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The Best 5.11 Shirts

5.11 shirts come in a wide variety of designs and styles for optimal performance, comfort, and reliability. Whether you are law enforcement, a member of the military, or simply a survival enthusiast, this brand has got you covered.

In this article, we will cover different styles of 5.11 shirts for a range of tasks and environments. You will find a couple of options suitable for concealed carry, some casual choices, and comfort in all five on our list. Here are the five best 5.11 shirts on the market today.

The Best 5.11 Shirts

  1. 5.11 #71049 Performance Polo Short Sleeve
  2. The 5.11 #71175 TacLite Pro Short Sleeve
  3. The 5.11 Tactical Men’s Covert Performance Shirt
  4. 5.11 Tactical #72002 Ripstop TDU Long Sleeve

5.11 #71049 Performance Polo Short Sleeve

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If you’re searching for a moisture-wicking shirt that offers high performance, the #71049 Performance Polo is a great choice.

Its polyester design and moisture management characteristics let you work at your maximum capacity while staying cool and comfortable. In addition, this polo is made from 5.11 Tactical’s SmartWeave fabric with wrinkle, rip, tear, and snag-resistance.

The shirt is practical, prevents sweaty discomfort, and also offers a neat, clean appearance to last you all day. Its left sleeve has dual pen pockets and there are mic loops at the chest and shoulders. Not only is it professional, but functional as well. 5.11 polo shirts are popular among first responders and law enforcement across the world for these reasons, and many others.

The 5.11 #71175 TacLite Pro Short Sleeve

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One of the most popular choices of 5.11 shirts, the TacLite Pro Short Sleeve is worn by emergency services, military, and police officers.

This shirt is made from poly/cotton rip-stop fabric. It also comes with Teflon treatment to prevent stains or damage from dirt or liquids, making it suitable for tough environments. There are hidden document pockets for storage at the chest with pen pockets on the sleeve.

This shirt can be worn in warm environments and will keep you cool due to its mesh panel ventilation system. The professional-looking shirt may be used in both off-duty and on-duty situations due to its versatile design. It’s durable, lightweight, and functional. The underarms are gusseted for extra mobility and the fabric is stain-resistant so it will stay looking fresh.

The 5.11 Tactical Men’s Covert Performance Shirt

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If you’re looking through 5.11 shirts to find a choice suitable for concealed carry, this Men’s Covert Performance option will serve you well.

It has a long cut for this purpose, along with a RAPID center snap front and concealment chest pocket for documents. The inside back yoke and document pockets are made from 100% polyester mesh. Whether you’re out in the field or hunkering down for home survival, it’s a good choice.

The shirt runs a bit big which helps offer even more coverage. It’s good for putting over your work uniform shirt and can even fit over body armor. For those who want to wear it as a regular shirt instead, it’s better to purchase a size below your normal size. This will ensure that it isn’t too loose on you.

5.11 Tactical #72002 Ripstop TDU Long Sleeve

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Another long-sleeve option on our list of 5.11 shirts, the #72002 RipStop TDU is made from 100% polyester. The Teflon treatment repels soil, stains, and liquids, while the Ripstop fabric design resists tears and scuffs. These extra touches ensure that your shirt will last much longer, even as you wear it again and again to work.

The TDU Long Sleeve by 5.11 Tactical has hidden document pockets for covert storage at the chest and double-reinforced elbows. You can place elbow pads into the slots at the elbows for extra protection on the job. And the document pockets are great for flashlights, cell phones, recorders, or other everyday carry items along with paperwork.

If you’re in need of a durable design, this tough tactical shirt will cover your bases and stand up to extreme stress at work. Regardless of the environment, you’re in, this nice-looking shirt will last and last. The buttons are made from tough melamine that won’t melt, crack, or burn. Like the previous shirt on our list, this one runs a bit larger as it’s meant to fit body armor underneath. Keep this in mind when you’re ordering.

How to Prevent Wrinkles in Your Clothes

How do you keep your clothes looking great? Certain fabrics wrinkle much easier than others. So if having smooth clothes that always look professional is very important to you, seek out the appropriate materials. Polyester, for example, wrinkles a lot less than cotton shirts. And some shirts are even made specifically to prevent wrinkles, like a few of the options on our list of 5.11 shirts. Here are some other useful tips for wrinkle prevention:

Wait Until Your Shirt is Dry: If you want to keep your shirts looking smooth and nice, make sure they are completely dry before you put them on. Fabric creases more easily when its warm or even slightly damp from the wash. If your tactical shirt just got out of the drier, hang it up and find another one to wear. Once your shirt has cooled down to room temperature and dried completely, you can wear it.

-Proper Ironing: You can minimize creases and wrinkles in your clothes by practicing proper ironing techniques. You can also take this a step further by checking the label on your shirt and using the correct temperature for the fabric.

-Consider Using Wrinkle Spray: If you do all of the above and still have a little trouble with wrinkles in your clothes, you can also try some anti-wrinkle spray. This can help keep your work shirts looking fresh and professional. Use this spray before you put the shirt on and it will keep it smooth for longer.

As with anything else, the better you care for your tactical shirts, the longer they will last and the better they will look. Take the extra time to keep your shirts wrinkle-free and you will maintain a much more professional, put-together look every day at work.

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