Best Casio G-Shock Military Watch 2017


Looking for the best Casio G-Shock available in 2017? After hours of research & reading ALL the manuals, I know you’ll find the perfect watch that fits YOUR needs. If you are confused about all the G-Shock models, I’ve distilled all the information into this concise guide.

If you’re in a hurry, check out the G-Shock Men’s GWN-1000E – it’s my personal favorite because of the incredible atomic time function.

Note: A military watch doesn’t just mean a 24-hour dial. If you’re looking for a “military-style” G-Shock watch, then we recommend you read our military watch buyer’s guide. Without further ado, here are my top 8 picks!

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About Casio G-Shock Military Watch

GShock is as a brand synonymous with durability and toughness. Known for its resilience, each piece embraces many more additional  characteristics. The other fundamental components of a G-Shock timepiece include resistance to electric shock, gravity, low temperature, vibration, water, and shock. This means that this ruggedized watch can handle hard impacts (thanks to internal components protected with urethane and suspended timekeeping modules in the way that it is structured) and inclement weather without issue. Additional benefits with this brand can include LED light with afterglow, 4 daily alarms, an hourly time signal, 1/1000 second stopwatch, countdown timer, and 48-city world time with 29 time zones.

The G-Shock Reviews

Men’s GWN-1000E (My Top Pick)

image of G-Shock Men's GWN-1000EThe G-Shock Men’s GWN-1000E is the type of watch that has been designed to offer a variety of outdoor activities such as deep sea diving. This analog watch is large and is even larger than the Rolex Submariner. Yet it is extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Atomic Time Function

This is one of the top features related to the G-Shock Men’s GWN-1000E. It has been suggested that once you take advantage of this function you will wonder why you didn’t get it before. This is especially true if you are one of those people who are fanatical about the time.

Works Well Under Water

This watch operates well under water, so is a great choice if you take part in outdoor activities involving water, such as diving. The solar powered feature also lets you turn your watch towards the sun in colder weather. The watch may be prone to condensation underneath the glass, but this will typically clear up as soon as you go inside.

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Features And Specifications

  • The case is shock-resistant while the face of the watch features hardened mineral-glass
  • The watch offers 29 time zones in 48 cities and UTC
  • You can alternate the time between world time and city time
  • You can choose the daylight saving option by either selecting ON or OFF
  • Offers both a 24 hour or 12 hour format
  • Has a auto-calendar up to the year 2099
  • The watch features a digital compass
  • Comes with triple-sensor capabilities that can be used for altitude, atmospheric pressure and direction
  • The Temperature Hands indicate compass bearing and atmospheric pressure
  • You can use this watch to a depth of 200M in water
  • Comes with an automatic LED light along with an afterglow
  • Offers you the option to choose up to 5 alarms daily along with 1 snooze alarm
  • The watch runs on solar power

What Customers Are Saying

Even though the watch is advertised as white, the color is more of a dove matte gray. It is comfortable and lightweight and one of the main features is the atomic-time function that ensures you are always able to know the precise time.

The majority of the customer reviews on this watch are positive. However, a few customers mentioned that they hoped for a longer lasting and brighter lumen. In addition, some say that the backlight function is somewhat weak, but overall the various feature packed functions seem to override these minor issues.

Over and above the negative as well as positive reviews on the G-Shock Men’s GWN-1000E the watch is feature-packed, comfortable and stylish. In addition you never have to worry about replacing the battery or wind up the watch as it runs on solar power.

Based on all the information about this men’s watch I would not hesitate to purchase this fantastic product.

This is an outstanding watch that offers you all the features you will ever need. In addition, it is comfortable to wear and functions great as a navigator. All the other features such as the compass, water resistance, sensors and alarms all perform outstanding functions.

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G-Shock GA110-1B Military Series (Black)

image of G-Shock GA110-1B Military Series Watch


  • Afterglow LED
  • Antimagnetic
  • Shock resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Adjustable Band

What We Love

The adjustable band has “teeth” which keeps it from slipping. It offers all the features that you would expect to find in a Casio G-Shock.

It does not offer things like, “phases of the moon.” It does make up for it with its big rugged look.

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G-Shock Men’s G100-1BV

image-of-casio-mens-g-shock-classic-analog-digital-watchThe Casio G-Shock G100-1BV is a classic shockproof watch. It makes for the perfect watch for anyone who lives for the outdoors. As well as being shock resistant, it’s up to 200 meters water resistant and magnetic resistant. These features make it ideal for diving and long outdoor excursions alike.

The G-Shock G100-1BV also features a stopwatch and auto-calendar, as well as a backlight with afterglow, so you can use it in any lighting.

It’s a watch that will stand the test of time; it has a battery life of roughly three years. Coupled with the brilliant durability of the watch, you can almost guarantee you won’t have to buy another watch, at least for a long time.

It’s minimal black design and coloring means it can blend in to a casual or formal dress as well as its intended use of outdoor or under water activities.

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What Are Customers Saying?

Customers who have purchased this watch love the ruggedness and durability of it. The battery life is a major bonus for many users as well. Many were surprised at the battering this watch can take; whether dropped from a rock face or deep into the water, it always comes out ticking. It is easy to see why G-Shock technology is extensively used by the military, police and other armed forces.

