Buyer’s Guide – Military Watch Reviews 2017

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Hands down, the Mudmaster is the toughest watch to take out in the field

Looking for the best military watch that won’t let you down? You’re in the right place. I looked far & wide to find the best damn watches, then I checked them out.

If you’re in a hurry, the G-Shock GG-1000-1A5CR Mudmaster is my absolute favorite because it’s shock-resistant, mud-resistant, and even has a thermometer.

It’s important to know exactly what you want in your military watch before making a purchase, be it sports watches,  diving watches, or just aesthetically pleasing. Check out the chart below:

Comparison Chart

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Top Picks – Tactical Watch Reviews

Not every watch is going to appeal to every person. Some people will want altimeters; some will want dive meters. Some will want one that looks good, but isn’t durable, while others just want one that keeps good time and won’t break. If you are looking for a watch that just has great features, you don’t need to grab the most durable model on the market.

Here is a summary of the military and tactical watches that we have chosen to review. These are great when it comes to being able to resist getting damaged and providing rugged characteristics and great features.

  1. Casio Men’s GA100SD-8A “G-Shock Military” Watch: This Casio GShock model is pleasantly light considering it’s ability to withstand the elements. This tool has so much to offer, no wonder it’s so popular.
  2. Armitron Sport Men’s 408209BLK: A great product for durability but also sleek and stylish with a hint of sophistication. You can be sure that it won’t let you down when you have it on for your adventures and athletic activities.
  3. Casio Men’s GA110RG-1A: The copper dials, masculine look, and rugged durability make this a quality product with great style.
  4. Casio Men’s GW-9400-1CR “Master of G”: With lots of functions, this watch is great for whatever you’re doing. Durable and waterproof, with a sporty style, it’s a great piece for everyday wear.
  5. Night Vision INFANTRY Mens Military Army Sport: This ticker is not just great for night vision, but seeing in general is easy thanks to the anti-scratch glass, both analog and digital displays, and backlight.
  6. Casio Men’s PAG240-1CR “Pathfinder” Triple Sensor: Described as being easy to wear and having easy to learn functions, this watch also boasts a solar rechargeable battery.
  7. Casio Men’s PRW-3000-1ACR “Protrek”: Perfect for those who are looking for a scaled down style with a less chunky, rugged utilitarian look.
  8. G-Shock GG-1000-1A5CR Mudmaster: our pick for “best all-around” but requiring a slightly higher budget for the purchase.
  9. Suunto Core w/ Altimeter: If you’re not concerned about the price tag, this is a close tie for us as far as features offered and ability to withstand even a zombie apocalypse.
  10. G-Shock GA110-1B: The perfect watch for the value with features like shock resistance, 200M water resistance, anti-magnetic structure and stopwatch with speed indicator.
  11. Casio GA100-1A1 Black Resin: The subtle design  of this timepiece conveys a sense of luxury with its 51mm resin case matching resin band, and it’s waterproof up to 200 meters making it one of the best diving watches.

Casio Men’s GA100SD-8A “G-Shock Military” Watch

image of top rated tactical watch 2016

The Casio Men’s GA100SD-8A “G-Shock Military” has several displays, an array of useful features and a shock resistant design. It’s built with a quartz movement from Japan – so you know it’s going to be accurate – and has a crystal window for extra durability.

Other features include a speed indicator, 200m water resistance and four daily alarms. The GA100SD-8A even comes with a world time function that can be set to 49 different time zones. In short, the GA100SD-8A provides a stunning amount of features; great value here.

The GA100SD-8A is an extremely popular model. A few folks have mentioned that it’s surprisingly light for such a full-featured model, and that the numbers are easy to read in any situation.

A downside to the GA100SD-8A watches is that it doesn’t come with an easy-to-understand manual. This is a strange oversight from Casio – especially as the product has so many different options and settings. Fortunately, other buyers have stepped into the breach, and there are videos on YouTube describing how to use almost every feature in great depth.

Many others have reported that the product is whiter than it looks in pictures. This isn’t a major problem – the difference is marginal – but might be an issue if you’re looking for a less-noticeable product.

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Armitron Sport Men’s 408209BLK

image-of-armitron-sport-mens-408209blk-digital-watchThe Armitron Sport 408209BLK is an all action sports watch for the budget buyer. It has a sturdy exterior to match the pressure and shocks it will undoubtedly receive as you take it through the mud, across cliff faces and into rivers. The sleek and sophisticated design also means it will match more casual attire, so you won’t need an “outdoors” watch as well as an “indoors” watch.

