Rural, off-grid living can be a dream come true
Rural, off-grid living can be a dream come true

While living off the land is not a new concept, it has become significantly popular over the past few years. Each year more and more people are becoming sick of their debts and way of a modern, materialistic lifestyle. Humans need to make changes. Our planet is suffering and we won’t be able to continue this way of life much longer, which leads more people to the prepper lifestyle. Living a self-sufficient life will prepare you to be ready to provide and protect your family regardless of what happens. Not to mention, it helps our planet at the same time.  

Self-sufficient living

Living off the grid can mean different things for different people. For some it means a primitive lifestyle and sticking it to “The Man”. Cutting all ties from technology and separating oneself from the oppressive system of modern society. It means saying goodbye to materialism, greed, corruption and debt slavery. Not many people think this way but there are people that do.

Other people living off grid view it as a necessity. Off grid life prepares you to be ready for any emergency situation, natural disaster, or financial collapse. Not needing to depend on anyone. For most, living off the grid means producing more resources that they can use and thus reducing their consumption rates. Sustainable living is about finding balance. Using what you need from the earth and replenishing it. Creating your own electricity, growing your own food and providing your own water. Over all it means living green and creating a life that is made for you, by you. This may sound like a dream come true for you, but it is not as easy as it sounds.

Financing the lifestyle

There are a few steps that need to be made before you can consider yourself off-grid. First of all, you’re going to need some money. The same way it takes money to make money, it takes money to save money. You’ll need anywhere from $50K to $100K to get yourself started with a nice piece of land, and a another $50K to $100K for your home, including all of your natural energy sources. It may sound like a lot all at once, but the average home in your suburb probably costs around $250K. Invest in yourself and invest in your family by purchasing land that can be self-sustainable. Once you have everything set up, money will become a luxury item, because you won’t need it anymore. You will grow your own food, have your own electricity and your own water system. The man can’t touch you anymore.

Enjoying the lifestyle

Living off the grid doesn’t have to be primitive and pioneer like. People can still work off grid if they want to, and many do. Life becomes less stressful because money isn’t a necessity of survival any long. It is more about having the choice to make money doing something you love. When you are in control of your life, you are granted endless opportunities to create an income however you see fit. Not having to be tied down to a specific schedule is every artist’s dream. Whether you’re into wood work, painting, sculpture, writing, the off grid lifestyle gives you the time and freedom you need. And thanks to the internet, you can sell your products online, right from your cabin.

Garden vegetables are nutritious and delicious
Garden vegetables are nutritious and delicious

The popularity of self-sustainable living has grown significantly over the years and self-sustainable communities’ might be the new suburb of the future. The off grid communities provide their own electricity, access to fresh water and food and composting of all waste.  These villages might be a great place to start for those looking to start their independent life but still want a community environment. You still have to purchase the cabin or a piece of land to build on, but you won’t be completely by yourself out there.

These communities engage in trades, some have bars, and others have little libraries. They really are in their own world. Just off the coast of Vancouver you will find Lasqueti Island, a completely off grid community. They have about 400 members in their community and a free store. Yes, a store where you can go grab what you need completely free of cost. It runs off of donations, people giving what they no longer need so they can take what they do. This is the way we should be functioning in the world.


The idea of self-sustainable living sounds amazing to many of us, but aren’t ready to take that big leap. That is okay. There is no reason you can’t start making changes to prepare yourself right in your home. Living off the land is less about sticking your finger up at the man and more about being able to depend on yourself and protect your family no matter what disaster might strike. This is something we can all start doing today.

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