Besides the fact that 5.11 Tactical has a reputation as the premier name in tactical gear, why should you trust them? Because they are reliable, durable, and trusted. The company started in 1992 with the production of their original 5.11 pants.

The FBI claimed these to be part of their official training uniform. Since then, the company has formed a lasting bond with law enforcement, first responders, and the military. These pants have also become a staple for those who lead a tactical lifestyle.

Their apparel lines range from fitness, law enforcement, military, EMS and fire. They also have an industrial category of clothing.

Tactical Backpacks

Most backpacks are durable and reliable. If you’re an outdoors man or woman, it’s a great option for organizing your essential gear. Or if you have any sort of job that requires a lot of gear, a tactical backpack might be a great option.

These bags are helpful if you want to avoid extra luggage fees or need to pack succinctly.

5.11 Tactical Backpack

Tactical Shirts

The details and functionality of these shirts are planned down to the buttons. Melamine buttons on some of the tactical shirts won’t burn, crack, or melt. Many of the shirts are also made with a material that resists the transmission of blood borne pathogens as well as other stains.

It’s a good idea to check the tags if you do order a shirt or garment. The variety of clothing materials means that there is a variety of suggested ways to wash them.

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Tactical Pants

The nice thing about 5.11’s pants is that there’s a wide price range. The more modest priced pants start at $40. You’ll pay more than that for a pair of Levi’s, so that’s not a bad starting price at all. This $40 pair, called the Fast-Tac Urban Pant, comes with a water-resistant finish and much more. 

All their pants are engineered to be tough, reliable, and made for the tactical lifestyle. Their pants, like the rest of the gear, are made to suit a wide range of customers, from police officers to construction workers.

511 tactical pants

Tactical Boots

This brand covers every option in their boot selection. There are low-top, black, leather boots, high-top boots, and nearly everything in between.  All boots are made with traction and agility in mind. To give you an idea of their lighter side, 5.11 starts with the Ranger shoe. It’s geared towards all-day use and comfort and looks more like a hiking shoe.

On the flip side, the Apex boot has a Vibram MegaGrip sole, reaches up to your low shin and is made of a waterproof, polish-able leather. It’s the boot that you want if you’re stranded in a flood or hiking in the wetlands.

511 tactical boot