Signs & Treatment For Dehydration

If you are not drinking enough water, you are probably dehydrated. It is not always easy to tell if you are suffering from dehydration because some of the signs and symptoms tend to happen later as the problem gets worse. However, there are plenty of early signs to look out for if you have some concerns about not getting enough fluids.

Signs of Dehydration You Need to Pay Attention To

get some fluids in your systemWhen you start feeling thirsty, your body is telling you that you need to get some fluids in your system. Make sure to grab something to drink right away. Do not bother buying soda and other sugary beverages because they could cause the problem to get even worse. It is best for you to stick with water. Although feeling thirsty is one common sign, there are several others. Your mouth may feel quite dry, and you may start to feel dizzy. If you are getting dizzy, the best solution is to have a seat and drink a cold glass of water. You should start to feel better after you finish your beverage, but it is best to continue sitting down for several minutes instead of getting right back up.

Feeling crank and hardly urinating are potential signs of dehydration too. You can put two and two together by figuring out the last time you had something to drink. And, if you realize you have gone without drinking anything at all for an extended period, it is time to grab a cup or bottle of water.

How to Treat Dehydration

You know you are dehydrated, but you want to change that quickly to avoid suffering from any serious medical problems. If possible, stop what you are doing at the moment and grab a glass of water. If you are jogging outdoors or even working in an area where you are sweating profusely, it is easier to become dehydrated.

Make sure to take a break and get something to drink to avoid fainting. Carrying a reusable water bottle around with you is a good idea. You will always have something to drink by your side, especially if you are feeling dizzy or your mouth is beginning to get dry. You can constantly fill it back up so that you never have to go without it.

Although drinking water is crucial for hydration, there are a few different foods that will help with this process too. Consider adding cucumbers, watermelon and even celery to your meals. Because the fruits and vegetables contain a high percentage of water, they help to hydrate the body too. If you are having a hard time drinking as much water as you need to each day because of the lack of flavor, you can even benefit from adding several pieces of fruit to your bottle. Some people like to add a handful of blueberries, cucumber slices and even mint leaves to the drink to drastically improve its flavor and make it more enjoyable.

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