Best Every Day Carry (EDC) Flashlight 2017

In this post, we present to you the best EDC flashlights available in 2017. First and foremost, your next every day carry light must be powerful and bright; there’s nothing worse than buying a weak flashlight. All of the every day carry flashlights reviewed in this article are bright (we don’t recommend crappy products).

Batteries are also an important factor when making your selection. The most common are AA, AAA, and rechargeable style.

Don’t go for something with a “different” battery type. The last thing you want is to go store to store looking for your “odd” battery.

Size is another consideration, but one that is much more personal. If you go too big then your flashlight will lose some of the “every day carry” component.

Comparison Table

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EDC Flashlight Buyer’s Guide

We went back and forth trying to figure out which “type” or “style” is best for your everyday needs. The right one can be as small as a keychain light or can be as multi-functioning as a survival flashlight. It depends on your specific needs.

Size and Shape

The top rated EDC (every day carry) flashlight has to be comfortable to carry. It has to have a comfortable weight and be able to be carried on your body via a clip or belt hook. It’s even better because a flashlight does not do much good if you have to fish around in the bottom of the bag to find it.

The right size is somewhere between a penlight and a monstrous 3D battery flashlight (or the custom 18650 battery powered flashlights). Determining the right size just takes a few simple questions to be asked like:

  • Can it be clipped on someone waist belt and be comfortable?
  • Can it be slid into a pocket on an EDC bag and not get the bag caught up?
  • Does it feel comfortable to hold with one hand?
  • All you need is a yes to each of the above, then you know that the size is right.


We like adjustable lights because they offer the most versatility. We also like a light that offers different modes or settings.

We like the lights that offer emergency functions like blinking lights or strobe features because they are great as a safety feature. The multi-tasking EDC flashlight is what we prefer because we think that means it’s usable in many situations.

EDC flashlights tend to be small, which makes their brightness level limited. If you need something brighter, we highly recommend reading our brightest LED flashlight guide.

Two Additional Picks – Best EDC Flashlights

1. Nitecore P12 Compact

image 2015 Version 1000 Lumens Nitecore P12 Compact Tactical LED FlashlightSpecs:

  • 1000 Lumens
  • Rechargeable
  • Slide on and off
  • Power status indicator
  • Metal belt clip
  • Multi modes
  • Water resistant
  • O-ring construction

What others have to say:

The 1000 lumens is lights up the night and meets a full range of needs. A strong number of owners had nothing but good things to say about this light.

What we love:

We love that this has multi modes. We also love the metal belt clip and multi-function modes. It is water resistant. It is of highly durable construction.

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2. On the Way 2000


  • 5 modes
  • Waterproof (but not for long periods)
  • Adjustable focus
  • 2000 lumens output
  • Rechargeable

What we loved:

We loved the adjustable focus, five different modes, and the bright light. We would have loved it more if it had some built in clip. It is durable and has most all of the features we’re looking for.

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We discovered that it was actually harder to find an EDC flashlight that was “not” good. They were better because of the extra features like waterproofing and shock resistance and multi modes.

If you are going to buy a product that you are going to have to rely on in the most desperate of circumstances you might as well get one that is top of the line with added features.

After all the searching and reviewing, the Nitecore P12 is our top pick. It met all of our specifications and beyond. It also was one of the highest rated choices by consumers and for us that holds a lot of weight.

The weight and style is great, and the features propel it to the top of the chart. This is a completely reliable light that will be your favorite tool should you need it. You will be glad that you did.

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