Some customers did have a con or two about this watch. One customer noted that the backlighting isn’t great and that they struggled to read the watch at night. It is important, as with any light, to keep it switched off until needed. By leaving the backlight on during sunlight hours, you will diminish the power of the light rendering it useless when you need it.

Others noted that the watch was a little bulky. This may be true but it is also to be expected when buying a highly durable watch. G-Shock watches are made for action and collisions, meaning they need to be dense and padded to sustain shocks and pressure.

Overall, customers were more than happy with this brilliant watch. The quality of the product ensures that it is a real investment and something that won’t need replacing shortly after you buy it. It’s a quality and very good value. Whether spear fishing or scaling cliff faces, you can be assured that your G-Shock G100-1BV will be functioning with you all the way.

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G-Shock Men’s DW9052-1V

image-of-g-shock-dw9052-1v-mens-black-resin-sport-watchThe G-Shock DW9052-1V is a fine watch for anyone who frequents the great outdoors, the deep blue and the highest of peaks. As a watch made for the outdoors, it’s highly durable.

This watch is perfect for long excursions into the wilderness, where you might be scaling rock faces or swimming through rivers. It’s useful for the dark as well, as it comes with a backlight for darkness. Sometimes we need to be rougher and throw our arms about, which would shatter a lesser watch, but the G-Shock series of watches are shock resistant, so you don’t need to worry about it.

Perhaps the standout feature of this watch is that it is 200 meters water resistant, making it ideal for diving or spearfishing. Even if you were to drop it from your boat, you would probably be able to source it and find it still works. It is suited to professional marine diving, as well as serious water sports, such as surfing, sailing and jet skiing.

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What Are Customers Saying?

Customers who had purchased this watch were really satisfied with the durability of this watch. Many were surprised at the amount of battering it could sustain. This is primarily down to the expertly designed exterior casing of the watch. They were also amazed by the water pressure it can sustain. Frequent snorkelers often purchase this watch as it suits the depths at which they might be diving. The shock resistant shell also allows for divers to knock it off rocks as they dive for exotic sea life.

Some customers had complaints about the water resistance of the watch; scuba divers will reach much greater depths than other divers. Continued pressure through regular scuba diving is bound to add excessive pressure to the watch, damaging it over time. As durable as this watch is, continued pressure of 200 meters and more will shorten the lifespan of this otherwise brilliant watch. To preserve the already lengthy lifespan of this watch, you shouldn’t continually dive to great depths with it.

Overall, this is a really great and durable watch. Customers are generally impressed with the value and quality of this product. The lifespan it offers suggests you won’t need to purchase a new watch for many years to come.

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Casio G-Shock DW5600E-1V

image-of-casio-mens-g-shock-classic-digital-watchThe Casio G-Shock DW5600E-1V is a durable and reliable watch with a classic, retro look. Many durable watches are extremely bulky and uncomfortable, but the G-Shock DW5600E-1V is small and elegant, while retaining its sturdiness.

It has a thin shock resistant exterior, meaning it is both comfortable on your wrist, and also capable of withstanding knocks against hard surfaces. What’s also really useful about this watch s that it’s up to 200 meters water resistant. This makes it useful for someone who snorkels or swims a lot. The stopwatch means you can record your times if preparing for a competitive swim. It also allows you to time yourself if training your lungs for deeper dives.

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What Are Customers Saying?

Customers who have purchased this watch loved the elegant sizing of it, which makes it ideal for casual use, as well as the durability of such a small watch. The backlighting of the clock face allows you to easily see the watch face at night, which was also a major plus for many customers. Customers who serve in the army noted how the watch was reliable throughout their training, which would involve crawling through mud, swimming through rivers, and climbing rock faces.

Some customers had complaints about the comfort of the watch, claiming it didn’t sit well on their wrist. For this reason, it’s a good idea to try a watch on before you make any purchases. All watches are different and some may not sit onto your wrist the way you would like. Likewise, all wrists are different, and so this watch simply won’t be right for everybody. All the customers loved the look of this watch, and only a few were disappointed to find it wasn’t comfortable on their wrist.

Overall, it has all the aesthetics of a retro Casio but the durability of a bigger shock resistant watch. It’s a reliable watch that will stand the test of time, so you won’t need to purchase another for many years to come. The quality of this watch is outstanding, which is just one reason that customers come back to it time and time again.

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Casio Men’s GA100-1A1 (Quartz)

image-of-casio-mens-ga100-1a1-quartzThe Casio Men’s GA100-1A1 is an expertly constructed watch for use in the great outdoors. It has ample features and quality, making it the complete watch for anyone who partakes in extensive camping trips or snorkeling excursions.

The simple coloring and design of this watch makes it understated and stylish, as well as highly functioning. The durable outer shell of the watch allow it to withstand heavy shocks when you take off into the wilderness. It’s an ideal watch for those who don’t want to worry about their watch until they need it.