Perhaps the standout feature of this watch is the black resin case with a polished top ring to create a durable outer shell for this watch. For anyone who doesn’t want to worry about the meticulous maintenance of their watch, this one will allow you to get on with your activities without compromising over the safety and well being of your watch.

The resin case comes in a cool gun-metal grey coloring, so it will match whatever attire you choose for the more formal events you might be frequenting. It also comes with an alarm, lap timer and military 24 hour clock face. This makes it a useful tool for athletes and excursionists alike. It’s also 100 meters water resistant, making it useful for light diving explorations or just keeping a track of your personal best in the pool as you train for that upcoming race.

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What Are Customers Saying?

Customers love the multiple features, such as the hour, day, month and year displays, the timers and the overall durability of the watch. They claim that it’s ideal for everyday use as well as more specific and demanding activities. It has been noted as a very simple watch to use, which is not something that all watches of this caliber can claim. The second time zone feature was also something that customers liked, particularly those who travel frequently between time zones for work or leisure.

There were one or two small complaints about this watch. Some noted that the strap was not long enough for larger wrists. You should check the sizing on a watch before you purchase it to avoid this problem, particularly if you have large wrists. However, you can always replace watch straps in favor of something more fitting too. Some found it difficult to navigate, in that certain functions were difficult to complete, such as setting the time. A small book of instructions is included, but user forums might offer further advice for those who still struggle.

Overall, customers found this to be a good value for money purchase. It offers all the basics needed for a durable outdoors watch at a price that won’t sting your palms too much.

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Casio Men’s GA110RG-1A


The Casio GA110RG-1A is a beautifully crafted watch made for its durability and style. It couples these two desirable characteristics beautifully to make a watch of true quality. This watch will stand up to the rugged tests of the great outdoors as well as complement a stylish dinner jacket when you’re not out foraging through the wilderness. Casio watches are renowned for their durability and style, and the GA110RG-1A is a fine example of what the Casio brand stands for.

The standout features of this watch are many and varied. Like a lot of Casio watches, it is shock resistant, making it really durable for those camping trips, where you don’t want to think about the safety of your watch, and want to know it is reliable for when you most need it. It has a black and copper tone dial so it is unaffected by magnetic forces.

It has an LED light, making it visible in darkness. The 51mm resin case ensures that this watch can be beaten relentlessly and still function perfectly. It is also 200 meters water resistant, making it useful for those going on marine explorations or doing some serious surface water sports.

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What Are Customers Saying?

Customers love the sturdiness and the look of this watch. It is masculine, but not over the top. The bulkiness of the exterior casing is complimented by the beautiful copper of the dials. The black of the shell looks brilliant against the copper colors beneath the glass. Many were delighted by how easy it was to use the additional features as well; often times, watches over complicate things with additional features, but Casio have become synonymous with simplicity. This watch, despite its many features, is very easy to use.

Some customers had minor complaints though. There was one call to change the copper dials to glow in the dark, but this would ultimately affect the overall look of the watch. Most noted the copper as a key point of the great look of this watch, and to change that would be to change one of the best features of the watch. Another customer asked that a light be added to the watch. However, this would undoubtedly make this a much bulkier watch, leading to some discomfort.

This is a really great watch that combines quality with style. You won’t find a better looking watch that can handle the great outdoors than the Casio GA110RG-1A.

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Casio Men’s GW-9400-1CR “Master of G” Stainless Steel Solar Watch

image of Casio Men's GW-9400-1CR Master of G

Casio has been making G-Shock digital watches for 25 years and they are built tough. People have reported wearing them while doing every kind of activity from mountain biking to whitewater rafting without them breaking. They are very durable and waterproof as well.

The GW-9400-1CR is a stylish and sporty watch, and buyers love how it looks on their wrists. It is a rugged type of watch with many functions, not a decorative gold timepiece, so it is perfect for everyday use- no matter what you do.

Scuba divers, fishermen and kayakers use this watch for timekeeping under and around water. It is water resistant for up to 660 feet / 200m. Some users, mostly professional divers, have complained about the extent of the water resistance. However, it is suitable for general recreational use around lakes and oceans and more than capable of shallow dives and snorkeling- just don’t expect to dive for the titanic!

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What Are Customers Saying?

Solar charging means that it is very rare for trouble with the battery running out of power. That’s important for the thousands of outdoors people who use the special functions of this watch. Occasionally there are complaints about having to calibrate the functions. There is a compass, barometer, sunrise/sunset time, an altitude meter and a thermometer. Calibration is an essential but minor annoyance. All devices with those great features need calibrating in order to get all the functions operating correctly. It is those functions that make this watch so popular with hunters, hikers, kayakers, as well as rangers, rescue crews and everyone who spends time in the great outdoors or travelling.

