Best AAA Flashlight 2017

In this article, we review the best AAA flashlights available in 2017. Many people wonder if a AAA model will be “enough” in the case of an emergency.

Many people make the mistake of not choosing an AAA flashlight because they are just not aware that there are great options out there that can easily meet their needs.

Comparison Chart – AAA Flashlights

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Advantages Of The “AAA” Flashlight

There are advantages to using this style of flashlight:

  • They are smaller in size and easier to carry
  • They can throw off a great deal of light
  • Triple A batteries are readily available and easy to find

Sometimes people opt for higher-tech flashlights because they throw off more light, and they just like the whole high tech aspect. The only problem is when you opt for high-tech you have to deal with high-tech headaches like trying to find affordable replacement batteries. AAA batteries are easy to find.

While AAA models are not going to light up the whole of an alleyway at night, they are great as personal beacons to help you find what you need to in the dark. They are also a great security feature to have close at hand. They are perfect EDC (every day carry) flashlights because they are typically compact and easy to store when you are not using them.

Choosing a top rated AAA flashlight can be frustrating at times because there are so many to sift through. If you do not have a point of reference as to what constitutes a great flashlight, then you may wind up with a hair pulling situation.

AAA Flashlight Buying Considerations

You are going to want a lightweight model, but you want one that is powerful. It should be well built, and it should be affordable.

image of pocketSize

You want an easy to carry a flashlight that is lightweight, and that will fit nicely in your pocket. AAA flashlights are usually relatively small. They make ideal EDC flashlights especially when they are lightweight.

No Sacrifices

You should not have to give up any functions or lumens just because you opt for an AAA flashlight. It is possible to have it all.

We started out by weeding products that just were not cutting the muster with consumers. Then we looked at what was left and only considered the flashlights with the best weight, longest life and that had one or two extras.

While AAA can get rather bright (with enough of them), be sure to check out our brightest flashlight guide to learn about more powerful models. Click here to read more.

Top 3 – Best AAA Flashlights 2017

1. Olight i3s EOS

image of Olight i3S EOS Keychain FlashlightSpecs:

  • 3 modes
  • Head turns to adjust modes
  • Pocket clip
  • Aluminum body (aircraft grade)
  • Five color choices
  • Hard case box
  • Shock resistant

What others have to say:

This is a mighty little flashlight that throws off plenty of lights. It offers a strobe feature. It has a high-efficiency LED bulb which is energy conserving, so you do not run through batteries.

What we love:

We love the stainless clip that is reversible. We like the weight and the size of the flashlight and that it offers three lighting modes. It is an excellent all-around choice. It also has a key chain so you can easily hang it from your keys.

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2. Klarus Mi10

image of Klarus Mi10 AL Flashlight 85 LumensSpecs:

  • 85 Lumens
  • LED long life light
  • Three modes
  • Small size

What others have to say:

It is super small and will easily fit into any pocket without much notice. Overall, owners of this product say they are happy with it.

What we love:

Perfect size for anyone. It is lightweight and fits in pockets, purses, EDC bags without taking up any noticeable room. For some, it may be little too small, but that’s personal preference.

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3. ThruNite TI 3

image of ThruNite Ti series Mini KeychainSpecs:

  • Mini size
  • 3 modes
  • Includes strobe function (great for emergencies)
  • Runs on one AAA battery for 6 hours on low setting,
  • 1 hour on strobe setting and ½ hour on high setting

What others have to say:

This was a very popular choice for EDC. People that have purchased this flashlight speak positive about it. One of its best quality is the strong build; you know this light is high-quality the moment you take it out of the box.

What we love:

The strobe mode is always nice to have in case of a road emergency or if you need to get someone’s attention. The mini size makes it a great keychain style light because it is lightweight. It does not get in the way like other lights. It has a nice long battery life.

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The best AAA flashlight is Olight i3sEOS. It meets all the requirements and is just the best built out of the three. What propelled this to the top of the list was the shock resistant build. If you are going to have a flashlight that is small and that can be dropped or hanging from your keys you need something that can tolerate the bumps and bruises that is headed its way.

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