Best Archery Target – 2017 Reviews & Ratings

In today’s post, we’re on a mission to find the best archery target available in 2017. Whether you are a bow hunter or practice archery for sport, you will require a target for practice. It’s imperative to develop your accuracy through regular training, so this piece of equipment is a definite must have.

However, buying one won’t be easy as there are so many of them on the market today. The selection of archery target styles and types is so wide that it can puzzle even an experienced archer. To choose the perfect one, you will need to consider the bow setup and some other factors.

We will explain the differences between the main types of targets to make it easier for you to understand. We also offer a review of the top rated products on the market and highlight the pros and cons of each.

The information we provide in this article was gathered through market research and studying dozens of reviews from both satisfied and dissatisfied customers who used various targets and offered their opinions on the quality of the equipment.

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How to Choose the Best Archery Target

There are many options available on the market today, and we recommend you consider the following factors:


It’s the most important quality for an archery target of any kind. This is an item that will be pierced with arrows dozens of times, so it must be sturdy enough to last for a while. Otherwise, you will lose a fortune in replacements.

However, this piece of equipment must not be too sturdy, because, in this case, your arrows won’t be able to pierce it at all. The material’s density must be comparable to that of real flesh that you are going after.


Ad this is practice equipment, it should come in high-contrast colors that are clearly visible from far away. At least, this is what matters most at the beginning of your training.

Weather resistance.

As you shouldn’t worry about lugging the target back home every time after practice, the piece should be weather resistant. This particular feature is directly tied to durability, and it affects the overall quality of the equipment greatly. Look for the products made with the use of the highest quality materials and didn’t forget to secure the piece carefully as nothing will protect it from being blown away by the wind.


You need to understand the types currently available on the market and the differences between them. There are three major types you will need to consider:

Foam layer blocks.

This is the most common and efficient type of targets you can find today as it serves well to both professionals and beginners. This piece of equipment can last through several seasons if you take good care of it. These blocks are durable, efficient, and affordable.


This is the oldest and most common type of archery targets. They offer the easiest arrow removal and can take a hit from the meanest bow easily. The drawbacks of this type of equipment include extreme weight and low weather resistance.

3D practice models.

These are usually made of foam and come in various shapes. They are designed to resemble animals, so you can choose the one you plan on hunting. These are great training tools for professionals and avid bow hunters. 3D practice targets can be marked or unmarked.

In the former case, they can be covered with various scoring patterns. If you plan to purchase this type of equipment, look for the piece with replaceable core as it’s more cost efficient in the long run.

Top 3 Archery Targets

Youth Block GenZ by Field Logic

Field Logic Youth Block GenZ

Field Logic Youth Block GenZ

The GenZ is one of the most popular targets on the market today. It was designed by professionals and works well for archers of all proficiency levels. The block is intended for bows of 40 lbs. draw weight max. If you are into bigger weapons, you should look for a different type of equipment as this one will not be able to take the abuse for long.

Field Logic is a leader on this market for a reason. The unique layered technology used by this company is a thing of legend, and there is no doubt that it allows for the most durable and efficient archery targets.

Despite its relatively small size, the GenZ is extremely durable so that it will be a wise investment on your part. Note that the equipment will perform equally well and won’t get too damaged regardless of the type of arrow you choose.

The high contrast design improves visibility and makes it a perfect target for practice. Beginners can focus on the big spot in the center, but those who are more proficient can develop their accuracy aiming for smaller spots.

The only negative we managed to discover during our research is that the target might tip over if you hit high. However, this only gives you more of an initiative to practice accuracy.

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Classic 18 by Field Logic

FIELD LOGIC Classic 18

FIELD LOGIC Classic 18

The second place in our top belongs to another excellent target from Field Logic. The Classic 18 block is durable, compact, lightweight, and features a high contrast design that makes aiming easy.

The biggest advantage of this particular piece of equipment is easy arrow removal, which is essential for these products as you damage the piece more while tearing the arrow out of it. In this case, the removal will be easy regardless of the tip you use.

The only complaints we managed to find revolve around the fact that you can shoot only at two sides of the piece (front and back) as the rest is covered with plywood.

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Double Duty 400 FPS by Morell

Morrell Double Duty 400 FPS

Morrell Double Duty 400 FPS

This archery target offers everything you can expect from quality equipment of this type. It’s durable, allows for easy arrow removal, and can stop speeds up to 400 FPS. Its main advantage is its extreme durability. The piece is waterproof, so you can easily leave it outside in any weather.

One complaint is that this piece doesn’t hold up to broad heads very well. However, it can last trough several seasons with careful handling.

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Finding the best archery target might be a challenge as it’s difficult to choose from the wide range of products available. To make a decision you won’t regret you’ll need to choose the type first. There are 3D models, bags, and blocks to consider and each type has its pros and cons.

After conducting a thorough research of the market, we came to the conclusion that the highest rated target available today is the GenZ from Field Logic. It’s durable, affordable, and allows for easy arrow removal. The unique layered technology makes for a piece of equipment that will last for years and can serve equally well for bows and crossbows.

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