Although there are occasional complaints about the accuracy of the various instruments included not being perfect, for an all-in0one device it is fantastic. The Casio Men’s GW-9400-1CR Rangeman has a high level of quality, good enough for almost everyone. From cities and foreign countries to those going off the beaten track into the wilderness, it’s a great watch. The water resistance is good to 660 feet, which is plenty for everyone but professional divers. Those features, combines with its stylish looks and the number of fantastic features, this watch is a wonderful addition to any man’s kit.

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Night Vision INFANTRY Mens Military Army Sport

image of Night Vision INFANTRY Mens Military Army Sport Quartz Wrist Watch

The Night Vision INFANTRY is a durable tactical watch with a range of useful functions. One of the great things about the product is that it has both analog and digital displays, so you won’t have trouble seeing the exact time.

Other features include a date display, stopwatch and backlight. The glass also has anti-scratch properties – so you’ll never struggle to see the time through marked glass. The movement is made from dual-precision Japanese Quartz. This ensures that the watch is highly accurate and reliable.

The INFANTRY has received strong praise from buyers. One of the best aspects is its rugged appearance, as well as the fair price tag.

As you’d expect from its appearance, the INFANTRY is a heavy product. This is a double-edged sword – the heavy weight indicates genuine quality and durability, but also means that it might feel uncomfortable if you’re used to wearing a lighter watch.

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Casio Men’s PAG240-1CR “Pathfinder” Triple Sensor Multi-Function

image of Casio Men's PAG240-1CR "Pathfinder"


  • Solar rechargeable battery
  • Low-temperature resistant to 14f
  • Water resistant
  • 31-time zones with 48 cities
  • Altimeter with memory
  • Power saver function
  • Digital compass
  • Barometer/Thermometer

What Buyers Are Saying

It lives up to its hype according to most consumers. The size is equal to the bottom of a soda can, the weight is about 11 quarters stacked up. Most consumers found that the fit was perfect, and they did not feel that it was overly large or uncomfortable to wear. Many have mentioned that they like the timer. Overall, most folks are happy with all the features (and that they are easy to learn from the manual).

What We Love

We love that Casio made a watch that has all the best features and made it affordable for everyone. It is a great value; it looks great and it works well. It will serve anyone well that needs one that can stand up to extreme conditions where other models fail.

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Casio Men’s PRW-3000-1ACR “Protrek”

image of Casio Men's PRW-3000-1ACR ProtrekSpecs

  • Solar Powered
  • Multi-Band Atomic Timekeeping
  • Water resistant
  • Low temp resistant
  • Altimeter, barometer
  • Negative display
  • Sunrise/sunset display
  • Digital compass

What Buyers Are Saying

Most people that purchased this model had already owned a model from the Casio G-Shock series and were either replacing their old one or just adding to their collection.

Consumers were happy with their purchase of this product. The biggest selling points being the sleeker scaled down styling and the solar powered battery.

What We Love

Everything about it is just easier on the eye and easier to wear. It does not have that chunky, rugged utilitarian look, but it is very rugged, and the features are very useful.

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Tactical Watches – Buyer’s Guide

If you are using your it for hiking, being outdoors, running, or anything along those lines, then you need a durable one that can also keep you abreast of changing weather conditions. It is especially true if you are out of range with your smartphone.

The most important factor when searching for the best tactical watch is your budget. You need to decide what you want from it, and what features matter most for you.

Military watches for men have a wide price range. The cheapest start around $25 and go well over $5,000. Majority of them will likely be in the $75-$400 range.

Lastly, you will need to choose between an automatic or quartz. An automatic is one that winds itself. It is great because you don’t have to wind it, nor worry about forgetting. Automatic versions will wind themselves using your kinetic energy.

Quartz are great because they don’t need winding, and they can run for three to ten years on one battery. They typically are accurate to one minute a month.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the military or just spend a lot of time outside – if you need a watch you can rely on, a military watch is the best choice. Military watches prioritize function over style. That doesn’t mean they don’t look great – but they are built to be strong, easy to read and able to withstand the toughest conditions.

Military watches also need to be accurate. When knowing the exact time can be the difference between life and death, it’s vital that a watch is 100% reliable. For this reason, most military watches are made with highly accurate quartz movements.

It’s important to choose a watch that matches your requirements. If you just need to reliably know the time when in the field, a simple watch without advanced features is probably the best choice. More advanced products often have extra features such as barometers and temperature gauges. These can be expensive, so you need to be certain you’ll use them.