In the meantime, you can live life to the full. It’s also water resistant for up to 200 meters, making it ideal for those who like to explore oceans, rivers and lakes. It has numerous other features, such as a stopwatch, calendar and alar, making it the complete watch. The LED light and afterglow makes it really useful for camping trips, as you can still use it in the dark, unlike many other watches.

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What Are Customers Saying?

Customers love the durability of this watch. Many were surprised by the quality of the shock resistant outer shell. This means it will last you a lifetime, no matter what kind of lifestyle you’re leading. Most were really happy with the outstanding performance against the elements that this watch provides.

Whether trekking through snow, camping under the stars or navigating through forestry, whatever the climate, this watch will withstand. Many were also delighted by the design and the stylish look of this watch, despite its rugged look.

There were some minor complaints from other customers however. As most people loved the look of this watch, they were disappointed at the price range. However, this is a watch for rugged use, and the design may be aesthetically pleasing, but its primary function is for the outdoors and durability.

The work that goes into making this watch so ideal for its function is the reason behind the slightly higher price tag. It’s a watch adopted by the military for its many notable functions and its durability. If you’re looking for a watch that looks good for a cheap price, look elsewhere. This is a watch for the great outdoors, not the streets.

Overall customers loved this watch. It’s strong and reliable. It looks great too, but that’s not the reason people buy this watch. It’s a trusted brand that will stand up to the elements, wherever you are.

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G-Shock DW6900-1V Men’s Black Resin Sport Watch

image-of-g-shock-dw6900-1v-mens-black-resin-sport-watchThe Casio G-Shock DW6900-1V is the height of sophistication when it comes to durable, reliable watches, which so often lack any kind of class in favor of sturdiness and ruggedness. It takes the vintage, understated look and coats it in a durable protective outer layer, meaning you can take this watch out on your excursions and not have to worry about ruining to great look, which compliments your casual attire when you’re not hiking, climbing or swimming.

It has a tough exterior made from ABS plastic. This makes the watch totally shock resistant. It’s also water resistant up to 200 meters, making it an ideal watch for divers and snorkelers, as well as habitual swimmers. The EL backlight with afterglow makes the watch visible in darkness, so it can be a useful tool to have on camping excursions in the great outdoors.

The multifunctional alarm and stopwatch make for useful additional features. These are great to have if you are training for a competition or keeping up with your general exercise and the progress you’re making. It can display either 24 hour or 12 hour clocks, and the battery will last a staggering 2 years.

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What Are Customers Saying?

Customers have purchased this watch loved the simplicity or the design. Many watches of this caliber will be overloaded with features, many of which are useless to most users. This is a little frustrating for some, but thankfully the G-Shock Classic has a minimalist design, which compliments the classic look of this watch.

Others were really impressed by the durability of this watch. Whether trudging through mud, swimming in rivers or being cracked off of rock faces, the G-Shock DW6900-1V will withstand all kinds of impact and pressure. The long battery life was also a massive delight for many, as it means that, because of the durability, you probably won’t need to alter this watch one iota for a number of years after putting it on for the first time.

Some customers, naturally, did have their grievances. Some customers found it difficult to read the time, claiming the numbers were too small. This is a common problem with all watches, and so customers should be advised to check for these sorts of things before purchasing.

Anyone with diminishing eyesight will struggle to make sense of a digital watch. Others claimed that the backlight was ineffective after a number of months. These same customers left the backlight on throughout the day, and so naturally it began to lose a lot of its strength. So make sure to use backlights only when necessary, such as the nighttime.

Overall, customers love the Casio G-Shock DW6900-1V for its minimalist, classic style, complemented excellently by the quality construction of this watch.

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Casio Men’s G7900A-4 Rescue

image-of-casio-mens-g7900a-4-rescueThe Casio G7900A-4 Rescue is the all-action wristwatch for men. It has many features for all kinds of situations, as well as being strong, rugged and above all else, reliable. This outdoors watch is expertly designed to combine durability and style in one great watch.

The standout feature of the G7900A-4 Rescue is the moon and tide graphs. These are particularly useful for people who enjoy a life on the water. Surfers, sailors and fishermen alike will all benefit hugely from this feature. As with all G-Shock watches, it’s shock-resistant and waterproof up to 200 meters. It also has a low temperature LCD automatic EL backlight, which will be useful on long camping trips or general use at nighttime.

The watch is made from highly durable Japanese quartz and gives a 24 or 12 hour display. The 50 mm resin case with a mineral dial window makes this a really sturdy watch with a screen that won’t shatter like many others.

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What Are Customers Saying?

Customers are delighted by the moon and tide graph displays on this watch. It is quite a unique feature, and a highly useful one, that many have noted as the standout feature of this watch. What’s more is that this feature actually works well. It is something that many watch manufacturers might claim but fail to deliver on.

The G-Shock G7900A-4 Rescue really delivers a great feature in these graphs. Naturally, as with any G-Shock watch, customers loved the durability and reliability of this watch. It is a reason that customers remain loyal to Casio G-Shock watches. As an investment, you simply won’t need to replace them prematurely. Lastly, many customers noted the comfort of this watch. Despite its bulk and size, it sits very comfortably on most wrists.

