Best EDC Folding Knife (every day carry) 2017

In this article, we’re on a mission to find the best folding knife available in 2017. The right knife (check out our top tactical knives) can be your best friend. It is a great tool that comes in handy on many occasions. Many people need a great folding knife for work purposes.

Many people just like to have them on hand in case they need to use them for a task. Being prepared means you are ready for anything, and owning a top rated EDC folding knife will help.

There are hundreds of reasons why you would need one. There are some barriers which prevent people from buying one. In some places the length of the blade can take it from a tool that you keep handy to a violation of the law.

Comparison Chart

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Buying Considerations

In many places, a folding knife can only have a blade that is just so long, or it is considered a concealed weapon. This “fear” of choosing a blade that is too long and somehow being found out that you are carrying one with potential legal repercussions has prevented people from considering the purchase of this must have tool.


  • The overwhelming number of choices
  • Not sure how much to spend
  • Not sure about the blade length

We Whittled the Choices Down

What we did to come up with the best option was to do a little elimination. We looked at quality, overall positive reviews and cost. By choosing an EDC folding knife that would be affordable to most and using consumer reviews to guide us we were able to eliminate a large chunk of choices.

We like extras as well, so we are going to look at foldable knives that offer a little more bang for the buck than just a simple model. We want to find the best foldable knife that will offer you the best service and think that many times the best service comes from a tool that can multi-task.

The Blade Length

We did a little research and learned that in most places there are laws regulating blade length. We decided to consider EDC folding knives that had blades 4 inches or smaller. 4 inches is plenty of lengths to get most jobs done comfortably and keep you from having any issues with your friendly local police officer.

A word about expectations. They are also not very good personal protection equipment. They are tools and they will help you to get out of tight spots when you need this type of tool.

Top 3 – Best EDC Knife

Kershaw 155TI Cryo SpeedSafekershaw-155ti-cryo-speedsafe

The Kershaw 155TI Cryo SpeedSafe is a fantastic folding knife. Buyers say that it is perfect for everyday carry and is a very well designed knife. It’s actually designed in collaboration with renowned (but usually very expensive) knife maker Rick Hinderer. A lot of people complemented the deep carry pocket clip, which is adjustable four ways, keeping it comfortable and concealed in your pocket.

Some customers had problems with the knife going dull after regular use, but that is normally for any knife. As any chef or outdoorsman will tell you, the more a knife is used, the more it needs to be sharpened. If you’re using it that much you’re definitely getting your money’s worth. Everyone is happy with the price of this knife, and say that the blade opens quickly and easily.

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Alpha Tekalpha-tek

Alpha Tek has a great spring assisted knife. They claim it has lightning quick deployment and reviews tend to agree. Users love the bottle opener feature, which is a wonderful addition to an every day carry knife. The most common complaint about this knife is that some customers cut themselves due to its sharpness.  However, it is advertised as ‘Razor sharp ‘, so we don’t think this is a problem.

Every reviewer, whether negative or positive, all agreed that this knife is sharp, effective and overall one of the best knives they have owned for EDC. This knife looks beautiful, and has a very comfortable handle. People like the ease of use too. For its price and relatively unknown brand name, this is a great knife with fantastic reviews.

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TAC Force TF-723tac-force-tf-723

Probably the most sexy looking and multi-purpose assisted opening EDC knife we’ve seen is the TAC Force TF-723. There are  no complaints and only praise of the black, half-serrated blade, which is suitable for just about everything that might need cutting. Customers love the one handed, easy deployment of course, and a quality locking mechanism.

One superior feature of this knife is the built in seatbelt cutter and glass breaker, perfect for an emergency. The handle is made from aluminum so it is sturdy and durable. Many first responders, EMTs, firefighters and similar people have mentioned these fantastic features, but even your typical everyday person would find them useful. You never know when an emergency will occur. There are a few concerns about the pocket clip not fitting every pocket, but in general there is nothing but praise for this exceptional knife and its ease of carry.

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Grizzly Survival Tactical Pocket Knife

image of Grizzly Survival Tactical Pocket Knife


  • Aluminum and steel housing
  • Multi-tools
  • Serrated edge
  • 3-inch blade

What others have to say:

This is a bit more than an EDC folding knife. It has a mini flashlight, a glass breaking tool, a seat belt cutting tool and other tactical features.

What we love:

We love the size, which is about five inches closed, and about eight inches fully engaged. We love all the extra tools that are incorporated; it even has a fire starting stick. It’s a well designed knife, and the added tools are a real bonus.

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image of Kershaw Cryo Knife

Kershaw Cryo Knife


  • 2.25 blade length
  • 3.25 inches overall length
  • Pocket clip that works tip up or tip down
  • Speed safe operating system
  • Steel construction with titanium cover

What others have to say:

The overall length (when opened) is about 6 inches, which is the ideal size for most jobs. It may be the best folding blade within this budget range.

What we love:

We love the blade length and the shape. It feels good in your hand because it is not too lightweight, but it travels easily because it is not too heavy.

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BlizeTec Survival Knife

image of BlizeTec Survival Knife


  • 3.5-inch blade
  • Firestarter
  • Seat belt cutter
  • 5 inches long total length
  • Magnetic LED Light

What others have to say:

This is a five in one knife that is perfect for everyday carry. The extra tools make it a handy tool to have whether you are in the woods or at home. We like the high-quality tools.

What we loved:

We like the multi-tool features. We like that the blade is just the right length and that the tool is light; you do not feel like you are carrying something that is cumbersome, like some other foldable knives feel.

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An assisted opening knife - perfect for EDC

An assisted opening knife – perfect for EDC

EDC Assisted Open Knives

An assisted open knife is great for everyday carry (EDC). The assisted opening makes them suitable for random tasks such as cutting open packages, and they are also useful for emergency situations. However, there are lots of factors to consider when choosing an assisted open knife for EDC.

Hundreds of different models are available with varying characteristics, both advantageous and negative depending on your priorities. It can be difficult to choose which one is right for you, but our research will leave you informed and better able to make a decision clearer. Keep reading for our top picks of EDC assisted opening knives.


There can be a lot to consider when you are looking for an EDC knife with assisted opening, and it can be frustrating. How fast and reliable is the spring for opening? How useful is it for the kind of things that come up in day to day life? Equally important for many people is how effective and intimidating the knife is in the event of a self defense situation.

You need to ask yourself what kind of quality the knife is, the materials it is made from and how often do you plan to use it? Features should also be considered, as well as the type of blade. Some assisted opening knives include seatbelt cutters and window breakers, while others may be fully or partially serrated. For most consumers, the price is also very important. We’ve only considered the knives that are both safe to carry in your pocket or bag, and have good reviews.


Okay so maybe we went a little overboard and did not stay purely with just the “knife” feature. The bottom line is why pay for just a foldable blade or EDC when you can get a great tactical tool for the same money.

If you are not giving up any function or quality, it would stand to reason that a top rated folding kinfe will give you tremendous value. We think that the Grizzly Survival fits the bill nicely. It is a reliable EDC knife, and it offers you a nice set of tools as well. It is well made and is built to last.

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