Top 3 Rated Butterfly Knives Of 2017

In this article, we review the best butterfly knives available in 2017. The butterfly knife (also known as Batangas or Balisongs) were first made in the US by Balisongs (hence the moniker here in the US) which is now Benchmade. They are unique because of their design. They hail from the Philippines but are now a well-known tool around the globe.

The handle on them is known as “butterfly” open (as opposed to a standard tactical knife). The handle is split down the middle, and the tang rotates around the blade so that when it is closed the knife is hidden. And to open it you butterfly the handle to reveal the blade.

They are quick action knives that can easily become your everyday carry blade. They also have a sporting element to them and are used in flip contests and throwing contests. They are fun knives but also offer the utility that you want in an everyday knife. If you have been put off from buying one of these knives you are not alone.

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They are awesome to own, but they do have their issues. Some concerns that have been expressed by consumers include:

  • Construction
  • Price

A lot of consumers that were interested in the flipping action of these knives were standoffish because the rumors of knives that just would not move and the cost of the one’s that did move as they should.

Things have changed quite a bit with these knives. You can easily find affordable models that are constructed well. We were stunned by all the things that needed to be considered. Of course, construction and price were the top two factors to consider.


This seemed like the best place to start, but we did not realize that there were plenty of little subsets that came under the construction heading. There are primarily two ways these knives are made. The handles can be machine milled, or they can be cast. The milled handles are heavy. The cast handles are light. The milled variety are also more expensive than the cast variety. At first sight, it can be difficult to determine which is which but the price usually gives it away. For throwing purposes, the heavier handle is better which means that you will be paying more.

Next up is the “pin VS screw” debate. They are constructed either using a stationary pin to secure the handles or a screw. The pin is permanent and cannot be adjusted, the screw can be adjusted but, of course, there is always the risk that the pin will come flying out of the handle if it is loose. Both have their pros and cons.

Washers are an important construction factor. The cheapest of these blades are sans any washers which make them “stick” when you try to flip the knife. So we will be ruling out washer fewer varieties.


We are just going to put this out there “you get what you pay for” is especially true with these types of knives. There is a certain amount of reliable craftsmanship that goes without saying that is needed to produce a well-balanced butterfly knife, and you have to pay for that craftsmanship.

2 More – Best Butterfly Knife 2017


image of MTECH USA MT-829BK Tactical Folding Knife



  • Great design
  • Easy flipping action
  • Metal washers
  • Screw tang

What others have to say:

M-tech is the go to brand for butterfly knives, so it is no surprise that this is a consumer favorite. That said, there some folks might consider this model to be heavier its competitors.

This well-built knife is heavy because it uses all the features that you want in a great flip knife. Overall, it’s a well built knife that provides a ton of value to its owners.

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What we love:

After hours of research we have determined that the screw tang is the better option according to serious flippers, so we like that the tang is a screw down type. We love the “skeleton” look of this knife which stays true to the roots.

We also love the price for this high-quality blade. M-tech offers a full range of butterfly models as well which makes them sort of an expert in the production.

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2. Bear & Son Cutlery 113BTR Butterfly Trainer Knife

image of Bear & Son Butterfly Trainer Folding Knife 113BTR

Bear & Son Butterfly Trainer 113BTR


  • Hand crafted design
  • Screw down Tang
  • Metal washers
  • Great balance

What others have to say:

Bear and son makes great knives in the US. The quality is always present which makes this a consumer favorite as well. The 113 series got a lot of positive feedback. There were no complaints about this model. The only thing that may be preventive is the cost.

While this trainer will cost you more than the other models, it’s definitely a high-quality butterfly option. Many comments talk about it being a great investment, and that they are extremely pleased with the value.

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What we love:

We love that they are American made by hand. There is just something that pulls you toward one that is made in Alabama by hand. The quality is there. It has the screw-down tang and metal washers. It would have been number one on the list but the price tag is the biggest turn off.


After hours or research, we’re confident there’s a perfect butterfly knife for you. This type of blade has a very interesting history and a very strong following of people that enjoy these “sport knives” and collect them.

After much hemming and hawing and a little bit of oohing over them, we determined that the best butterfly knife is the M-tech Twist. Ultimately the M-techs are the best “budget friendly” on the market in 2017.

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