Reviews Of The Best Propane Lanterns

No need to worry about being left in the dark with a propane lantern

No need to worry about being left in the dark with a propane lantern

Propane lanterns are great for a camping trip. Especially if it’s a cloudy night and there is no natural light from the moon to offer visibility at the campsite. They are also portable and can illuminate your path if you have you find your way after dusk.

Although propane lanterns aren’t as popular as they once were, they’re still extremely useful to have. They don’t require batteries, so long as your canisters are filled with propane, you’ve got a really good lantern to use. Propane lanterns are also more durable the electric style and they won’t be affected by rain or damp conditions. If you need a durable lantern for all weather conditions, a propane lantern is your best option.

The downside with them is the need to carry extra canisters with you if you’ll be gone for a few nights. There is also a huge selection on the market and it can be difficult to choose the right one. After all, you don’t want a dud that’s going to leave you in the dark.  This article will take you through the steps of buying a quality propane lantern and offer some reviews on what we believe to be the best models on the market today.


When buying a propane lantern, you need to think about a few things, such as light output and light duration. You need to think economically. How long will the light last on one canister of propane?

Light duration on lantern is described as burn time. This tells you roughly how many hours of light you can expect to get out of your lantern from one canister of propane. Each manufacturer will offer you a specification of this information, which will influence your decision.

The lantern will more than likely have a low to high setting, offering more light versatility. This will impact on the run time a lot, so make sure you purchase one that allows you to adjust the light output. Otherwise, you’ll be buying one with a maximum setting that burns out much faster than one that can be adjusted and kept on a medium to low setting.

You should also consider what type of canisters you want to use. Disposable canisters work well, but they are incredibly wasteful. Refillable canisters are far more cost effective, with a 16 oz propane gas cylinder refill costing just around $10.

Basically, think about the quality of the product and how much you are willing to pay. Are you looking at this as a long-term investment that you plan to use a lot, or simply a once off purchase for convenience?

Our Propane Lantern Reviews

Coleman Northstarcoleman-northstar

This is a great propane lantern from a well-trusted brand. Coleman have been producing quality camping equipment for a long time now. They also produce propane canisters, and it’s convenient when you can get your canisters from the same manufacturer as the lantern.

The Northstar produces a massive 1543 lumens on its highest setting. It will last about 4.5 hours on its highest setting, and 9 hours on the lowest, running off a 16.4oz propane canister. The adjustable dimmer will ensure you save as much propane as necessary by dimming the brightness when you need to. It’s a really convenient lantern to turn on, with a matchless push button ignition.

The PerfectFlowTM system ensures you have consistent fuel output, no matter what the conditions are. Customers loved the quality of this lantern, as well as the safety of using it. White gas lanterns pose a real danger around a fire. Propane lanterns don’t have the same risk, especially with a matchless ignition. The one complain made was that the matchless ignition sometimes required more than one push in order to get a usable spark.

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Stanport 2 Mantlestanport-2-mantle-propane-lantern

Stanport is another well trusted brand when it comes to the great outdoors. This propane lantern is just one of the many quality products that they manufacture. It comes with a vented hood to keep rain out, and the durable baked on enamel finish means it will age well, maintaining its nice aesthetic. It has an adjustable power setting, and is capable of reaching up to 600 candlepower.

It has a Dura Base with tip-resistant feet, and the base holds a 16.4oz cylinder of propane gas. Customers loved this propane lantern for its quality and aesthetic. The enamel finish gives it an antiquated look that people really like. The only complaint was that some customers found the tip-resistant feet weren’t very effective. However, if you keep it on a relatively flat surface, you’ll be okay.

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So, when purchasing a propane lantern, make sure to think about the lumen output and the burn time. These two considerations will influence each other dramatically. You should try to find a decent balance between the two. Also, think about which kind of gas cylinders you want to use. Remember, disposable cylinders are wasteful so you’re better off getting a refillable canister.

They are really useful for camping trips. You don’t need to worry about batteries dying and they give off as much light as a regular flashlight. Perhaps their biggest virtue is their durability in all kinds of weather. Rain nor snow shall dampen their efficiency.

The best one we found was definitely the Coleman Northstar. As a trusted brand of camping equipment, you’ve hit the nail on the head once again with this great propane lantern. The convenience of Coleman also supplying gay cylinders is reason enough to buy this lantern. The quality and all round ease of this lantern makes it our top pick.

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