Hi everyone and welcome to The Tactical Guru. My name is Rick (that’s me jumping off a high cliff!). This website was created to help people make the right choice when it comes to anything tactical related. My brother was in the Navy and helps provide a unique insight to the needs of our service men.

As for me, I’m an outdoor man that always wants the highest quality tactical gear. You’ll notice the website reviews many products. We’ve spent countless hours reviewing all the products in hopes that you find the right stuff for your next adventure.

Making a buying decision can be confusing. But remember, you have a couple of guys that are dedicated to simplifying your life. If you don’t agree with any of the reviews, we encourage you leave a comment on the blog. We promise to do our best to respond as quickly as possible.


Laura got into the outdoors like most of us – on family trips and vacations. She loves camping and hiking, and is a little obsessed with gear.

So that’s a perfect combination for reviewing products and staying up-to-date with the latest trends. Lately, Laura has been really interested in solar gear of all kinds. It’s fun to have a way to charge your phone while you’re backpacking for a few days, not to be connected, but for the safety aspect and using the camera to record the trip.


Astrid is a constant traveler with a strong focus on outdoor activities. One of her goals is to visit 100 countries. She’s a hiker, rock climber, and backpacker.

And guess what…Astrid is a gear-addict just like all of us at The Tactical Guru. She has lots of “classic” gear from her parents – like remember the backpacks with external frames? She has one of those!


Angelica wants to be prepared. She’s all about survival and prepping in a smart way. It’s possible to maybe “go overboard” with prepping, like storing enough food in your cellar to live for five years, or is it?

Angelica tries to find the right balance between prepping and living a normal life, while living in a normal suburban neighborhood, like most of us.

If you ever have any questions for us, please drop us an email using our contact form.