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The Best Ham Radio For Preppers

What’s the best ham radio for preppers? There is a lot happening in the world today. From unprecedented weather events, to financial dealings that seem to be out of our hands. Plus, a government system that doesn’t seem to be prepared to look after anyone but their own. Basically, we need to be prepared for […]


Best Airless Sprayer For The Money

Spray-painting is a method of covering a large area with a fine and even layer of paint, ink or varnish. It works by spraying the substance through the area without making direct contact in the way in which a paintbrush would. The most common types use a compressed gas to atomize and direct the particles, […]


The Best Survival Fire Starter

Are you looking for the best survival fire starter kit? Thousands of years ago in Greek mythology, Prometheus stole fire from the gods and gave it to mankind. Before then, it did not exist on earth. Prometheus gave it to Homo erectus, who were the first species of human to control fire. When Zeus discovered […]


Best Slingshot for Hunting – 2016 Buyer’s Guide

Hunting is an exciting activity to get your adrenaline pumping. It’s not just about the act of killing. The tracking and preparation are also a part of it. There are many techniques and tools that can be used for the kill, but most hunters use a gun to take aim and fire. A few others […]


The Best Chest Rigs For 2017 – Reviews & Ratings

Buying a reliable tactical chest rig able to stand rough conditions and provide maximum comfort to its owner may be quite challenging. On the market, you can find hundreds of different models performing the same functions while differing greatly regarding their weight, construction, durability, and safety. So if you want to get a tactical rig […]


Reviews Of The Top Rated Waterproof Backpacks For 2017

Looking for the best waterproof backpack? As an avid kayaker, I needed a backpack that would keep my DSLR camera and cell phone COMPLETELY DRY. Don’t be fooled into buying a backpack that’s not 100% waterproof. Remember, there’s a difference between water-resistant and waterproof. My absolute favorite is the Sea to Summit Rapid 26L DayPack because […]


Our Top Rated Backpack Vacuums For 2017

In this article, we review the best backpack vacuums available in 2017. A backpack vacuum is not your typical vacuum it is a little unusual looking (think jet pack) but it is super convenient. What was once largely used for commercial cleaning is now making its way into homes because they are a great tool […]


What’s The Best Tactical Vest For The Money In 2017?

In this article, we’re on a mission to find the best tactical vest for 2017. After hours of researching, we’re confident in our top picks below. The higher quality tactical vests are going to fit and breathe better when compared to some budget options. Also, the number of compartments you require is an important factor […]

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