Best Hunting Flashlights – Our Top Picks For 2017

In today’s post, our aim is to find the best hunting flashlight on the market for 2017. A flashlight should be a necessary part of your hunting equipment. In fact, everyone should have this device on hand at all times, as you never know when you might need it, and it definitely must be included in every emergency/survival kit.

There is a variety of high-quality flashlights available today, so finding the best one for hunting won’t be easy. This article will help you with this by providing detailed reviews of our top three rated hunting lights on the market. We will also explain which factors you should consider when shopping for this kind of device and why. Size, type of LED chip, material, and brightness are the most important considerations for a variety of reasons that we will explain further.

We studied hundreds of reviews and technical texts in order to understand the technology used in these devices and pick the most efficient and reliable ones. This enabled us to compile a list of top three hunting flashlights available today. We are confident that one of these devices will meet your needs perfectly.

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J5 Tactical



Vizeri LED



Vipertek VTS-195



Refun 600









Outlite 501B



Buyer’s Guide

In order to buy the best model, you need to understand what exactly makes this device “the best.” This will help you navigate the market and pick the devices that are truly good for hunting in particular.
The most important factors you should take into account when shopping for this kind of device are:

  • Durability.
    All hunting equipment must be able to withstand extreme levels of wear and tear. It must also be water and impact resistant. These are the features you should look at first when searching for the best hunting flashlight as there is no point in buying a device that will break down should you drop it while in pursuit of your prey.
  • Size.
    This device should easily fit into a pocket, or better yet come with a clip so you can attach it to your belt. In any case, it must be relatively small. Luckily, LED lights are tiny and produce extremely bright light, so the vast majority of LED torches are small.
  • Brightness.
    The maximum light output is measured in lumens, and you should look for models that offer over 100 lumens output as this level of brightness should be sufficient to navigate the wilderness if you are caught there after dark.
  • Batteries.
    The most important consideration battery-wise is for them to be rechargeable as this type of batteries is more reliable and definitely makes the device more cost-efficient. The exact size of the battery (AA, AAA, 18650, and rechargeable) isn’t particularly important. What you should look at is the material (Li-Ion batteries are the best) and capacity as you need to be sure that it will hold enough charge to provide you with light for extended periods of time in case of an emergency.
  • Function modes.
    A good LED torch should have several modes for increased convenience. The best models have a focusing lens that allows you to zoom in on an object in the distance or flood the area around you with light. Other common modes include SOS signal and high, medium, and low intensity of the beam.
  • Extra features.
    The best hunting gadgets have some handy extra features that can really make a difference in a dangerous situation. These characteristics vary greatly, from a built-in stun gun to solar batteries you can use to recharge the device.
  • Price.
    Money shouldn’t be the deciding factor, but the price of the device is important.

Top 3 – Hunting Flashlights Reviews

#1: J5 Tactical V1-PRO

J5 Tactical V1-PRO

It’s light, small, bright, and extremely durable (it’s also a great option for every day carry use). This model has been recognized as one of the best handheld flashlights for outdoor activities ever. It’s maximum output is 300 lumens, which is more than enough to provide you with a bright far-reaching beam of light or flood the area around you with clear light that will make navigating the terrain easy, even in the dead of night.

The device will run for hours, and it requires only a single AA battery as a power source. There is a zoom in/out feature available for focusing the beam on a faraway object and three basic modes (high/low/strobe). The V1-PRO is literally tough as nails, so dropping it down a rocky slope won’t deal any serious damage to the device.

J5 Tactical flashlights are used by the military, so the quality and durability of these devices are beyond reproach. This particular model is a great choice for every hunter.

Studying the reviews allowed us to find several complaints about the switch button that might fail after a few months of use. However, these complaints aren’t common, and the problem might be caused by incorrect use.

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#2: Vizeri VZ460

Vizeri LED Tactical

This LED torch from Vizeri is a hunter’s dream. Designed to withstand any trials of abuse and environment, this device is highly reliable and very bright. The Vizeri quality is a stuff of legend, so you can be sure that this piece of equipment won’t fail you in any emergency. The manufacturer is so sure of its product that it comes with a lifetime warranty.

It’s shock-resistant, waterproof, and comes with a diffuser that can turn the flashlight into a lantern. The zoom in/out feature allows you to focus the light beam on an object several hundred feet away.

There are five basic function modes for you to choose and the maximum output of 460 lumens. The best feature of this particular device is its flexibility regarding power options. You can choose between an 18650 battery or 3 AAAs. The device is completely corrosion-resistant as even the springs inside are gold plated. It can be submerged to the depth of 3 feet and still work perfectly well.

The only complaint about this flashlight that we managed to discover was about the difficulties of switching between modes. However, this is a matter of personal preference and doesn’t reflect on the quality of the device.

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This is a device for hunters who want to be prepared for everything because not only is it a flashlight but a stun gun as well. It’s a kind of device you should carry around all the time, not only when you go hunting as it’s always wise to have an effective self-defense tool in your pocket.

The VTS-195 is made from type III aircraft grade aluminum and offers 300-lumen max. output. The design allows the device sit comfortably in your hand and prevents it from rolling and slipping from a moist palm. The piece is equipped with an internal rechargeable battery.

Some people complain that the device is a bit bulky, but it’s compact enough to fit into one of the utility pockets on your hunting gear.

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The Bottom Line

Shopping for the ultimate hunting flashlight is a challenge today as there are so many of them available on the market. For example, you’d want to avoid buying a flashlight that’s meant for a police officer; it’s imperative that you understand your needs before making a buying decision.

If you want to pick the one that won’t fail you in case of an emergency, consider quality and durability first when looking at the tech specs of the device. You also should take into account the power source and brightness level as both matter greatly when you are out in the wild.

After conducting a thorough market research, we determined that the J5 Tactical V1-PRO is our top pick. This device is small, lightweight, durable, and efficient. It requires a single AA battery and will provide you with bright light for a long time. An invaluable helper in an emergency situation and your best assistant during a night hunt due to its lens zoom in/out feature.

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