Some, though very few, did have their grievances. One customer noted that the dividers between the clock and the graphs were raised, obscuring some of the clock faces. However, they did note that this was by no means a deal breaker, as it was an issue easily overcome with the tilting of the watch face. Some also noted that it is a chunky watch, and so it may not be suitable for all customers. This is something that everyone should acknowledge when buying a watch.

Overall, customers had almost exclusively good things to say about this watch. The design and durability make it one of Casio’s finest offering, and the reviews from customers really back that up.

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G-Shock Rangeman Master Of G Series Stylish Watch

image of G-Shock Rangeman Master Of G SeriesThis watch is a favorite among military members, shooting enthusiasts and outdoor enthusiasts. The size is right, the fit is ideal and the watch performs as it should.


  • Solar battery
  • Barometer
  • Direction Readings
  • Triple Shock Resistant Sensor
  • Military inspired color
  • Water resistant to 600 feet
  • Auto Led Backlight

What We Love

The design of this watch makes it super easy to use. The cylindrical buttons are easy to handle. The metal cover over the sensor ensures that dirt and grime stay clear of the sensor.

The auto backlight is a cool feature. Just tilt your wrist and the backlight comes on. Great feature when your hands are full, and you need to check on things. We also love the solar battery. It keeps time at about +/- 15 seconds per month.

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Casio Men’s GA100SD-8A “G-Shock Military”

image of Casio Men's GA100SD-8A G-Shock Military Watch

It is comfortable, lightweight and has a great appearance.


  • Auto back light
  • World time for 48 cities
  • Digital/Analog display
  • Water resistant to 660 feet
  • Four daily alarms
  • Solar battery

What We Love

We love the size. It is a large sized watch with a big face, but it fits comfortably on most wrist sizes. The double buckle closure is also a nice feature because it stays put.

It’s rugged, looks great and is appropriate for a host of activities from diving, skydiving, shooting, hiking and everyday wear.

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Casio G-Shock Buyer’s Guide

History and Origin

The Casio G-Shock watch was first created in 1983. The main goals were to achieve a 10-year battery life, withstand a 10-meter drop onto a hard surface, and be water resistant to 100 meters (10 bar).

The watch was a revolutionary idea at a time when watches were considered delicate and fragile. The G-Shock essentially created a new category, the rugged sports watch. The name G-Shock is short for Gravitational Shock, and Casio is very serious about the shock protection of the watches. The company created a series of 10 layers for maximum shock absorption to protect the inner workings of the watch.

The designers went through more than 200 prototypes while developing the watch. The watches were tested for toughness by dropping them from rooftops and high windows. The G-Shock line is still going strong 30 plus years later, with a wide variety of models designed to meet the demanding needs of many different intended uses. Later in this article, I will discuss the best G-Shock watches for various purposes.

Design & Structure

Casio G-Shock watches are some of the best-protected watches on the market. The protection starts with the unique case design. The bezel is designed to protect the case and buttons from hitting a flat surface when the watch is dropped from any angle.

Urethane resin in the G-Shock’s band turns it into a shock absorber. The hardness of the resin is carefully designed to resist shocks while keeping the band comfortable to wear. Some G-Shock models have metal bands that are designed to be scratch resistant. The bands are structured to protect against shocks while maintaining their flexibility, with a range of movement of 150 degrees.

The G-Shock is designed with a hollow structure to further protect it from shocks. The watch mechanism essentially floats in the air within the case as a result. The hollow design keeps the size of the case from getting too large. The watches are crafted with shock-resistant features throughout the design. The bezel encloses the watch in all directions to protect the face and buttons.

The cushioning material protects the inner workings of the G-Shock, such as the crystal oscillator. This reduces the effects of impacts that could otherwise cause distortions and contact failures.

High-Tech Features

The G-Shock has a rechargeable solar battery, which stores energy from light absorbed by the watch, even fluorescent lighting. No matter where you are, indoors or out, the watch is always charging unless the environment is completely dark.

I love not having to worry about batteries. If the built-in battery ever runs out of juice, I can quickly get the watch going with a few minutes of light exposure. Tired of having to reset your watch? The G-Shock has a built-in radio receiver which picks up signals from the atomic clock in Colorado. It uses that data to adjust the time automatically for you, even as you move around the country.

If you’re traveling overseas, the G-Shock’s Multiband 6 technology can access time signals from stations in Europe and Asia, so you’re covered almost anywhere you go. When the colony on the moon opens, the G-Shock will probably be able to adjust itself for lunar time, too.

Triple Sensor Technology

The G-Shock is much more than a timepiece. Its Triple Sensor feature gives you a temperature sensor and a barometer, which displays your elevation or altitude and lets you play amateur weatherperson.

The third sensor is a digital compass, which can come in handy when you’re hiking, boating, or otherwise exploring the great outdoors. Even if you have a GPS device with you, it’s reassuring to have a compass on your wrist.

Triple G Resistance

The Casio G-Shock is famous for its Triple G Resistance. The first element of that is the shock resistance that gives the watch its name. The case and bezel are specially shaped to protect the watch if it is dropped from any direction. The band works as a shock absorber.

