The Best Rifle Sling for Elk Hunting

A rifle sling for elk hunting should be easily-adjustable, comfortable, and durable.

A rifle sling for elk hunting should be easily-adjustable, comfortable, and durable.

A rifle sling is a necessary piece of equipment, especially when traversing the great outdoors. A good sling lets you shoulder your rifle quickly when you see an opportunity for a perfect shot. It also allows for hands-free carrying for as you walk through the brush.

There are several types of rifles slings available in a range of materials, but which rifle sling is the best? To help you make an informed decision on which rifle sling is suitable for hunting elk, we’ve researched hundreds of reviews to offer our best advice and top picks.

Advantages of owning a rifle sling

The main benefit is that a rifle sling allows you to go hands-free. You can reload and access your sidearm without losing control of your longarm. You can travel through thick brush or climb rocks safely.

A rifle sling is an essential piece of equipment, compulsory in almost any military or hunting setting. A good, secure sling provides a safe way to store your rifle as you walk. They make hunting easier, more comfortable, and safer, allowing you to shoulder your load with ease.

Buying considerations

There are three main types of rifle sling available with regard to attachment points. These are one-point, two-point, and three-point. Most experts agree that one-point slings are tricky to use and generally not as secure as the other systems.

The most common style is the two-point sling, and for good reason. The two-point is regarded as the easiest and most effective type of rifle sling. You can find quality two-point slings at good prices, so that’s what we’ll focus on today.

A sling allows you to safely carry your rifle over even the most rugged terrain.

A sling allows you to safely carry your rifle over even the most rugged terrain.

Attachment points

Some rifle slings come with included, or built-in, swivels. Others require you to purchase swivels separately. Every rifle is different, so the attachment points on yours will influence your purchasing decision. If your rifle is missing one, or both, attachment points, then you might need to add them before using. Generally this is very simple, and some slings can even be looped on securely if the attachment clips don’t work.


A good sling will be comfortable to wear and easy to use. There are are a wide variety of fabrics and materials to pick from, such as rubber or woven paracord. Some have padding or a non-slip back.

Consider the bounce factor of the material used in the strapping. Too much stretch, or too little, will make the rifle uncomfortable to carry. There shouldn’t be bouncing, sliding, or jerking as you walk.

To ensure the rifle sits securely against your body, be sure to check how easy it is to adjust the length. You need to be able to quickly shoulder your rifle to take a shot, and also be able to quickly loosen it again.

Quality vs. cost

Of course, quality and price are important. Like with anything, we have to balance the cost against the utility of the item. While there are some exceptional slings at the top of the price range, some of the best options we looked at were very reasonably priced. We’ve examined the reviews, as some slings that look affordable are actually poorly-made. After all, you want your hunting equipment to last in even the harshest conditions.

Top Rifle Slings

We’ve examined a huge number of the rifle slings available on the market. Here are a few that meet our criteria and come highly-recommended.

2-Point Sling with Fast-Loop Adjuster by STI

Image of 2 Point Sling With FAST-LOOP Adjuster by STIThis model by STI is first-rate example of a rifle sling that’s easy to adjust. There are two adjustment points on this sling, which can be quickly changed from 30 to 50 inches in length. Moreover, it’s constructed from materials made in the USA. The manufacturer has a reputation amongst buyers for quality products and exceptional customer service.

Users say the webbing and adjustment sliders are the best they’ve seen. The adjustment is thumb-operable and slides easily, unlike some others, so you can tighten it with ease before firing, and loosen it without stress before walking (where it stays tight). Other users say that, while the tubular webbing is soft and supple, it’s strong and stands up to heavy-duty use.

Do note that this sling doesn’t come with included swivels, but does include clamps that attach easily to most rifles. STI also sends instructions and a video on how to thread/mount the sling to your gun. Complaints are few, and mostly frivolous. While not the fanciest sling available, it’s an incredibly well-designed two-point sling that will suit almost anyone. This is product built to last.

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Cascade Rifle Sling by Allen

Image of Allen Cascade Rifle SlingThe Cascade from Allen is a superb rifle sling perfect for elk hunting. The wide, stretching neoprene pad is reported as being like suspension. It has just the right amount of stretch to keep it secure. Most people love how the sharkskin-like backing holds the sling firmly on their shoulder without slipping and sliding.

Some buyers dislike that the neoprene pad is built into the strap, rather than being a separate part. Even though it will eventually wear out before the rest of the sling, the pad offers extra comfort and security for many years.

Buyers have used this sling over difficult terrain and with a variety of rifles and shotguns. It stands up well against wear and tear. The included Allen quick-detach swivels and locking system is an excellent bonus, and works with most rifles. Reviewers love that you get the swivels included with such a great sling at such a great price.

The main complaint about this model is that it doesn’t fit all guns. It’s important to make sure to check the fit before buying any sling. If it doesn’t attach to your particular gun, it’s not the fault of the product!

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For elk hunting, a good rifle sling is more a necessity than an optional piece of hunting equipment. It makes carrying a rifle through those long treks in the woods much safer. The best sling holds your gun securely, is easy to adjust, and comfortable. There are many to choose from, but our top choice is the STI 2-Point sling. This model is versatile, durable, and is available at a fair price from a great US manufacturer.

Image credit via Flickr Creative Commons: CinCool and USFWS Mountain-Prairie.

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