What’s The Best Splitting Axe (Maul) In 2016?

In this article, we review the best splitting axes in available in 2016 (also known as a splitting maul). Splitting wood is a labor intensive job. Whether you are in the backyard or out in the field having a splitting axe that can make the job a little easier is always a welcome addition to any tool shed or backpack. There are a couple of key qualities that are important when looking for a top rated one. We dive into them in this article.

A lot of people make the mistake of just grabbing the first one (even a tactical tomahawk) they come across because they do not want to hassle with doing the comparisons (read more about survival axes) and reviewing different ones. It is understandable, it is a time-consuming process, but it could be a huge mistake.

Buying Considerations


The length of the handle plus weight of the head equals balance. Balance is important because the right balance cuts down on the amount of force you have to exert. This topped our list of important attributes.


The best one is only as good as the materials that are used in the construction of it. High-quality materials are a must for the long term survival of the tool.


The right design is also an important feature in the usability.

We relied heavily on users reviews to point us in the right direction because there are hundreds to choose from. Users are a good gauge of how well a product pans out. After searching through hundreds of reviews and excluding those that we felt just did not meet the requirements we were able to take the litany and whittle them down to the top three.

Top 3 Reviews – Splitting Axes 2016

1. The Wetterlings Bushman Ax by Les Stroud

image of Wetterlings Bushman Axe by Les Stroud


  • Hammer on back end of head
  • 22-inch handle
  • Head weight is 3 pounds
  • Hand forged

What others have to say:

Overall, this is a sharp out of the box tool that is easy to use, and that is made to great standards. The handle is a good weight, and the head is nicely forged.

What we love:

We love the length of the handle. It is long enough to provide some power without being too long or too heavy.

2. Westerlings Back Country Axe

image of Wetterlings Backcountry Axe


  • 19-inch handle
  • Lightweight construction
  • Head weight 1.5 pounds

What others have to say:

This one is lightweight, but not a light duty one. It is not large enough to split very large logs but gets the job done with smaller logs. Overall, this is a good choice because it is easy to take into the woods because of the weight.

What we love:

We love that you do not have to have 250 pounds of muscle to swing this thing. It is a great option when you do not have the upper body power to swing a heavier one. It is also great for anyone that does not want to tote around the extra weight of a full sized one.

3. Wetterlings 20 inch Axe

image of S.A. Wetterling Axe 20H


  • Hand forged
  • 20-inch handle
  • Carbon Steel
  • 2-pound head weight
  • Leatherhead sheath

What others have to say:

The longer handle and light weight head give you all the force you need. The construction quality is there. It is hand forged and sharp right out of the box.

What we love:

We love hand forged axes, and we also love the length of the handle. This is a big boy’s axe and can handle everything you throw at it.


We checked out a lot of reviews and found that overall the Westerlings Bushman Ax by Les Stroud is the best because of its design. We also discovered overall that Westerlings is a great brand to consider for all your needs. This Swedish company has been in business since the 1800’s and has been hand forging tools since the company opened.

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