Vibration resistance is the second aspect of Triple G. This feature protects the watch movement and helps keep your hand stable when you are experiencing strong vibrations.

The third piece of Triple G is gravity resistance. The watch can withstand 15 Gs of force, more than the human body can. This means the G-Shock is very rugged and will still work fine in extreme situations such as air racing.

Tough Movement and GPS

The Casio G-Shock is known for its Tough Movement technology, which includes the Multiband 6 and solar power technologies I mentioned above, plus auto hand home position correction and hybrid mount. The first of those helps correct the placement of watch hands in the presence of impact or strong magnetic fields. The hybrid mount is Casio’s term for the shock resistant design.
Some G-Shock models offer GPS technology. This detects your current location and figures out which time zone you’re in.

The G-Shock can even determine whether Daylight Saving Time is in effect where you are and adjust the watch accordingly. I love a watch that updates itself as I travel

Best G-Shock Models

Now that I’ve described some of the many features available with Casio G-Shock watches, I will discuss some specific models. All G-Shocks are rugged and versatile. Let’s talk about which ones are the best choices for various purposes.


Image of GWN-1000 GulfmasterThe best Casio G-Shock for boating is the GWN-1000 Gulfmaster series. The solar-powered watch is specially designed for being out on the sea. The battery lasts an incredible six months on a full charge, with no light exposure. The watch includes Multiband atomic timekeeping, so you don’t have to worry about setting it, regardless of where you sail. The watch is programmed with 29 time zones, including adjustments for Daylight Saving Time.

The Gulfmaster has a large analog face that’s easy to read even with water on it. The watch is available in several colors, including black, gray, and yellow. Besides the analog indicators for the time, barometer, tide, moon, and compass, you get a digital display of the date and day of the week.

The calendar is programmed through the year 2099. A full auto dual LED backlight with afterglow makes the watch easy to read even after dark or on the cloudiest day.

With the Gulfmaster you get the Triple Sensor feature to help navigate and monitor the weather, particularly barometric changes that signal coming weather events, as well as the temperature data and compass you’d expect. The barometer has an audible alarm to signal major changes in air pressure.

Boaters will like the tide graph, which shows the tide level for the specific date and time. There’s also a graph displaying the current phase of the moon. When you’re back on land or in the air, the altimeter is accurate to within 5 feet from -2300 to 32,800 feet above sea level. The Casio GWN-1000 Gulfmaster watch is water resistant to 200 meters and low-temperature resistant down to 14 degrees Fahrenheit, which is well below where I want to be out on the water.

Of course, the watch also includes Casio’s famous Tough Movement and shock resistance. The ruggedness and richness of features make the GWN-1000 Gulfmaster the best Casio G-Shock for boating.

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Image of GWF-1000 FrogmanThe GWF-1000 Frogman is the best Casio G-Shock for diving. Not only is it water resistant to 200 meters, but it’s also ISO 6425-compliant to 200 meters. That makes it a true diver’s watch, great for professional divers and those who dive deep.

The Frogman has the same tide graph and moon phase information as the Gulfmaster, plus some features designed for divers. An ISO 200M WR dive timer is included, which measures your dive time in 1-second increments up to 24 hours and surface time in 1-minute increments for 48 hours. The watch remembers one set of dive time data. The Frogman includes all the famous G-Shock features you’d expect, such as shock resistance. Tough Solar Power means you won’t have to worry about batteries. A fully-charged battery lasts eight months without light exposure.

You can go wherever you want without having to set the time on the Frogman, thanks to Multiband atomic timekeeping. It tracks time zones around the world and accounts for Daylight Saving Time.

The Frogman features a stainless steel case and bezel plus a black resin band. The face has an easy-to-read digital display showing the time, date, and day of the week as the default mode. You can switch the mode to see other features like the stopwatch, which measures elapsed time, split time, and first and second place times.

The main display also shows tide and moon phase information. There is a full auto dual LED backlight with afterglow for when you’re underwater or in low-light conditions. With its G-Shock durability and feature set, especially the ISO certification to 200 meters and diving-specific functions, the GWF-1000 Frogman is the best Casio G-Shock for diving.

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Image for GW-M5610-1Our Emergency Medical Technicians do a heroic job. Let’s look at Casio’s product line to find the best G-Shock watch for EMTs. The GW-M5610-1 is my top pick for category. It has a slim form factor, so it won’t get in the way when answering the call of duty.

This watch has an auto light feature which turns on the backlight when you turn the watch toward yourself. That means if you’re in the dark or a low-light environment, you don’t need to use your other hand to activate the light. Just make the same movement you would to check the time, and the light will turn itself on. (This feature can be turned off if not needed.)

Another handy feature of the G-Shock GW-M5610-1 for EMTs is dual time data, useful when checking a person’s vital signs. Built-in Multiband atomic timekeeping means you don’t have to worry about setting the watch, regardless of where you go. The watch is programmed with 29 world time zones, including Daylight Saving Time compensation.

Casio’s Tough Solar Power technology keeps this watch running up to 10 months on a full charge. Charging the watch is a simple matter of exposing the watch to natural or artificial light, so most of the time it is charging itself as you go.

