Our Top Rated Survival Flashlights – 2017 Reviews

Today, our aim is to find the best survival flashlight you can buy in 2017. A survival flashlight is more than a simple lighting tool. This device should be able to help you in an extreme situation and make sure you have easy access to a light source under any circumstances. A top rated light will also have a few extras built in that will increase the value of the tool for your survival in extreme conditions.

It’s not only hunters and hikers who should have this kind of device in their arsenal. A survival flashlight is a handy tool that will come in use for anyone as you never know when exactly you need a reliable source of light in the face of extreme circumstances.

The biggest problem that people face when shopping for these tools is the fact that there are so many of them today that it’s hard to choose the best one. In addition to this, it’s almost impossible to be 100% sure that the tool you buy is indeed reliable.

We created this article to help frustrated buyers find a durable and efficient LED torch that will help them survive in a dire situation. We studied a large number of reviews and technical documents to understand flashlights and get a good idea about the most prominent models available on the market.

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Our Buyer’s Guide

After doing copious amounts of research, we identified the best survival flashlights available on the market. You can find a detailed review of each in this article, but before we move onto them, we would like to provide you some pointers on how to shop for this kind of device.

When you start shopping for this device, you will see that every model available has a wide range of tech specs that may be difficult for you to understand at first. The ones that you should pay most attention to when shopping for a survival LED torch are the following:

Light output.

This isn’t the case where bigger is better. A truly efficient LED torch should provide an output of over 60 lumens. The best survival models range from 60 to 300, but a few are powerful enough to offer up to 700 lumens. These devices can effectively light up a large portion of the surrounding area and make it easy for you to navigate the wilderness during the night. Remember, the higher the light output, the more power the device consumes.

Power source.

Usually, flashlights are powered by either disposable or rechargeable batteries. However, as this is a survival tool, you need to be sure that it will have an alternative power source you can rely on when an electrical outlet or a fresh set of alkaline batteries is not at hand. The best of these devices are also equipped with a solar battery or/and a hand crank.

Durability and resistance.

A good survival tool must be waterproof and highly resistant to damage. It must be made from premium quality materials and tested under extreme duress.

Beam type.

Every high-quality LED torch available on the market today offers several beam settings that can help you under different circumstances. A focused beam will assist you when hunting or trying to see a faraway object in the dark.

The flood option will light up the surrounding area. The strobe function will help for self-defense, and an SOS distress signal is a must-have for emergencies.


Handy extras are what makes a really good survival tool. A built-in compass, hand crank, solar battery, stun gun, cutter, and a variety of other options will make this device a truly efficient helper in an emergency. So, you should look for a piece that will be useful in many different situations.

Top 3 Survival Flashlights

Hybrid Solar Flashlight by Gen RR

Hybrid Solar Flashlight by Gen RR

Hybrid Solar Flashlight by Gen RR

This is a survival flashlight that will ensure that you are never left without a source of light. During the day, it will charge from the sun. The combination of the built-in and solar batteries is highly effective,q and the manufacturer claims the device can hold a single charge for three years.

This survival tool is not affected by extreme temperatures and can be submerged under 80 feet of water without failing in its performance. If you do happen to lose in a stream somewhere, don’t worry, as the device will float up to the surface of the water.

The flashlight is impact-resistant and can take any form of abuse, which makes it a great helper in emergency situations. The light can run for 16 hours at a time from a single charge.

Many owners believe that this model from Gen RR is the ultimate flashlight on the market. Some have mentioned that they have been using this light over five years.

Another big draw to this flashlight is the price tag. You’re not going to find many other options with this type of value.

We discovered several complaints about the switch as some people find it hard to figure out how to change the modes. However, this issue can be solved by studying one of the detailed video guides available online.

3 LED Flashlight by Secur

Secur Waterproof Hand crank or built in Solar powered 3 LED

Secur Waterproof Hand crank or built in Solar powered 3 LED

This flashlight is a survival tool at its finest. It is equipped with two separate power sources, so you can be sure that you will never be left without a light in the wild. If the solar battery fails, you will always have a good old dynamo hand crank to rely on. Therefore, this device will help you survive even if you are in a cave and have no access to sunlight.

The device is both rain and wind-proof. It’s completely waterproof, and you can use it to actually light your way underwater, as long as you don’t go deeper than 45 feet.

You can choose to use a single LED, 3 LEDs or set the device to the flashing mode (SOS). A single minute of hand cranking will provide enough power for the device to run non-stop for 60 minutes with 3 LEDs, 80 minutes with 1 LED, and 110 minutes in the flashing mode.

The only complaint we found was a malfunctioning LED, but if you encounter this kind of issue, you can contact the manufacturer and get the piece replaced.

Cynergy Legilight All-in-One

Cynergy Lifelight All-in-One Waterproof

Cynergy Lifelight All-in-One Waterproof

This truly is a survival flashlight as it’s a tool that will come in handy in a variety of situations. This device can provide you with light, serve as an emergency signal, break car windows, cut through seatbelts, and even charge your USB devices in a pinch. It even has a red light flasher and a built-in compass to get you out of the darkest of places.

Made from the highest quality materials, the device is impact-resistant and waterproof. The piece is rechargeable and has a hand crank for emergencies. It’s perfect for hikers, hunters, and anyone who wants to be prepared for anything.

After studying the comments in great length, there are two common themes with this flashlight:

  1. It’s extremely versatile
  2. It’s fairly priced and delivers great value


Everyone needs a survival flashlight as this tool can come in handy when you least expect it. Shopping for it can be tricky as there are so many options that choosing one of them gets really hard. We conducted a thorough market research to determine the best models on the market.

After a lot of studying and testing, we determined that Hybrid Solar Flashlight by Gen RR is the best survival flashlight as it will never leave you in the dark. Even if you don’t use the device for years, it will provide you with clear white light in the case of an emergency, and you can power it up by leaving it out in the sunlight for a day.

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