Our Buyer’s Guide – Best Benchmade Folding Knife

Benchmade: quality and craftmanship

Benchmade: quality and craftsmanship

In this article, we’re here to help you find the best Benchmade Folding Knife available in 2017. Have you have ever gone on a camping trip and forgotten your knife? Not only are you likely to be the butt of many jokes from your better prepared companions, but you will soon realize just how essential a knife is. And no self respecting backwoods man should ever have to utter, ‘Can I borrow your blade?’

Contrary to popular belief, pocket knives are not just for men with big beards who have a tendency to wear plaid everyday. Neither are they only for teenagers who want to feel grown up and manly. They are for people that want to be prepared, and even active duty military personnel with some of the best tactical knives available, will always carry their own folding blade.

The greatest advantage to folding blade knives is their size. It is simply not practical to walk around with a fixed knife in its sheath attached to your belt. For example, you would attract a few strange looks if you turned up to a children’s birthday party looking like you are ready for a knife fight. On the flip side, if the birthday boy was having a problem getting through annoying plastic ties, no one would bat an eyelid if you took out a small folding knife and quickly freed the toy. This is the real advantage of a Benchmade pocket knife. You can have a bad ass piece of kit on you at all times, but you don’t have to wave it in everyone’s face.

Why Benchmade Folding Knives?

As with most things in life, that is a matter of opinion. However, there are a few highly regarded brands on the market today with their own loyal fans. The important thing is to avoid a no-name brand. Not only are they a waste of money but a poor quality knife is a dangerous knife, and you may end up paying through the nose at your local ER as a result of trying to save a few dollars.

During our research, we found one of the best brands around are Benchmade folding blades. Benchmade started from humble beginnings in the late seventies with Les de Asis trying to make an affordable butterfly knife (known as Bali-Songs) in his garage. Following that initial success, the company went from strength to strength due to the quality of their blades. After a couple of problems, takeovers, mergers and name changes, Benchmade finally emerged as a knife that was hand finished and crafted from only the highest grade materials.

Popular Benchmade Options

Through laser cutting and working with steel, Benchmade have produced a vast range of blades over the years. For today though, let’s look at some of the best folding knives in their collection to find out which one is good for you.

Griptilian 557 Serrated Tantogriptilian-557-serrated-tanto

First up is one of their most popular knives. The Griptilian 557 Serrated Tanto is a great blade, and it gets its name from the injection molded handle. With single handed opening on either side, the grip can be easily maintained by lefties without the need to change hands or to open the knife with two hands. This is a tough, multipurpose knife with seemingly limitless variations and customizations. There are options for two different sizes (the bigger for more prolonged, heavier use), six distinct models, plain and serrated blades, satin or black blades, and thirteen different colors of handle. I don’t want to do the math but that is a lot of variations. The Griptilian 553 Serrated Tanto is not cheap, but it’s super successful, so you know they must be doing something right when it comes to this knife.

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275BK Adamas275bk-adamas

For something a little bulkier or a blade to use when wearing gloves, the 275BK Adamas is awesome. Though it does look a little aggressive, this is actually a really comfortable, easy to use everyday working knife. The holes in the G10 handle may look cool, but like everything else about this knife they serve a purpose and allow for a more comfortable grip. It is partly designed by an army ranger and you can definitely see the influence. The only downside is that it’s a little bulky, but then again this isn’t a knife designed for schoolboys.

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940 Osborne

940-osborne-designThe other blade we love from Benchmade is the 940 Osborne. This follows the same high standards and uses the same level of materials that you would expect from Benchmade. This is also a gorgeous looking pocket knife. It’s the type of knife you will want to take with you everywhere. Seeing is believing with the 940 and I highly recommend you check it out for yourself.

So, if you didn’t already know about the Benchmark brand, we hope this has given you a few ideas. There are few blades of better quality that will guarantee years of faithful service. Don’t just take our word for it though, check it out for yourself.

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Image credit via Flickr Creative Commons: Scott F

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