The GW-M5610-1 leaves out some advanced features (like Triple Sensor) to reduce the size and price of the watch. Let’s face it, EMT work doesn’t pay as well as it should, so the lower cost of this model puts it in the budget range of more people. The watch still has the rugged design you want and is water resistant to 200 meters, so it performs well in bad weather.

The slim design, auto light, and lower price, combined with the durability the G-Shock line is known for, make the Casio GW-M5610-1 the go-to option for EMT workers and paramedics.

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Outdoors (Hiking & Hunting)

Image of GW-9400 RangemanAll watches in the Casio G-Shock line are suitable for outdoor use. Let’s look at the GW-9400 Rangeman, my top choice for outdoors, hiking and hunting.

The Rangeman includes Casio’s Triple Sensor technology, which gives you a compass, barometer/altimeter, and temperature gauge that all come in handy out in the wild. The altimeter works up to 32,800 feet whether you’re on land or in the air and remembers your high and low altitudes, as well as cumulative ascent or descent. The thermometer has a range of 14 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you like to keep track of your hikes, the watch has a bearing memory that records the date, time, compass bearing, temperature, and barometric pressure for up to 40 data points.

The Rangeman has built-in sunrise and sunset data for any specific date, very handy when you want to get out at first light or be aware of when the day ends. Like all G-Shocks, the Rangeman is shock resistant. It’s also mud resistant since the case and button are sealed to keep dust, dirt, and mud out of the watch. You won’t have to worry about getting it wet since it’s water resistant to 200 meters. The Rangeman has a digital face which shows the time, date, and day of the week. The watch is easy to read even after dark or on cloudy days, thanks to the full auto dual LED backlight with afterglow.

The Rangeman includes the Multiband atomic timekeeping system, so the time automatically adjusts itself wherever you go. The watch is programmed with 31 time zones, and it keeps track of Daylight Saving Time. The Tough Solar Power system in the GW-9400 Rangeman keeps this watch running up to 7 months on a full charge. When the sun is out, or you are indoors in artificial light, the watch charges itself.

All these features, along with the Casio G-Shock’s reputation for reliability and durability, even under extreme conditions, make the GW-9400 Rangeman the best G-Shock watch for outdoors, hiking, and hunting.

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Law Enforcement

Image of GW-2310FB-1Our law enforcement professionals have demanding needs in a watch. Let’s explore why the GW-2310FB-1 is the ultimate G-Shock watch for law enforcement.

A watch for an officer should be very accurate, lightweight, affordable, and look good when worn with a law enforcement uniform, most of which are black or another dark color. The GW-2310FB-1 has Casio’s Multiband atomic timekeeping technology, so the watch pretty much sets itself and adjusts as necessary for Daylight Saving Time. The watch is programmed with 41 world time zones.

The watch is all black, so it goes well with dark uniforms or almost anything an officer might wear. The auto light feature automatically turns on the backlight when you turn the watch toward yourself. That makes turning on the light hands-free, which comes in very handy in the field. (The auto light feature can be turned off if not needed.)

Casio’s Tough Solar Power technology keeps the GW-2310FB-1 going up to 10 months on a full battery charge. The built-in battery automatically charges itself whenever light hits the watch’s solar cells.

The GW-2310FB-1 omits some advanced features (such as Triple Sensor), which makes the watch slimmer and lower-priced. That puts it in the budget range of more people who need the accuracy and ruggedness without the extras. The watch still has the durable design you expect in a G-Shock, and it’s water resistant to 200 meters, so it works well in rain, snow, or other weather conditions an officer might face.

Because of its functional, no-frills design, accurate timekeeping, and reliability, the GW-2310FB-1 is my top pick for law enforcement.

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Image of Casio GD-350-8Members of the military have demanding requirements in a watch. Ruggedness is at the top of the list. All G-Shocks check that box, so let’s look at some other needs of our people in uniform.

The Casio GD-350-8 is my favorite G-Shock watch for military personnel. It was designed with military uses in mind. It looks tailor made for secret missions. Instead of alarms and other audible alerts, you can choose to have the watch vibrate. The GD-350-8 is black and conservative looking, so it complies with military dress codes and does not draw attention. It has a large face for high visibility.

You can view the watch’s countdown timer simultaneously with the current time display. The timer has a large, dedicated button, so it’s easy to find in a hurry. Military members need to be on time, so the GD-350-8 has five daily alarms, including a snooze alarm for off days.

The watch doesn’t have Casio’s solar power feature, but the battery lasts five years, longer than many people serve in the military. Leaving out solar cuts the price of the watch, as a bonus. The GD-350-8 is great for extreme weather conditions since it is water resistant to 200 meters. However, it does not have the barometer and other sensors that some of the more upscale G-Shocks do.

If you’re serving in the military or buying a watch for someone who is, the G-Shock GD-350-8 is a great choice. It has the made-for-action look, a simple yet rugged design, and it includes the essential features at an affordable price.

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Image of GPW-1000 GravitymasterCasio have G-Shock watches have many features that come in handy for aviation. Here is why I say the GPW-1000 Gravitymaster is the ultimate G-Shock watch for pilots. It’s loaded with features aviators will love. As a private pilot, I can personally vouch for this.

