 10 percent fee for Restocking and Handling. Daytona Tactical ships to California, not including 20 or 30 round magazines. Because of the frequency of orders, Daytona Tactical is often backed up for up to five days from the time you place your order to be shipped out.

If, for some reason, your order goes past this, get in touch with their customer service department via email or phone. And keep in mind that the company is open Monday through Friday, which also applies to their shipping hours.

The 9mm Rifle Kit by Daytona Tactical

It can be hard to predict what will be popular in the firearms market from month to month or year to year. But the popularity of PCC (pistol caliber carbines) doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon.

This includes AKs in 9mm, the SIG MPX, the Scorpion Evo, and more. The market continues to grow in pistol caliber short-barreled rifles, ordinary rifle lengths, and of course the 9mm rifle.

Many people are skeptical about Daytona Tactical at first because they aren’t as heard of. In addition, the prices are extremely low and their website looks comparatively outdated. But getting in touch with their customer service will quickly show you that they’re still running.

Quick Delivery

Delivering a rifle kit from Daytona Tactical usually involves a quick delivery. The order will be well-packaged and you can start assembly very soon after.

Since the lower is multi-caliber and PSA, you’ll need a magazine well conversion block. Fortunately, the company includes this in the rifle kit; the Pro Mag block. These can have really good reviews or bad ones from buyers, so some may be worried that this is the weak point of the kit.

Well, the kit isn’t anything fancy when it comes to the lower parts, which are all mil-spec. The upper is a 1:10 twist 16-inch barrel and the weapon itself has a well-done finish and fit. The weapon is light and offers a comfortable grip.

The trigger is also quite standard as it’s mil-spec. There is a functional trigger. But nothing extraordinary and can be compared with a stock standard AR.

It has some grit and stacking and breaks near five pounds or so. Overall, if you’re looking for something standard and decent quality, it's great. And if low price is your number one priority, this could be a perfect choice. 

How can You Get Started with Shooting?

If you’re interested in getting into competitive shooting, you'll need to start by passing a background check. After passing your background check, you need to know how to find and buy firearms. Here are some elements to keep in mind when selecting one:

-Revolvers: Revolvers are fun to use in competitions and they look great. But only people with experience under their belt should buy firearms in this category. Beginners should stick to semi-automatics instead, with a removable mag. These are intuitive, easy to clean, and easy to fire.

-Durability: If you want to compete in many competitions, think about durability when you buy firearms. You want something that will last and stay strong over time.

-Safety: This should go without saying, but safety is top priority when it comes to shooting, competitive or not. You can get involved with the Civilian Marksmanship Program in your area if you want to learn more about that. This is a program that offers safety training, competitions for shooting, and more for people of all ages.

Key Takeaways for Daytona Tactical:

  • Daytona Tactical is located in Florida, but also provides an online purchase option
  • Pride themselves on fast shipping and excellent customer service
  • Provide a less-lenient return policy than many of the other gun stores listed above
  • A less known brand than many of their counterparts, but offer quality firearms at a low price



All gun owners should take pride in their guns and take them seriously. This applies regardless of the age of the firearm owner or what they're using their gun for.

Guns are useful for many different reasons. They can provide you with protection, but also fun and practicality. However, fun doesn't mean that safety goes out the window.

Every time you use a gun, you must be careful and follow certain protocol to keep yourself and others safe. Make sure you’re good and ready before stepping out onto the range and before you even buy firearms.

Now that you know of the best places in the U.S. to buy firearms, you’re ready to go get one! Thanks for reading and happy shooting.

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