The Best Single Point Sling for the AR-15

A single point sling offers tactical advantages, such as increased mobility for an AR-15.

A single point sling offers tactical advantages, such as increased mobility for an AR-15.

Single point slings remain very popular accessories for both sporting rifles and for tactical weapons, like the AR-15. From just a single point of attachment, these slings let you bring your weapon into action rapidly. They ensure your weapon hangs safely against your body when you need to access your sidearm. A sling improves stability, accuracy, and minimizes recoil, so you can get in a better shot.

There are plenty of good reasons to own one, but which one is the best? Some slings are too stretchy, too tight, too long, or cheaply-made. There are many options available on the market, and it can be difficult to be sure whether you’re choosing a good one. We’re going to discuss what you need to know, and provide a couple of suggestions for you to check out.

What is a single point sling?

There are three main types of slings when it comes to attachment points: single point, two point, and three point.They provide, as the name suggests, a single point of attachment, which hooks on behind the receiver. It sacrifices some stability in exchange for unfettered access to all parts of your rifle and unparalleled mobility.

How does a single point it compare with other slings for the AR-15?

One and two points slings are both great for AR-15s. However, single points are quicker to install and adjust. Two points are particularly suitable for hunting rifles, allowing for a secure carry across difficult terrain.

Three point slings have the advantage of increased stability. However, they can sometimes get in the way of reloads, the bolt catch/release (for right-handed shooters), and (for left-handed shooters) the ejection port.

The greatest advantage of a single point sling over the other varieties is the ability to change shoulders. You can rapidly transition from one shoulder to another with a quick dip-and-up-again action.

Why Own One?

The obvious advantage of a single point sling is that it aids with weapon retention. The sling gives you the ability to let go of your rifle without losing control of the weapon. In the event of a malfunction, or close quarters shooting, it will allow you to disengage your AR-15 and engage with your sidearm easily. It is simple to attach to a rifle and will not get in the way of any critical parts.

The only downside is that they are slightly less optimal than the other varieties when it comes to hauling your gun around. Even so, they do still increase accuracy and stability while shooting. Many AR-15 users will happily exchange some stability in favor of extra mobility.

Buying Considerations

A quality option should increase your control and allow you to free your hands quickly. In order to ensure you get the best sling for your money, keep the following features in mind.


A good single point sling is made of strong webbing or a similar material, perhaps with some degree of elasticity. Some individuals find that bungee slings offer a more comfortable hold, but these do have drawbacks. A stretchy bungee sling doesn’t secure the rifle as tightly during firing, diminishing some of the advantages they offer.

Attachment points

The defining characteristic is the speed and ease-of-use. It’s important that you are able to detach it quickly when necessary. Consider looking for slings that feature quick-release buckles.


Your sling is an essential piece of equipment and needs to last a long time. It also needs to be strong. The last thing you want is a sling breaking on you at a critical moment, whether you’re hunting or in a competition. Not only could you miss your shot, but it might also be dangerous.

It can be frustrating to work out which models are strong enough, but all of our suggestions will hold an AR-15.

BlackHawk Storm XT Sling 1.25″ 70GS16BK

Image of New BlackHawk Storm XT SlingBlackHawk produces quality equipment at a reasonable price, and has a good reputation. The Storm XT is no exception. This is an incredibly well constructed single point sling suitable for most weapons, including your AR-15.

The XT features strong 1.25” nylon webbing with box stitching. An elliptical bungee sheathed by compressed tubular nylon limits bounce but helps keep the weapon retained and stable. Users report the dual side-release buckles (tested to 300lb) provide quick sling detachment and reattachment when needed.

Reviewers also love the quality of construction and say that it adjusts to fit even over tactical vests. However, if you are a large person in thick winter clothes and a vest, it may fit a little snug. This is a benefit for most people, however, as a common complaint for other slings is that they hang too low.

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Slingmaster Tactical Personal Weapon Attachment System

Image of Slingmaster Tactical Personal Weapon AttachmentThe WASP (Weapon Attachment System – Personal) by Slingmaster Tactical is another fantastic option for a single point sling. It includes a 80mm D-Ring designed to attach to your body armor and features quick-release buckle, as well as an easy to use quick-adjust feature.

Made in USA from USA-sourced components, you’re getting quality with this sling. Reviews say that it attaches to your load-bearing vest or body armor with ease, clipping onto the MOLLE securely. The strap adjusts quickly to suit your desired length.

While short, this sling is cleverly designed with military and law enforcement professionals in mind. Users say it’s very comfortable and well-made. It doesn’t offer any sort of bungee ability, but most agree that it holds your weapon securely and safely. Those who are looking for an economical option that’s strong enough for the AR-15 should definitely check out this model.

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If you want to increase your performance with an AR-15, you need a sling. A sling offers stability and accuracy, as well as increased safety. A single point model will also provide increased mobility. If you’re looking for an affordable, but durable single point sling that’s strong enough for your AR-15, then the BlackHawk Storm XT Sling is for you.

Image credit via Flickr Creative Commons: Vlad B.

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