The Gravitymaster runs on Casio’s Tough Solar Power technology, so you don’t have to be concerned about batteries. When fully charged, the battery lasts seven months without exposure to light. This watch includes Triple G Resistance, protection against shock, vibrations, and gravity up to 15 Gs. It even has a carbon fiber insert band. It’s rugged enough for aerobatic flying.

The large analog face of the GPW-1000 features a beautiful dual time display, Neo-brite hands and markers, 24-hour subdial, and world time subdial. A LED light is included for reading the watch in the dark. The screen is made of sapphire crystal, making it even more rugged, durable, and scratch resistant than other watches.

The watch has a countdown timer and a 1/20 second chronograph, both of which have a range up to 24 hours. The full auto calendar is good to go until 2099. The built-in Multiband atomic timekeeping system means you don’t have to bother setting the watch, no matter where you go. Unlike most of the other models with Multiband, the Gravitymaster has GPS Hybrid Wave Ceptor, a system which combines GPS data with the atomic clock system for even more accurate timekeeping. The watch is programmed with 40 world time zones, including Daylight Saving Time adjustment.

The Gravitymaster is chock-full of features for pilots. It can handle the rigors of military and aerobatic flight, yet looks sharp and sophisticated enough to go nicely with your captain’s uniform.

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Image of Casio Men's GD110-1One of the first and most common uses for a sports watch is running. Let’s check out the Casio GD-110-1, which is my go-to choice for runners. It’s very light, just over 2.5 ounces.

Runners need accurate timing and the GD-110-1 does not disappoint. It can store data for 60 laps, including the date, split time, and lap time. It also has a 1/100-second 100-hour stopwatch, two multifunction alarms, and a snooze alarm.

The watch features a large LCD that is easy to read at a glance. For low-light conditions, there is an auto LED super illuminator backlight. Besides the current time, the display shows the date and day of the week, with a calendar programmed through the year 2099.

The GD-110-1 is water resistant to 200 meters, so it’s a good choice for triathletes as well as runners. The watch is not solar powered. However, the battery lasts a very long seven years. Runners don’t need many of the advanced features of some other G-Shock models.

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Image of GLX5600-1Casio has an entire series of G-Shock watches designed for surfing called G-LIDE. My top pick for surfing is the GLX-5600-1. I once had another brand of surfing watch, so I know that one of the most useful features for a surfer’s watch is tide information. You need to know when the tide is high or low, so this watch has a nice graph showing the tide’s movement over time. No need to find an Internet connection to check the tide schedule.

The GLX-5600-1 has Casio’s standard water resistance to 200 meters, making it suitable for surfing, swimming, and other water sports. Another handy feature for surfers is the moon phase display. This surfing watch has a digital display with time and date. The tide and moon data is displayed above the time. The watch is available in several colors, including a Hawaiian design to honor the birthplace of surfing.

The GLX-5600-1 has a countdown timer (1-second intervals from 1 minute to 24 hours) and a 1/100 second stopwatch that goes up to 24 hours and has elapsed time, split time, and first and second place times. The auto backlight with afterglow makes it easy to read those numbers in the dark. You also get three multi-function alarms, 1 of which has snooze.

The battery in this non-solar watch is expected to last seven years. Surfers don’t need some of the special features Casio puts in some of their other G-Shocks. This one has just what you need, tide info, accurate timing, a slim fit that won’t get in the way, and G-Shock’s trademark rugged and reliable design.

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Image of BG169G-4 Baby GMany of Casio’s G-Shock watches are men’s models. Let’s look at some ladies’ watches to help you choose the best G-Shock watch for women. Casio makes a line of G-Shocks especially for women called the Baby G series. These watches have a smaller form factor and still offer the toughness and durability that G-Shock is famous for.

A very attractive and surprisingly affordable option is the BG169G-4 Baby G. Casio calls its color pink champagne. It looks a lot like what some people call rose gold, a metallic pink that is sophisticated and feminine. This model is also available with a white (BG169G-7) or black (BG169G-1) band and the pink champagne face.

The watch has a digital display showing the time, date, and day of the week, including world time with 29 time zones. Easily read it in the dark with the backlight with afterglow. The BG169G-4 has five daily alarms and a 1/100-second 24-hour stopwatch. The countdown timer measures in 1-second increments up to 24 hours.

A unique feature of this model is its ability to store up to 25 contacts, including 8-character names and 12-digit phone numbers. The watch can also count down the days from today to a specified date in the future. The BG169G-4 has the shock resistance and 200-meter water resistance that people expect from a G-Shock. Battery life is a respectable three years. If you want a really pretty, affordable ladies’ watch with the G-Shock toughness, the BG169G-4 is an excellent watch for women.

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Image of GMAS110MP-7AA second nice women’s G-Shock watch in the S series is the GMAS110MP-7A. This one has a white design with a gray and pink face. It has that techno/industrial look with just the right touch of femininity. The GMAS110MP-7A has an analog display for the time with digital readouts for the date and day of the week. An auto LED backlight with afterglow means you’ll be able to read the time even in the dark.

