Best Mountaineering Tent – 2017 Reviews

Safety and comfort are crucial in the mountains

Safety and comfort are crucial in the mountains

In this post, our mission is to help you find the best mountaineering tent you buy in 2017. Mountaineering tents are not the type of tents you lend to friends to go to a music festival. They are designed for exploring the great outdoors. Not camping in a muddy field with drunken people falling into them late at night.

Tents designed for mountaineering are made with the best materials and manufactured to high standards to keep you safe and warm in the wild. After water, shelter is most important when it comes to surviving in extreme environments. With today’s tents you will not just survive the wilderness, but be able to explore it with the reassurance that your home is packed up on your back and can be erected in a matter of minutes.

In fact, anyone planning on mountaineering should practice putting up a tent in the dark several times before venturing into the mountains. That applies to experienced campers as well. Preparation is key for enjoying the wilderness and smart campers are always prepared.

Buying Considerations

There are many different styles of mountaineering tents. The best options depend on what type of camping you will be doing and where you will be doing it. A base camp mountaineering tent is different to an alpine climbing tent, but they both need to be able to withstand anything that mother nature deems fit to dish out.

So let’s look at a few different styles to give you an idea of what is on the market today and what may work for your needs.

Mountaineering Tent Reviews

Mountain Hardwear Direkt 2mountain-hardwear-direkt-2

If you are the type of person who’s idea of a change of clothes is a spare pair of socks, and you cut your toothbrush in half to reduce weight in your pack, then this mountaineering tent is for you. The Mountain Hardwear Direkt 2 person mountaineering tent is as strong as it is light and compact. At 2 lb. 13 oz. and a regular packed weight of just over 3 pounds, this is a seriously light tent. It is no windy house with 100% waterproof material and excellent guy out points to withstand high winds.

The only drawback is there isn’t enough room to swing a cat when you have all your gear inside, but it means you can plant it almost anywhere due to its small size. When it comes to ultra light mountain mountaineering tents, this is hands down one of the best.

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The North Face Mountain 25the-north-face-mountain-25

The North Face Mountain 25 tent is light enough to be used for a winter hiking trip in your local mountains (no matter where you live). It is also as strong as an ox and has a very spacious, livable design. For people that like to mix camping and climbing, this mountaineering tent is perfect for a weekend away. It has great pockets, ventilation and Kevlar guy lines, which are reflective and come with camming adjusters.

There is a reason why The North Face is so famous around the world today. They know what they’re doing when it comes to outdoor gear. This mountaineering tent weighs 8.8 lb, which isn’t much when you split it with a buddy. It also has a stylish black and yellow design.

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Hilleberg Jannuhilleberg-jannu

The Hilleberg Jannu 2 person tent can do just about anything you could ask from a four season mountain tent. It’s super strong, versatile, durable, weighs just 7.1 lbs. and is easy to assemble. While this may not do any one thing better than the other specialist mountain tents out there, it does everything exceptionally well. It is not super cheap but quality comes at a price, and this tent is worth the investment.

Tent weight and comfort are important factors to consider when back country touring. And the Hilleberg ticks all the boxes for getting lost in the woods or tackling one of the big mountains in Alaska.

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These are all great mountaineering tents so check them out before venturing into the wild again. You can be sure the next time you get stuck in a storm they won’t let you down.

 Image credit via Flickr Creative Commons: McKay S

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