Considerations For Military Watches Under $200

Disclaimer: All the watches met our price criteria at the time of writing (or during our last edit). While we make update this article on a regular basis, we cannot promise all the watches reviewed below are currently priced under $200.

Finding a top rated military watch under $200 is no easy feat. There are plenty of solid ones out there; as a matter of fact there may be too many options out there for under $200.

It is frustrating when you try to narrow down the thousands of choices without having to spend months in the process just to get a decent military one. If you need one that can withstand some seriously bad conditions but you do not want to spend a small fortune (and believe it you can) there are some great choices.

The Differences

Whether you are a tactical fan or not some of the differences that you are considering may be subtle and may not initially catch your eye. The only difference is one has a solar battery, and one does not you may miss that fact. Most consumers just do not have the time to weed through the massive amounts of watches out there and pick up the subtle differences that make one better than the other.

Buying Considerations

  • Great features that you will use
  • Well made by a brand that is familiar
  • Finding the best value

We decided that reading reviews and doing a little investigation could easily isolate the top models under $200 that would me all the standards above. We embarked on the search keeping in mind that the subtle differences are what makes some stand above the rest.

Taking the center stage of the search was the price point but not at the cost of sacrificing features, quality or great value.

History of The Military Watch

It is believed to have earned its name thanks to a Germany military request for a soldier who was stationed in a guard tower. The story relates that the German soldier wanted to know what time it was, but was unable to pull out their pocket watch because both hands were busy operating a machine. There is another story that Kaiser Wilhelm I placed an order at a Berlin trade show, and the first watches were issued in the Boer War.

It began to gain steam during the First World War in a rudimentary form. They were small and kept in the pocket, with metal logs so that a fabric strap would hold them. There was no cover, crystal for most, but some had a metal cover. Soldiers would often cut out pieces of the cover so they could see the time without opening the cover.

As time went on, it became more advanced and more vital to military operations throughout the planet.

Features of A Military Watch

They come in many different styles, with many different features. Overall, majority of the options will be considered rugged watches.

The best ones are designed to be tough.

Some of these below features will be on one but not another.

casio g shock military watch

G-Shock’s kick ass!

1. Inverse LCD screen: The background of the screen is black, and the digits are a lighter color, so they don’t show up in the dark at certain angles.

2. Titanium casing: Cases are made to be light but durable, with titanium being the most common casing. The titanium ensures you’re getting the most durable model for your money.

3. Water resistant: Nearly all models are resistant to 100 metres of water. Adventure models are meant to be taken deep underwater.

4. Solar powered: Changing batteries in the field is not a good idea, which is why most are solar powered.

5. Depth meter: Divers often use military watches, and many feature dive meters, so the diver knows who deep they are. Once again, anything water related means you getting a rugged product; it’ll be durable under tough conditions.

6. 24-Hour format: Along with countdown timers and a flashing alarm mode, most will obviously run in the 24-hour format.

Other common features include a compass, barometric monitoring, an altimeter, storm alerts, temperature sensor and a tide phase prediction setting.

Types of Tactical Watches

How do you know which one is the best one for you? Again, this will come down to you and your budget. There are many different types of military watches including, but not limited to:

1. Field: Also called a general service watch. Ground units use this and it is designed to be cheap but durable. They are low-maintenance, but keep excellent time.

2. Navigator: Often used by pilots as well, these will have features with more accurate movements, an altimeter, chronograph and a highly legible dial for easily readability.

3. Dive: These are used by divers and as such, need to be easily read under water, feature a dive meter and be water resistant to a deep depth.


Tough situations require a watch you can rely on. When you urgently need to know the time, you can’t afford a weak or inaccurate watch. The best military watches provide the ultimate rugged durability and reliable performance. They are strong, clear and come with a range of useful features. Plus, they also look great!

Before you start searching for a military watch, make sure you know exactly which features you need. There is a range of features and settings available, including multiple alarms, compasses, altimeters, barometers, anti-reflective coating and even calendars. The best watch should meet all of your requirements – without exceeding your budget.

If you can’t decide which watch to buy, we recommend the Casio Men’s GA100SD-8A “G-Shock Military.” It provides outstanding value for money and has received excellent praise. Whether you’re looking for a clear and water-proof watch for scuba diving, or need a tough model for dangerous situations, the GA100SD-8A is a great choice.

While any one of these three will fit the bill nicely the Casio Men’s GW-9400-1CR “Master of G” Stainless Steel Solar is the best value. It offers state of the art features and it as a consumer favorite.

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