This watch has five daily alarms, including snooze. There is a 1/1000-second, 100-hour stopwatch with elapsed time, split time, and lap time. The countdown timer moves in 1-second increments up to 24 hours. A unique feature of this one is a speed indicator which measures in units of your choice. With all those features, plus shock absorption and 200-meter water resistance, the Casio GMAS110MP-7A is another great candidate for women.

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Image of GMDS-6900F-1Our last women’s G-Shock watch is the GMD-S6900F-1. This model features a beautiful green floral pattern for women who want to look stylish while keeping the inherent toughness of a G-Shock watch.

This model has a digital display with the time, date, and day of the week. A backlight with afterglow makes the watch easy to read in the dark. The GMD-S6900F-1 includes three multifunction alarms. There is a stopwatch accurate to 1/100 of a second. The countdown timer measures in 1-second increments up to 100 hours. Like you would expect, this watch is water resistant to 200 meters.

The same watch is available in a mostly red floral pattern as model GMD-S6900F-4. If you want a tough watch that still looks feminine, the GMD-S6900F-1 and F-4 are great options.

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Image of MTG-G1000G-Shock watches are well suited for all types of sports and extreme conditions, but what if you want a nice luxury watch that is also rugged? This is important because there are many stories of people wearing fine watches in situations where they shouldn’t and ruining their watches. I think a watch should be able to look sharp and be tough at the same time, so let’s look at the all-analog MTG-G1000, which is the best luxury G-Shock watch.

The MTG-G1000 includes Triple G Resistance, which protects it from shock, vibrations, and gravitational forces up to 15 Gs. The face of this watch features some displays, all of them analog for that classic look of luxury. Besides the dual time display, you get the date, day of the week, 24-hour clock, and world time. The watch has a power saving feature which stops the hands when it is left in the dark. A LED light is included for reading the watch in the dark.

The watch display is protected by a screen made of sapphire crystal, which is stronger, harder, and more scratch resistant than the materials used in most watch screens. The case, bezel, and band are made of a composite of stainless steel and resin for quality and durability.

The G-Shock’s solar power feature keeps the watch running several months on a full charge without exposure to light. The built-in Multiband atomic timekeeping system keeps you from having to set the watch, no matter where you travel. Like the Gravitymaster, the MTG-G1000 is one of the few G-Shocks which has GPS Hybrid Wave Ceptor, the system which adds GPS data to the atomic clock information for more reliable timekeeping. The watch is programmed with 40 world time zones, including Daylight Saving Time adjustment.

When you want a sophisticated, elegant watch that is rugged enough to handle an active lifestyle, this model is hard to beat. That’s why the all-analog MTG-G1000 is the best luxury G-Shock watch.

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Image of Casio GST-S110D-1AAs you might imagine, the MTG-G1000 I covered in the previous section is one of the more expensive G-Shocks. What if you want something elegant at a lower price? Let’s look at the Casio GST-S110D-1A, the best dressy G-Shock watch.

This watch has a classy look and many of the same features as the MTG-G1000 at less than half the price. You still get the classic G-Shock ruggedness and water resistance to 200 meters.

The GST-S110D-1A features a 2-layer bezel with stainless steel on the outside and urethane on the inside. The band is stainless steel. The face has an analog display for the hour and minute, plus digital display of the hour, minute, second, date, and day of the week. A double LED light is included. A full auto LED with afterglow illuminates the watch face. A second full auto LED serves as a backlight.

G-Shock’s Tough Solar technology keeps this watch running up to 8 months on a fully- charged battery. The watch charges itself during normal use whenever its solar panel is exposed to light. The GST-S110D-1A has a 1/100-second 100-hour stopwatch and five daily alarms. The countdown timer measures in 1-second increments up to 100 minutes.

When you’re looking for an attractive watch that’s suitable for the office or a night on the town, yet durable enough for outdoor activities, the GST-S110D-1A is a great choice. I consider it to be the best dressy G-Shock watch.

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White Colored

Image of Casio GA-110GW-7ALooking for a stylish and rugged white watch? Look no further. The Casio GA-110GW-7A is the best white G-Shock watch.

The GA-110GW-7A has a white resin band and large bezel with a gray-trimmed black face. The face has an analog display for the time and a digital readout of the date and day of the week, as well as the timer functions.The watch is magnetic resistant. Its face is protected by mineral glass. The watch includes the standard G-Shock 200-meter water resistance. The watch is easy to read in the dark, thanks to the full auto LED with afterglow.

A 1/1000-second stopwatch goes up to 100 hours and shows elapsed time, split time, and lap time. The countdown timer works in 1-second increments up to 24 hours. The calendar is set through the year 2099. The GA-110GW-7A watch features five daily alarms and one snooze alarm. Stay on time as you travel with the built-in 29 world timezones. This non-solar watch offers a 2-year battery life.

When you want a handsome and affordable white watch that is tough enough for an active lifestyle, the Casio GA-110GW-7A sets the standard. I rank it as the best white G-Shock watch. There you have it, a rundown of the best G-Shock watches for you to consider, based on your lifestyle.

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