Best Slingshot for Hunting – 2016 Buyer’s Guide

hunting2Hunting is an exciting activity to get your adrenaline pumping. It’s not just about the act of killing. The tracking and preparation are also a part of it. There are many techniques and tools that can be used for the kill, but most hunters use a gun to take aim and fire.

A few others use something a little more primal. A cross-bow or a spear. Then there are the purists who opt for a slingshot. This takes a huge amount of practice to master the technique. The accuracy and precision needed for an effective strike does not come easy. You can practice and practice all you like, but you’ll need a quality slingshot suited to your particular prey to ensure success.

There are hundreds of slingshots on the market and it can be difficult to know which one is best. Luckily for you, we’ve gone through the archives to find the best slingshots for hunting and the main considerations before making a purchase.


As mentioned above, there are a few things you need to think about when buying a slingshot. Firstly, what animals will you be hunting? If you’re going for smaller animals like rabbits, you can treat yourself to a smaller frame. However, larger animals, like deer or wild boar, will require more power and therefore a larger frame.

You should think about the weight too. If you’re hunting, you’ll be carrying your slingshot for a while, and so you might not want something too heavy. This means you should go for a lightweight metal, such as aluminum, or synthetic handle. The handle should be ergonomically designed and sit comfortably in your hand. It will be hard to practice for hours on end with a desperately uncomfortable slingshot handle.

You will want it to be durable. Hunting requires a bit of rough and tumble, so you don’t want your slingshot to break after tracking your prey for a couple of days. You can imagine the frustration of finding your wild boar or deer only to pull out a broken slingshot. 

Don’t get a wooden slingshot. Although these are the classic Dennis the Menace designs, they aren’t the best for accuracy and they are not durable. This makes them unsuitable for hunting. A wooden slingshot is a great toy for the kids to shoot cans in the garden, but it certainly won’t take out a roaming boar.

Lastly, you need to consider the band type. There are several different band types available, but the most common are flat bands and rubber tubing. For hunting, rubber tubing is more powerful and the most ideal type. Flat bands will offer more accuracy but less power, making them more suited to self-defense. So for hunting, you should be looking at rubber tubing bands.

Best Slingshots for Hunting

Scout Hunting Slingshotscout-hunting-slingshot

The Scout Hunting Slingshot has an award-winning Axiom design with 3G fork tips. This is excellent for accuracy and durability, making it ideal for hunting and general heavy usage. The handle has a rubber over mold that provides warmth and comfort. This is a really important feature of any slingshot that’s going to be used in cold conditions. It’s capable of being fitted with any kind of rubber bands, making it a versatile slingshot that can be used for both hunting and self-defense.

This slingshot can also be used on various types of game. Bore, deer, rabbit and fowl are all potential targets with this slingshot, depending on what kind of band you’re using. The durability, combined with versatility, makes this a brilliant tool for novices and experienced hunters alike. One or two customers complained that this slingshot was overpriced, despite its obvious qualities. You can spend less on a slingshot of inferior quality, but it won’t be durable or reliable. That is why the Scout Hunting Slingshot is one of the best quality slingshots on the market.

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HOMEE Triple Force Hunting Slingshothomee-triple-force-hunting-slingshot

The HOMEE slingshot is a cheaper alternative that doesn’t compromise. It has a really strong 304 stainless steel frame, making it very durable. It has a brilliantly engineered design that offers superior accuracy. The high-tension bands are quality elastic rubber that will provide you with ultimate power needed for large and small prey alike. It’s small and light, which is great when you’re trekking and have plenty of other things to carry. It’s nice to know you can slip it into your bag and not worry about it taking up lots of space.

Customers loved the design of this frame. It really enhances your aim, and the durability of the body makes it a long lasting weapon. Some customers complained that the slingshot was too small and it was uncomfortable in their hand. This is a valid complaint and highlights the importance of ensuring a slingshot has a comfortable grip in your hands. 

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Slingshots make for an exciting day of hunting. There’s an added sense of satisfaction when you have a successful day’s hunting using your own strength and accuracy. They are also a cheaper and less dangerous alternative to a gun.

Remember to look for a slingshot that is made from durable materials. Some form of steel is what we would recommend, because it is lightweight and strong. The handle should be comfortable in your grip, so test out a few varieties before you make the purchase. Lastly, get rubber-tubing bands for hunting. They’re stronger and more powerful, which is necessary for hunting.

The two slingshots  we discussed in this article are great for hunting, but the Scout model is the better option. It has a quality frame that is ergonomically designed for comfort and improved accuracy. It’s also more versatile than the HOMEE, allowing you to use different bands for different prey. It’s a quality slingshot that even Dennis the Menace would be proud of.

Image credit via Flickr Creative Commons: Alejandro R

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